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Spring news 2018

23rd March 

Just 4 more days next week and then a lovely break for everyone! Thursday 29th is Treat Day for us in Class 2W! Own clothes and bring in a game/toy to share with a friend (no tablets please).

Yesterday we celebrated Blue for a Loo day, raising funds for toilet twinning in Africa. We also were lucky enough to have a workshop from Severn Trent Water about how to save water. Lots of ideas were shared, from turning the tap off when you brush your teeth, to having a shorter shower. We were directed to their website where there's lots of free products to help save water around the home:

In maths, we've recently been looking at telling the time on an analogue clock to the nearest 5 minutes and reading scales, on both rulers and measuring jugs. We measured everything in the classroom we could find! We've looked at the units of cm/m and ml/l.

I really hope that you've been enjoying our stories based on That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown. We've been working hard on using conjunctions to extend our sentences in different ways, as well as picking interesting verbs, adverbs and adjectives. For those who are able, we've also been trying to use apostrophes for possession and contraction!

9th February

Another busy week completed in class! We're in full rehearsal mode for our Year 2 assembly, which is next Friday. We have all got a line to say, plus a poem to recite and songs to sing! If you can practise this weekend it'll help it to go smoothly next week.

In our writing this week, we've been writing facts about rainforest animals. We've included commas in a list, asked questions and written statements too! Some of us have tried to include apostrophes for possession too!

In our maths, we've been looking at 2D and 3D shapes, using the correct names of vertices, edges and faces to describe 3D shapes. We've looked at symmetry and made our own shapes too!


26th January

I'm a very proud teacher this week, with our Class Special Mentions assembly being completed wonderfully this morning! All children that had a line remembered it, they knew when to stand up and every single person used a loud, clear speaking voice! Very well done 2W! 

We have continued with our learning this week about the rainforest, looking at the differences between the River Trent and the River Daintree. We looked at features surround each river, including bridges and buildings for the Trent, and rainforests and mountains for the Daintree. We've started to make our rainforest diorama today too - we painted our boxes green, and practised using plasticine to make animals. We'll continue to build on these throughout the next few weeks.

In Science, we've looked at what animals need to survive. We explored why animals need water, food, rest and exercise.

In maths, we've looked at created a tally and a bar chart. We've also practised missing number questions, knowing how to count on and count backwards.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

19th January

This week the children have been amazing writers! We've learnt the story Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson, written our own rhyming verse, as well as written the story as a narrative. It's been wonderful to see the effort that the class are making with their handwriting too! Keep practising those letters starting at the bottom with the flicks on!

In maths we've looked at estimating, using our knowledge of number bonds and round to the nearest 10 to help us. Next week we're looking at missing numbers and starting to look at data handling. We'll be learning about tallies, bar charts, pictograms and then answering questions based on what we've found out!

We're really enjoying our rainforest topic! We have compared a rainforest to West Bridgford, looking a the differences in weather, animals and houses. We can't wait to find out more!

Maths challenge: Missing numbers

12th January 2018

Happy New Year! 

We're back to school with a squawk, ribbit and growl as we've started our new topic on the rainforest! We are going to be learning all about animals in Science, how they grow and change, and how they are adapted to their habitats. We will be looking at the similarities and differences between a rainforest and where we live, contrasting the two together in our geography. In our art we are going to be making rainforest dioramas over the coming weeks, so if you've any old shoeboxes, please send them in! Thank you.

This week we've been looking at the inverse operation and using it to help us solve fact families. We've been practising our multiplication and division skills, as well as working on rapid recall of doubles and havles. This is an ongoing skill but a really important one!

In our writing, we've tried to use different suffixes to add to our writing, to make an interesting description of Henri Rousseau's rainforest image.

Take a look at our images of our work to see more! Mrs Winfield x

22nd December 2017

Merry Christmas!! To all children in class 2W and their families, I hope you have a fabulous christmas filled with fun, food and festivities! The children have worked so hard this half term and deserve a big rest, lots of family time and festive films. Thank you to all 2W families for supporting us in school this Autumn term, it's been a long one but we can now all relax! A big, heart-felt, thank you for all the thoughful and generous gifts that you've given to me. I really do appreciate it!

Have a great break! See you all on Monday 8th January :) Mrs Winfield x 

15th December 2017

What a fantastic week we've had in 2W. Successful nativity performances done and dusted, a lovely treat day where the children played so wonderfully together and in amongst it all, some fab learning too! 

