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Spring Term News 2016

21.3.16- 28.3.16

For the next two weeks we'll be looking at Easter- talking about the Easter story and thinking about what it means to do something for someone else. We'll be reading Dogger and discussing Bella's acts of kindness to Dave. We'll be doing Easter crafts and activities and we'll be looking back over anything we've found tricky this term. In phonics we have now introduced all Phase 3 sounds so we'll be re- visiting some of the trickier sounds. Look out for our sound sheets over the Easter break so you can practice at home!

Have a wonderful Easter break everyone 😋







Image result for billy goats gruff

Three Billy Goats Gruff -

Why is the troll so angry????

Literacy: We will be writing letters to the roll to ask him why he is so angry and how he could be kinder.

Numeracy: addition, writing addition number sentences.

We will also be building bridges!!!


TREAT DAY FRIDAY 10th MARCH - come in your PJs and bring a treat if you'd like to - to eat whilst we watch a film in the afternoon!


Image result for red riding hood cartoon

This week we're looking at Red Riding Hood! Do you know the story?

Literacy: know the story and think of alternative endings.

Numeracy: Ordinal numbers - 1st 2ns 3rd etc.


                                             We hope you loved your Mothers' Day Presents!!!






IMPORTANT DATES: Thursday is World Book Day, come dressed as a character from a traditional tale. Also Thursday we are planting so if you have an old cup or mug or pot please bring it on Thursday!!

CRIME SCENE DO NOT ENTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image result for crime scene clipart images

There has been an accident in the home corner - look for clues to find out who has been hurt!

In Maths we are doing some baking - making Ginger Bread Men, the focus is weight and using scales!

In Literacy we are looking at the Ginger Bread Man - sequencing the story and comparing it to other tradtional tales.

                              Have a great week and look out for special things coming home ready for Sunday!!!!







Welcome Back Class 14


23.2.16 Don't forget INSET day on Monday 22nd!!

Image result for hansel and gretel

This term we are looking at Traditional Tales. How many do you know?

We will be baking, making and shaking this term so watch this space for more details!





Welcome to Class 14 and 2016!

8th February


Is there anything our children don't know about the Fire Service?!  As you know, we couldn't go to the station due to staffing issues if the fire engine was called out, so instead they came to us!  The children met two fire- fighters in the classroom, who talked about their uniform and equipment and also about fire safety in the home and then everyone went out and explored the fire engine, including wearing the helmets.  The fire- fighters were brilliant at explaining their role and how they are 'People Who Help Us'.  A massive thank you to Blue watch.


Alongside this, we had Anni Gell, an specialist in glass art visit both classes through the week.  Anni first talked about the process of working with glass and then each child made a glass coaster of their own design (inspired by the stained glass windows at the church) to take home for Mother's Day (shhhh, don't tell!) They have now been fired in Anni's kiln and I have been to her house this evening to collect them- they look AMAZING!!

This week will continue to be busy.  Tomorrow (Monday) we are working in the Wild Area with some visiting teachers to observe and discuss the natural environment.  Don't forget to wrap up warmly everyone!!  

We will also be rounding off our topic on 'People Who Help Us' making a class book on what we have learned.  The children are becoming fabulous little writers, more and more confident to sound out all the Phase 2 and 3 letters they know.  We are continuing with digraphs and have practised, ai, oa, ng, nk, ee over the last week. We will also be practising our subtraction again this week.

As if this isn't enough we are celebrating Chinese New Year this week-

KUNG HEI FA CHOI everyone!

Image result for chinese new year 2016   Image result for chinese new year 2016


1st February 2016

Image result for st pauls church stained glass window bridgford

Wow!! What a busy week it has been! The church visit last week was very successful, and inspired by the stained glass windows there, we have a glass specialist coming in this week to work with both FS classes to create their own glass coasters.  We aren’t going to say too much more as all will be revealed on Mother’s Day…….! 

Image result for fire station bridgford

Continuing with our theme of People Who Help us we are going on another visit this week- this time to the fire station in West Bridgford.  We are really looking forward to it as the firemen will be showing us the station and engines AND talking to the children about fire safety in the home.  On our return we will be writing thank- you letters to the firemen.

We are continuing our work on digraphs in phonics.  Thank you to everyone who reads regularly at home, it really helps the children progress.  Please can we remind everyone to bring in the reading records every day – we have reading helpers, guided reading sessions and, from this week, Reading Champions, who all read with our children.  We want to record and share all this with you by writing in the diary.

Don’t forget to ask your child about the visit on Wednesday!

