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Paul Cookson visit

A fabulous visit from Paul Cookson, poet, visited Jesse Gray today !

Reported by : Faye, India and Hannah

Wow! What an assembly!

Paul Cookson, an amazing and hilarious, funny poet came into our school today (Friday 3rd March). He got us all bouncing on our bottoms-even the teachers! And, also, made us be mardy teenagers, speaking in their ‘slang’ language. He made us laugh until our sides hurt with his poems and jokes and our personal favourites were the ones about sitting on our bottoms and crocodiles in the sink! He made it extra funny by constantly embarrassing the Y6’s throughout the assembly. Overall we think it was the best assembly ever and left us smiling for the rest of the day! Thank you JGA for funding this fantastic event!

Please click HERE to see some photos of his visit.