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Spring Term News 2016

This term our topic is The Indus Valley

Indus Valley Civilization: Crash Course World History #2


Only two weeks to go! This week we will begin by having an RE day on Monday. We will be looking at the story of Easter and thinking about how Christians celebrate at this time of year. 


We're having a big push on spelling and grammar this week. We will be looking again at some of the spelling rules and applying these to our writing.


In numeracy, we are continuing to look at time, telling the time both digitally and using analogue clocks. I've been impressed by the enthusiasm and amount of watches now being worn! Keep it up!

We have also looked at a few websites with fantastic games and activities to try if children complete their mathletics homework.

has lots of free activities and follows the new curriculum.

also has great games and logic puzzles. 


What a busy week! We have celebrated world book day, almost finished writing our Mary Anning biographies, presented work in our special mentions assembly and finished the week with lots of artwork!


World Book Day


It's been lovely to come back to some incredibly enthusiastic children! I am so pleased they enjoyed sharing their Spiderwick stories with you, which are now proudly displayed in the classroom. 


This week, we begin our new unit...Biographies! 

We'll begin by having a go at writing a biography of a classmate and explore the features which you would expect to see in a biography. Then we'll go on to research and make notes about an inspiring scientist...

Do you know who she is and what she is famous for?


We'll continue to focus on division this week, looking at what happens when thngs cannot be shared equally. How does this look in real life questions? We'll apply our strategies of using arrays to find the answer.


Take a look at our trailers to show how the ancient civilisation of the Indus Valley was discovered!













This week we have edited and improved our stories and written them up into our own chapter book. We hope to send them home over half term for you to read.

We will be watching the movie of Spiderwick Chronicles on Friday. As it is a PG, there are few slightly scarier moments with some of the fantasy creatures. If you or your child  do not wish for them to watch the film, please let me know and they can do some Spiderwick activities in another class. 


No swimming this week as the gala is on at the leisure centre!



This week, we will be continuing with writing our own chapters for the 'Spiderwick Chronicles'. We will using our imaginations to create a new fantasy character which the Grace children discover in their new settings. I've already overheard some creative ideas from the children!


This week we will be moving on to multiplication and division. We will begin by looking how arrays can be used to show multiplication and division and how they are the inverse of each other. We'll also look at what happens to numbers when they are multiplied and divided by 10.



This week, we will have our first lesson on the Indus Valley. Using our map skills from previous weeks, we'll discover where and when this ancient civilisation existed, and also why it was such a good place to live.



We have finished reading Spiderwick and have written to the authors telling them what we enjoyed. We will be editing these and writing them up this week and plan to bring them home to show you too. We will start to write our own chapters this week.



Lots of problem solving this week as we apply our knowledge of addition and subtraction to a range of different problem solving activities. 


We have our last mapping lesson this week, where we'll look at world maps and their features

The creativity and quality of homework this term has been fantastic and I'll be choosing some of my favourite pieces to make a homework display in the classroom. Keep up the good work!


So far we've learnt about the different types of rocks and how they are formed and ivestigated their durability and permeabilty by carrying out two investigations. This week we'll explore more into how exactly the rocks are formed...which may involve a little bit of choocolate!


Have you enjoyed the snow this weekend?! 

This week we will continue with our Spiderwick story and find out more from the field guide the children have found. 

In Numeracy we have more challenges with addition and subtraction and in topic now we know the different types of maps we have, we shall be studying them more closely.

Keep warm this week!


What an amazing first week back! I am pleased to say how impressed I am with class 9's mature and sensible start to the new year. Their behaviour has been brilliant and their enthusiasm is fantastic. Let's keep it up!


We have read the first two chapters of 'The Spiderwick Chronicles' and it's beginning to get very intense! So far, we have been introduced to the main characters and discovered that not all is as it seems in their new house. What is lurking in the walls? Maybe this week we will find out?



In numeracy this week, we'll be looking at different methods for subtracting on a number line, either counting back or counting on to find the difference.


This week, we'll be continuing to develop map skills by comparing some local maps and finding the similarities and differences. We'll also look at the differnces between the British Isles, Great Britain and the UK and locate some of the major cities.


Welcome back to Class 9 and 2016!

I hope you've all had a fantastic Christmas and spectacular New Year and are now ready and refreshed to get back to school! I can't wait to hear all the wonderful things you've been up to over the holidays!


In literacy we will begin our exciting, new fantasy topic of...

We will begin by discussing the genre of fantasy and reading the first chapter. Using inference skills, we will discover who the main characters are and what is lurking behind the walls...



In numeracy we will be continuing with written addition methods, moving to expanded column method. We will then be applying this to problem solving and reasoning.


Our new topic will develop our geography skills of using and maps and atlases...

We will then journey back in time to look at an ancient civilisation



Swimming will begin again this Friday. Thank you to those of you able to give up your time and help with getting there and back safely and spotting at the pool! Rotas will go out to those parents helping this week and I've attached a copy on thie bottom of the page.


Spellings will also resume as normal this Friday. I've been really pleased with the progress children have been making, but remember to please learn the high frequency words too!