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Spring Term News 2016

Friday 1st April 2016

Another short but action-packed week in Class 10!


What a busy week we've had in Literacy! We have been adapting well known stories and making them even more exciting. Two aspects of this were writing expanded noun phrases and exclamations beginning with How and What. The grammatical rules are very specific for a sentence to be consider an exclamation - it isn't as simple as just putting an exclamation mark on the end!

E.g.                               How - Adjective - Pronoun / Determiner - Verb - !

                                                        How wonderful you are!

and...                                What - Noun phrase - Pronoun - Verb - !

                                                         What big ears you have!



This week in Numeracy we have been looking at measurement. Specifically, we have been estimating, comparing, measuring and recording measurements in mm, cm and m. Today, we created a class height chart - no prizes for guessing who came out the tallest person in Class 10...



Check your child's bag for a homework pack to help keep their brains ticking over the Easter(ish) holidays... 


School For Parents Assembly - Makaton Peformance




Enjoy the holidays everyone!

Stay safe, have fun and come back ready to work even harder.




Thursday 24 March 2016


After a short yet extremely busy week, Class 10 and I are ready to receive the long Easter weekend.  



The children have been learning about and applying their knowledge of division and fractions in Numeracy. Today, our budding mathematicians were working out multiple quarters, thirds and fifths of amounts, using both sharing and grouping strategies. 

Homework - Watch the following 1 minute video clip:

... Then practise your times tables by playing the following game:

.... Finally, write on the whiteboard how many you got out of 10 on your first go, by Friday 1st April. It's easy!



In Literacy we have been writing expanded noun phrases, persuasive sentences and continuing to improve our handwriting and spelling skills. Mr. Brownley (Year 5) visited us today to see what learning looks like in Year 2 and he was blown away by Class 10's persuasive abilities!



In Design & Technology we have continued to design, model and review buildings for different purposes. Unfortunately the camera used to record Class 10's amazing constructions decided to corrupt the memory card, so I am unable to share our wonderful work with you. 


Designs included stilt houses, for rainforest climates, wooden bungalows with retractable roofs for warmer climates and mud huts for warmer climates, taking advantage of the natural resources available. 


Enjoy the Easter weekend Class 10. Don't eat too many Easter Eggs!

See you all on Tuesday for another short week.





Friday 18 March 2016

As you will know, I have been out of class a lot this week due to training courses - MAPA, NCC Governor training and a KS1 Assessment briefing. I am very pleased to hear such positive feedback from Mr. Keating. Well done on your brilliant behaviour and excellent effort. 



This week we have been looking at formal and informal letters. Class 10 are now experts at identifying and applying key structural and language features. Some of their letter writing today was exceptional - have a look at the writing display board in the main corridor to see which letter has been chosen this week.



Shape has been the name of the game in Year 2 this week. More specifically, 3D shapes and their properties. This linked in nicely with our new topic focus, Grand Designs (see below), where we have been finding strong shapes to use for building free-standing and stable towers.


DT - Grand Designs

Today the children were set the challenge of building a paper tower, using various folding, rolling and strengthening techniques, which was at least 40cm tall, freestanding, stable and unique. I'll let the pictures tell the story...



Enjoy the weekend Class 10 - see you on Monday!




Parents' Evenings - Monday 7 & Tuesday 8 March 2016

I am looking forward to meeting with you to discuss your child's progress and their next steps with you.