Have a good week,

The Class 14 Team


Monday 25th January

What a great trip to the church we have had this morning to celebrate World Religions Day!  Thank you to the mummies that came to help, and also to Rev. Chris Hodder and Suzanne for showing us St pauls Church and explaining the roles they play in helping people in the local community.  What a fab way to celebrate this special whole school focus day! (Pictures to follow)

This week we are also going to be doing some art work based on our visit, as well as looking at 2D and 3D shapes and patterns in maths and learning the 'ng' and 'nk' digraphs in phonics.

Look out for a letter coming home soon about a trip to the fire staext week.  Daddies, there is aslo a letter coming home soon about a Mother's Day craft workshop we will be doing soon- shhhh, don't tell!

Have a good week everyone!

The Class 14 Team


Monday 18th January

Well done Class 14!  We were the only class to win the new 100% attendance certificate in our whole school assembly last week!  There are some nasty bugs going around at the moment so fingers crossed we are all fighting fit this week.  We have read the book 'I Don't Want to Wash My Hands' (The Little Princess series) to help in discussions about keeping our hands clean and help prevent the spread of germs.

Image result for little princess wash your hands book

Thank you to everyone who filled in the questionnaire at home- we hope you enjoyed filling it in with your children at home.  They certainly enjoyed sharing them at school and the questionnaires have really helped in sparking discussions about jobs and 'People Who Help Us'.  This week in small groups we are recording interviews on the tablets with people who help us in school.  The children have thought of some brilliant quesions to ask so we are looking forward to putting them to the relevant people!

Image result for people who help us schools

In numeracy we are using the terms for positional language (prepositions) such as on, off, behind, in front of etc.  The children have played games in the playground using their bodies to follow the instructions to hide under/ on top of etc and also used  a teddy to show which prepositions they can inderstand.  Can they do the same with you at home?!

Some points to remember:

  • Don't forget the school nurses are coming in for height and weight measuring on Wednesday, unless you choose to opt out.  
  • Please make sure your child brings their reading book and diary to school EVERYDAY  so that we can record guided reading and individual reading sessions in them.
  • We are going on the church visit on the 25th of Jan- please bring your permission slips in asap.

Thank you for making sure your child is wrapped up warmly in this cold weather.  We loved hearing all the snow stories today! 

Image result for snow clipart

Keep warm everyone!

The Class 14 Team


Monday 11th January

What a great start we had to the new term everyone!  We have been so impressed with how our children came back to school raring to go, keen to learn and happy to see each other.  What a lovely class!  We have loved hearing about what everyone did over the holidays and the children have been writing all about it in their Learning Journey books.  

Image result for stars clipart

Speaking about writing, from now on many of our children in Class 14 will be writing much  more independently.  They are so confident with sounds now they are able to 'have a go' and sound out themselves- how impressive!  Please encourage your child at home with this too- maybe they could write you a shopping list, a 'to- do' list,  or even a letter to a loved one?  

Image result for children writing clipart

This week we will be devising our own questionnaire FOR YOU to complete at home- all about the world of work, as part of our topic on 'People Who Help Us'.  The class will be discussing the jobs their families do in the workplace and/ or at home and the questionnaire is part of that.  We hope you will enjoy completing it with your child! Later in the term we will be talking about what the children want to do and be like when they are older- but before then to start us off we will be talking this week about what we are good at and what we would like to be better at. We'll keep you posted on any interesting answers!!

We are moving on to digraphs in phonics (2 letters that make 1 sound) such as sh,ch,th this week.  Ask your child about it!!

Image result for teen numbers

In numeracy we are continuing to practise counting, recognising and sequencing numbers to 10, then 20 and beyond.  Many children struggle to understand the concept of teen numbers.  Here is a fab song that we have been using to help us understand from Youtube:

(I hope it works!)  

As always, come and see us if you have any concerns, queries etc.  have a fab week!

The Class 14 Team


Image result for happy new year banner


We hopeyou had a brilliant Christmas holiday with your family and friends and most importantly a good REST!

A massive thank you to all our parents and children for your generous and thoughtful  Christmas presents to our team- we have been really touched by them and by the lovely words written in cards.

Image result for people who help us

We are really looking forward to this term- our new topic is People Who Help Us!  Look out for some questionnaires that will be coming your way very soon as we look at jobs in school and then the wider community.  Initially for this 1st week we will be settling back in and sharing our stories about the Christmas holidays.  We will also be introducing the characters from the Oxford Reading Tree, recapping our phonics and numbers to 10- 20+

We are looking forward to seeing everyone and hearing your holiday stories!

Once again, Happy New Year everyone- here's to a fab 2016!