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Spring Term News 2016

Friday 1st April

Wow wow wow. What an amazing day we've already had. Your performance of 'Sing a Rainbow' was brilliant. You all knew your signs so well.




Have an amazing Easte holiday everyone!

see you on Monday 18th April

Monday 21st March

this week we will learning a new song using sign language. This will be for our sponsored sign next week on Friday 1st April. 

Mrs Viggars will be teaching you this week but so will Miss Blakemore and Miss Hardy. 

Pin maths we will be learning about measuring. Practise at home by measuring the weight of some things.

Monday 14th March 2016

Class 11, your letters must be brilliant…I have just received this response.

Dear Class 11

I have just read all your wonderful letters. Your writing was fantastic with lots of interesting information about what you've all been doing at school , and at home.

I can tell you've all been working really hard on your spelling and handwriting in Y2 ; and I was thrilled to hear how much you are enjoying all your learning.

I am looking forward to seeing you all next week. I have missed seeing you all and hearing your news.

Thank you for your lovely letters.

Miss Law x


It is super news that your letters are so good plus Miss Law is feeling better and getting ready to come back and see us.

Thank you for all for your super homework that has been coming in this week. It really is starting to look like Spring, both in and out of the classroom now. Remember that although the sun may be shining, we must remember that it is still cold so we must have our coats on.

In literacy we are now looking at the book ‘Into the Forest’. Your letters to Anthony Browne showed me how much your enjoyed his books and I think you’ll like ‘Into the Forest’ just as much! We are focusing on description including expanded noun phrases. You will enjoy adding these into your work.


In maths this week we are looking at Capacity. A great place to explore capacity is in the bath. Think about which containers will hold the most and test it out. We will be using the terms litres and millilitres.


Next week we will be building our own houses so this week is our final testing and preparing week. I know that your buildings are going to be super!

Keep working hard Class 11 - and keep making me laugh!

Mrs Viggars

Wednesday 9th March 2016

At the bottom of the page you will find an electronic copy of the leaflet handed out in parents evening about the KS1 SATs in May

Monday 7th March 2016

What a busy week we had in Class 11 last week. We had a big focus on identifying 3D shapes. You were great at remembering their names and counting the faces. We still need to practise counting the number of vertices and edges. This is hard, but just remember to work around the shape methodically!

We also did a lot of work last week on letter writing. You are all getting to be really good at this. I enjoyed reading your letters to Miss Law at the weekend. I think she is really going to enjoy them.

I must also mention World Book Day. You looked fabulous!

See bottom of the page!      

I was really impressed with how creative your costumes were. Your freeze frame pictures were super too!

This week we are looking at position and direction. Can you use accurate words to describe movement and turns? We are going to see how brilliantly we can do this by the end of the week.

We are also beginning to look at Anthony Browne books. If you have any at home, then please bring them in so we can share them together.

Keep working hard

Mrs Viggars

Monday 29th February

What a busy week we had,

I hope you all feel glad.

We learnt so much about rhyme,

We had a whale of a time.


Maths made our brains think,

Science made our hearts sink.

The bread had all grown mould,

Let’s hope that not how it was sold!


Next week will be lots of fun,

Letters to write to friends in the sun.

We’re learning about 3D shape,

What name would you give to a grape?


Thursday is world book day,

Dress up and come along to play.

The ‘Wild Things’ are going to be at school,

Class 11 will look scary and cool!


Tuesday 23rd February


Welcome back to the second half of the spring term. We had a great time last half term learning all about the Daintree Rainforest and how it is similar and different to West Bridgford. My favourite part of the term was our trip to Sharphill Woods. It was really muddy!

This half term we are moving our learning on to looking at homes. You will be designing your own 'Grand Design' home to survive in a specific climate. To do this, we will be thinking about the strength of different shapes and how building are designed to survive different weather conditions. This learning wont be muddy but it may be messy. If you have any small boxes (smaller than cereal boxes) at home, then please bring them in as they will help us with our building and designing.

This week in literacy we are kicking off our topic with some work on poetry all about….yes, you’ve got it...Houses! We may even learn a few poems to recite out loud. We will be looking at which poems rhyme and which don’t and we will be thinking about why we like certain poems too.

In maths we are having a recap week. We will be remembering the commutativity of numbers as well as fractions and multiplication. You’re going to need to think really hard.

