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The Grid Method

The Grid method is a process used for multiplying numbers which have more than two digits. The method requires children to have a good understanding of

  1. how to decompose numbers
  2. times tables facts
  3. how to multiply numbers by 10, 100,1000 etc.
The grid method, as the name suggests, uses a grid to multiply numbers.
This is an example of the most basic use, multiplying a two digit number by a one digit number
Firstly you simply draw a 2 by 1 grid
Now add the decomposed numbers
Now complete the multiplications
20x4 = 80
By adding the answers together (80+12) we now know that the answer to the problem 23x4 is 92
The same process is used to complete a problem multiplying 2 two digit numbers
For example
Draw a 2 by 2 grid

Decompose the numbers and add them to the grid

Solve the multiplications
e.g. 20x40=800
Now add the numbers together
The answer to 23x45 is 1025