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Spring Term News 2016

Spring 2 Weeks 5 and 6

Two 4 day weeks has seen us cram in loads of great learning and special events. In Maths we hace covered measuring and recording length, mass and capacity (a new word for most). We have some budding authors as can be seen by the wonderful giant stories the class have been writing. We have had special assemblies from Reverend Hodder for Easter, Miss Chiver's leaving assembly and one from School For Parents. Today we are completing the sponsored signing version of Sing A Rainbow.

The first week of Summer term sees us introducing the new topic which has a Literacy link. In Maths we will be calculating with more than 2 numbers and 2 digit numbers. Science for the first half term is a lovely topic - Plants. In ICT we will programming. Real PE will be applying the physical skills we have learnt so far focusing on coordination with equipment and reaction/repsonse agility.

Summer term has to be one of the best, hope you all have a lovely Easter break. Come back healthy and happy. We are trying to win our second certificate for 100% attendance in a week.

See you in 2 weeks, wooo hoooo

Mr Hassall

Spring 2 Week 4

Highlight of the week: Sport Relief Mile

In a busy week of lots of assessments Friday was a breath of fresh air with everyone in class 13 running at least 8 laps (just over  a mile) of the schoo field. We done team! Then we had the pleasure of watching the Year 2 assembly which was great.

Next week we are learning about measuring and recording length, mass and capacity in Maths. In Literacy we are discussing, questioning and being creative with some chapters from the BFG. We need to make our grand designs in topic and Science will be  free choice investigating.

See you Monday, Mr Hassall

Spring 2 Week 3

Highlight of the week: Caterpillar ordering and sequencing on the ipads.

It was lovely to see parents this week to discuss the great progress all children are making. Another successful learning week, I can't wait to hear and then read all of your Georgina the Smartest Lady Giant In The City stories next week. We will also be learning about time in numeracy, Spring in Science and building houses in Design and Technology. 

It's Sports Relief on Friday, come in your sports wear and we'll run a mile or more. Voluntary contributions are most welcome.

Enjoy the sunshine, I'm off on my bike

Mr Hassall

Spring 2 Week 2

Highlight of the week: The wonderful costumes, talks and activities for World Book Day. Thank you for all the effort with costumes.

The fluency of recall and deriving number bonds is improving throughout the class. We talked about adverbs for the first time this year. Ball skills and coordination in PE was excellent, slow controlled movements using the fingers only.

Next week we are looking in depth at the numbers 21-30 and other 2 digit numbers. In writing we are working on developing the use of exciting vocabulary. In Science we will be learning about reptiles, their body parts and their function. Our Grand Designs challenge will be designing homes for different climates.

Read some books and relax, Mr Hassall.


Spring 2 Week 1

Highlight of the week - Stomping around as giants!

We packed a lot into the first 4 days back. The new topic Grand Designs got off to a deep thinking start with comparing and sorting types of homes. The class are much more confident in counting on in 2's, 5's and 10's and we are starting to improve the vocabulary we are using in our writing.

This week we are develeoping our sentences using 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. In Numeracy we are visualising and consolidating number binds upto 10. We have a  special treat Monday morning with an hour in the Wild Area. In our topic we will be investigating how to make structures strong.


Spring 1 Week 6

Highlight of the week - Three Billy Goats Gruff performance to the whole school! 

We've had great half term. Our geography topic has been really successful, especially the field trip to Sharphill Woods. I think the children have embedded physical and human features. We have covered some brand new learning this half term including multiplication in maths. 

The first week back (don't forget it's INSET on Monday) sees us practising handwriting and writing to music! In maths we will revise some number facts and counting on. Science is still animals including humans. PE is coordination with ball skills and we will discuss our new topic 'Grand Designs'.

Have a wonderful week off and I'll see you on Tuesday raring to go.

Mr Hassall

Spring 1 Week 5

Highlight of the week - Sliding in the mud at Sharphill Woods.

The last week of Spring term will include multiplication as grouping and arrays. We will plan and then rewrite The Gingerbread Man. In Science we'll be investigating birds, bring in anything you like to do with UK birds to show and tell. Keep practising those ball of the foot balances to see if you can achieve the next colour targets.

We made it into the library for the first time this year! The children can have two library books out at a time. Library book changing can be done every Friday at 2.30pm.

If any parents have offered to come in and help please just turn up on whatever day you can at 2.30pm. A big thank you to those parents who helped at Sharphill.

Mr Hassall


Spring 1 Week 4

Highlight of the week - Tightrope walking and ball of the foot balances.

Next week we are learning to find the difference. In literacy we will be learning the story of The Gingerbread Man. In art we are creating a rainforest collage. A few letters have gone home; Disco, Sharphill Woods info for children and helpers (thank you) and reading helpers (thank you again!).

Hold on to your hats this wekend, Mr Hassall

Spring 1 Week 3

Highlight of the week - Visiting the rainforest!

Next week we are learning to reason with numicon and number facts. We will be asking questions about the Stickman, comparing the rainforest with West Bridgford and discussing the 5 human senses.

Enjoy the weekend, Mr Hassall

Spring 1 Week 2

Highlight of the week - Developing a class rule for a half.

Next week we are comparing and measuring lengths in Maths. In Literacy we will be retelling The Three Billy Goats Gruff verbally and then in writing. In Science we are looking at the human body and in Geography we will be investigating the human and physical features of the Daintree rainforest. Thanks for retuened slips for helping in the classroom, we'll be in touch soon to confirm days.

Wrap up warm and have a lovely weekend, Mr Hassall


Sping 1 week 1

Happy New Year everyone. Lovely to see the class back in school, eager to learn and full of energy. I'd like to thank all the parents again for the lovely cards and generous gifts at Christmas.

This week we have zipped through number bonds, friendship skills, Winter, dynamic balance as well as reading and phonics.

Next week we leaning about halves and quarters, the Three Billy Goats Gruff, the physical and human features of West Bridgford (using a map) and much more besides.

Take care, Mr Hassall


What a wonderful term. We are having a thoroughly enjoyable time in Class 13, learning and having fun. Thank you for all the Christmas cards and gifts, they're very generous.

Have a great holiday and I'll see you all next year!

Thank you, Mr Hassall