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Spring Term News 2016

18th March

We have had fun today for Sports Relief. We walked to the swimming pool, had our swimming lessonns then this afternoon , ran around the school field. We should sleep well tonight! Please see our photos in our gallery.

3rd March  WORLD BOOK DAY 

please see our photos in our class photos, everyone looked fantastic, thank you for all your help with costumes.





This week begin our new unit....Biographies!

We'll begin by having a go at writing a biography of a classmate and explore the features which you would expect to see in a biography. Then we'll go on to research and make notes about an inspiring scientist...

Do you know who she is and what she is famous for?


We are busy writing up our Spiderwick stories so we can bring them home for you to read! We shared our work with the whole school on Monday during assembly time too. 

We hope to make some rocks out of chocolate during our science lessons this week and are finding out more about the Indus valley.


We have finished reading Spiderwick and have written to the authors telling them what we enjoyed. We will be editing these and writing them up this week and plan to bring them home to show you too. We will start to write our own chapters this week.

 Topic : We love looking at maps!

Science : Rocks - we have tested them to see if they are permeable . 

17.01.16 Have you enjoyed the snow this weekend?! 

This week we will continue with our Spiderwick story and find out more from the field guide the children have found. 

In Numeracy we have more challenges with addition and subtraction and in topic now we know the different types of maps we have, we shall be studying them more closely.

I hope some of you have started the reading challenge and written what you have read in your planner.

Keep warm this week!


What an amazing first week back! I am pleased to say how impressed I am with class 8's mature and sensible start to the new year. Their behaviour has been brilliant and their enthusiasm is fantastic. Let's keep it up!


We have read the first two chapters of 'The Spiderwick Chronicles' and it's beginning to get very intense! So far, we have been introduced to the main characters and discovered that not all is as it seems in their new house. What is lurking in the walls? Maybe this week we will find out?



In numeracy this week, we'll be looking at different methods for subtracting on a number line, either counting back or counting on to find the difference.


This week, we'll be continuing to develop map skills by comparing some local maps and finding the similarities and differences. We'll also look at the differnces between the British Isles, Great Britain and the UK and locate some of the major cities.

Happy New Year.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday. Iwould like to say a big Thank you for all my lovely gifts, i loved them all. We have some very exciting topics for thisnew year and we will send a letter home in the first week to tell you all about them.