Finally, thank you for all of you who have returned your Space Centre Letters. It is going to be a wonderful trip!

Keep working hard Class 11. You're brilliant!

Monday 8th February

What a wonderful trip we had to the woods on Friday. You can relive it all by looking at the video below.





This week we will start looking at some data handling in maths. We will look at using tally charts, bar charts and interpreting data. I think you will really enjoy it.

Remember to complete your literacy homework, Flat Stanley in the rainforest. I'm very  excited to read your adventures.

Finally, remember that next week it is half term so we won't be in school.


Monday 1st February

I'm sure you're all very excited about our trip to Sharphill Woods on Friday. I am too. Please remember your wellies and warm coats. I think it is going to be windy and muddy!

Before then we have got a lot of work about fractions to complete and some more Flat Stanley adventures in literacy.

Monday 25th January 2016

What a lot of hard work has happened in Class 11 this week. I am really impressed by your investigation skills. We have already learnt so much about the Daintree Rainforest. If you find out anything else, then please let me know and we will add it to our display that we are going to create this week.

Well done for all remembering to bring back your Sharphill Woods letters. I think we will have a great time. Remember that it is going to be muddy up in the woods so you will need some strong shoes or preferably welly boots. Thank you to all of the Mums who have said that they will be able to accompany us on the trip too.

This week we will be having a refresher in maths. We will be focusing on addition and subtraction. If you’d like to, practise using a number line at home. It will help you to get super speedy and confident with your numbers.

In literacy we will be focusing on some Flat Stanley stories. His adventures must be in West Bridgford and include you as a character. You will be writing your story in third person. For example ‘Mrs Viggars and Flat Stanley went for a walk.’

Finally, remember that it is the meeting this Thursday (28th January) about the Year 2 Sleepover at the National Space Centre. We hope to see all of your parents there.

Keep working hard

Mrs Viggars

Monday 17th January 2016

I can only say how wonderful Class 11 are. Last week, my voice was not good at all, but they were fabulous. They worked hard and listened very hard to a croaky voice. Well done Class 11. You are all stars.

Last week we began our topic ‘Roads and Rivers’ by looking at West Bridgford. We know where lots of places are around the town and we learnt about the differences between physical and human geographical features. We learnt that there were many more human features than geographical ones in West Bridgford. This week we will be looking at an alternative setting...I wonder how many of the human features in West Bridgford we will find un our new setting?

In literacy we will continue to think about Flat Stanley. Where will he go on his adventures this week? What problems will he solve? We have been focusing on making sure that our problems and solutions link to Flat Stanley being flat: remember, that is his super power remember

In maths we will move away from multiplication and start looking at division. You are all so good at multiplication, I know that division will be a doddle too!

Finally, remember to bring in your Space Centre letters and your Sharp Hill Wood letters as soon as possible so we can arrange both of the wonderful trips!

For Mums and Dads - at the bottom of the page is a presentation all about inference and deduction that you may find helpful. Also the following link gives some good maths questions to think about. Enjoy!


Tuesday 5th January 2016

Welcome back and welcome to 2016. What a year we have in store for you all. I hope that you are excited and ready to work hard, play hard and have a lot of fun. We will start the year with some work on ‘The Power of Yet’. You can watch the video here if you have forgotten all about it, but somehow, I doubt that!



In maths we will begin the year by looking at multiplication whilst in English we will have a grammar week to kick us off. Practise identifying nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs if you’d like to practise at home.

Finally I would like to say a huge thank you to you all for suhc lovely Christmas gifts. I had a wonderful holiday and it was made even more special with such thoughtful presents. Thank you to you all. 

Remember that in Class11, all I want you to do is to try you best. If you do that…I’ll be very happy!

Mrs Viggars


Diary Dates

Thursday 28th January - Year 2 Space Centre Sleepover Meeting @6pm

Monday 1st February – Instrumental Concert

Thursday 4th February – Year 1 Trip to Sharp Hill Woods

Friday 5th February – Year 2 Trip to Sharp Hill Woods

Monday 15th February – Friday 19th February – Half Term

Monday 22nd February – INSET

Thursday 3rd March – World Book Day

w.c. 7th March – Parents Evening

Friday 18th March – Year 2 Group Assembly (9.10)

Friday 25th March – Good Friday – School Closed

Monday 28th March – Easter Monday – School Closed

Friday 1st April – Last day of Spring Term