In maths we've looked at division as sharing, making equal groups and using the inverse (multiplication) to check our answers. We've done really well with this tricky concept and are starting to understand it really well! Some of us have even found remainders!

In our writing, we've created our own monster stories. They are really lovely and the class have worked really hard on them.

Have a lovely weekend, they all deserve a good rest!

12th December 2017

On Thursday 14th December we will be having our Treat Day! Class 2W have had a super autumn term and have earnt their marbles to have a day of choosing, playing, sharing and enjoying together. They are welcome to come in their own clothes and to bring a favourite game/toy in that they can share with their friends (please, nothing expensive or breakable!). 

6th December 2017 - PLEASE HELP!!

We are going to be making some hand puppets in the next few weeks. It can be a very tricky task to teach sewing to children, so if anyone is available for an hour or two before the christmas holidays to help out in class, I would really appreciate it! Please let me know if you're free and we'll pencil you in for a session. 

Thank you, Mrs Winfield


Week ending 23.11.17

This week in our maths we've been learning all about money. We've learnt the different coins that we have in our country, how to add them and we've looked at how to find change when we go shopping. We practised adding and subtracting our coins by using a blank number line, practising the skills from a few weeks ago. 

In our writing, we've written a diary entry from the eyes of a small boy who lived on Puddling Kane during the Great Fire of London. We've used some fantastic descriptions of what we saw and heard, and most importantly, how that made us feel! We also looked at asking questions, using the correct punctuation.

Enjoy your Inset day tomorrow (Friday 24th) ! 

Class hampers!

It's that time of year again we we start thinking about Christmas. Our class hamper theme this year is 'Indulgence'. It could be food/drink, pamper products, candles or anything in between that you can think of! If you could please supply an item to donate to the hamper, it would be greatly appreciated.


Week ending 10.11.17

What an exciting week! We had our own mini fire of London on Thursday, the children went into the playground and we set out their boxes in a line. We put them close together and set the middle box on fire. They watched how the wind blew the flames along the lines. 

In English, we've looked at adverbs and how they can describe the verb and we've looked at time adverbs for starting sentences. We then used this to write a recount of what happened when we burnt the boxes.

In Maths, we have been looking at  the = sign and have learnt how it means the same as. So, it doesn't matter where in the number sentence the = is. For example, 4 + 4 = 5 + 3.

We then used this knowledge to help us find missing numbers, so 1 + ? = 8 + 4.


Week ending 3.11.17

A lovely first week back this week after half term. In English, we've learnt about how to order the different parts of instructions, and then we've written our our instructions for how to keep safe at bonfire night displays. 

In maths, we have looked at how to exchange 10 ones for a ten when we are adding and taking away, and we have begun to put these into columns to help us see the place value of what we're adding and subtracting. We are great at doing this practically and we'll continue to do this next week too with the written method.

We've finished this week with an RE day, looking at Leaders in both Christianity and Judaism. We learnt the story of The Good Samaritan and about Moses, and what this teachers us about being a good leader. We created our own list of Wise Rules to live bym based on the Ten Commandments.

Have a lovely weekend, keep safe watching those fireworks!

As always, spellings are at the bottom of the page if you need them.

Week ending 20.10.17 - Happy half term!!

The children have worked so hard this half term and are so deserving of a rest! I hope that all of our families have a great time together and enjoy the week off. 

In class this week in maths we have been working on subtracting. Just as last week, we looked at how many tens a number has and how many ones. This helps us to understand what it is we're subtracting. We've been practising drawing our resources and number lines. I've sent home a little help sheet to all children today to help explain to parents and carers the way that we are teaching the children - it has changed since we were all at school! There's also some sheets to have a go at, if you get chance! It isn't homework as such, just a bit of extra practise to consolidate everything that we've learnt this half term in maths.

We wrote brilliant pirate stories, based on the book 'Pirates love underpants'. We looked lots at new and unknown words and discussed the meaning of some of them, liked quest, fabled, unfurl and hoist. The stories are a really fantastic end to our pirate topic, which I and the children, have really enjoyed!

We conducted a waterproofing experiment in science and tested different materials to see which material we should make a coat out of for our pirates.

