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Headteachers Welcome

Happy 70th birthday Jesse Gray School

This summer we will be celebrating 70 years of Jess Gray Primary School being at the centre of the local community.

The school will be running a 1950's theme week in classes (week beginning 11th July) tours of the school for ex-pupils and staff following an exhibition of memorabilia ( 13th July) and a special music themed Midsummer Madness event. (15th July). We are also planning to make a special film celebrating this milestone. 

 Jesse Gray Parent and ex-pupil, Helen Holmes is working with the school to make contact with ex-pupils and  staff through social media in order to get as many people involved in the above events as possible.

 If you are interested in helping out, or participating in these events, please do not hesitate to contact the school or Helen.


A Quote from our January 2022 Ofsted Report

What is it like to attend this school?

Pupils describe Jesse Gray Primary School as their ‘special place’. They say that school life is exciting and that teachers make their learning ‘fun’. Pupils know what it means to be a ‘Jesse Gray child’. They can name the school values that help them to live well together, such as positivity and empathy. If pupils display these values, they are rewarded with special badges. They are proud to wear them on school lanyards.

Teachers make sure that pupils understand what bullying is. Pupils know that bullying is wrong. They say that if they said something unkind, a member of staff would help them to make it right. Teachers check that problems stay sorted out. Pupils say that they trust staff. Their teachers listen to them, care for them and take what they have to say seriously.

We hope the website is a useful  source of information, news and contacts. 

If you need any guidance just call our school office on 0115 9748002 or via email and they will help direct you to what you're looking for. 

                                                    Chris Belton, Headteacher