Have a great week, relax! Mrs Winfield x

Week ending 13.10.17

This week in maths we looked at adding two numbers together. We practised using numicon and dienes, adding the small steps of ones and then the jumps of tens on a number line. We did lots of talking about which digit will be changing if we are adding ten, or multiples of ten. 

We used our imaginiations to describe being stranded on a desert island. We thought of 3 adjectives that could be used to describe each thing (the noun). We put these into sentences, using 'and' to extend our sentences and wrote them into a message in a bottle.

We baked ginger biscuits last week, just like the pirates would have done, to get rid of the moudly taste of the stale food! I 

Week ending 6.10.17

Well, what beautiful artwork we've created! Our pirate colour mixing paintings and collages look absolutely fantastic! We drew our boat, layered different materials to make the sails and portholes, and then placed on top of our sunset paintings. 

We've learnt how to write letters this week and have replied to Pirate Pete, asking him for a job. We are all so proud of the children for the care and attention to detail they took over their final letters.

In maths, we've been looking at number again, this time trying to place numbers along an empty number line. We've found this quite tricky and so spent lots of practice finding half way first, or counting in tens to help us find where to place the missing number.

Well done to all of 2W for taking part so thoughtfully in our Harvest assembly, hosted by Reverend Chris. 

As always, take  a look at our photo gallery to see what we've been doing this week.

Week ending 29.09.17

This week we have been absolutely brilliant mathematicians - exploring number and finding out how they fit together in different ways. We've used numicon, dienes, the bar model, the part-whole model and also the classic tens and ones partitioning. 

Our writing this week has been cross-curricular, looking at the difference between fact and opinion while learning about Blackbeard and Anne Bonny. We wrote our own pirate stories thinking carefully about our letter sizes and punctuation skills.

In Science, we've continued our learning about materials, looking at what the different properties of materials are and why each has been chosen for its job. We also went on a walk in our nature area to look for evidence of seasonal change. 

We've also began fantastic pirate paintings, using our colour mixing skills to make a sunset. Check back next week to see finished photos of our collaged pirate ship sailing the seven seas!

Look at our photos to see our super learning!


Week ending 22.09.17

Wow, what a week! This week class 2W have had a super week exploring number, pirate facts, colour and....Beamanor! The children have really started to shine, and I'm getting to know each of them more with each day - both their likes and dislikes as well as their strengths and areas to work on. Take a look at our photo gallery for a snapshot of our work this week.

Pirate trip to Beaumanor

Tomorrow (Thursday) we'll be going on our trip to Beaumanor. The weather forecast doesn't look too good - so wear your wellies / boots 2W and a coat with a hood! You don't need to bring anything with you, snack and packed lunch are provided from Mrs Dooley (unless you would normally have sandwiches from home on a Thursday). We will take our school water bottles with us on the trip so if your bottle isn't in school then please bring a bottle of water. See you in the morning pirates!

Cap'n Winfield!

Pirate Performance 15.9.17

Thank you everyone for being amazing pirates today and starting off our topic. We have enjoyed reading different pirate poems this week and have writtten a class one together and one of our own. In Numeracy we have been reading coordinates on a treasure map and given directions using north, south, east and west. 

Next week we will learn more pirate facts and start counting our pirate coins in 2s , 5s and 10s. Practice counting at home in 2,5, and 10.

Spellings are in the back of reading records and attached at the bottom of this page if you ever can't find them. If we've highlighted some spellings, we'd like you to focus on those. However, if none are highlighted, please try to learn all of them!

12.09.17 - Request for help!

Next Thursday (21st September) Year 2 are going on our trip to Beaumanor Hall. We need parent helpers to enable the trip to go ahead. Please come and let me know if you're free for a fun pirate day out! Thank you!


Welcome back to a new year at Jesse Gray! I hope that you've all had a fantastic summer break. We've had a wonderful first day in Class 2W - we've read the story 'I want my hat back' by Jon Klassen. We've talked about what hats mean to us - they are part of our JG identity, they keep us safe from the sun etc and we also discussed how we can put our thinking caps on! We designed a new hat for the bear from the story, sketched the two ain characters and did some potato printing! The children behaved impeccably and were an absolute delight to share our first day together!

Weekly Challenge : Parrots!

Can you find out if it's true pirates liked to have parrots. You could draw me a parrot or tell me any facts about pirates and their parrots.

Do you know the name of the pirate from a book Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson who had a parrot?