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Spring Term News 2016


What a beautiful day! Apparently it is the first day of spring and the weather has been taking notice for a change. Spring is always a good time to think about new starts and new challenges we can take on. I am learning to play the trumpet, to my neighbour's dismay. What challenge are you going to set for yourself?

We all need to challenge ourselves with spelling and this is going to be a big focus in the coming weeks. We all make mistakes but we are all going to have to take extra-special care not to make silly misteaks! (I did that on porpoise)

Next week we are going to get into the nitty-gritty of persuasive writing and you will have to start putting your verbal skills in to practise in your books.

In maths it is more fractions and we will be looking at the relationship between fractions and decimals, particularly tenths and hundredths. Place value anyone?

We also have some DT to look forward to and some more exploration of the power of Excel.

I did try to post a picture of the great exercise, both mental and physical, we did this week but the iPad is not playing with the website. If I get chance I will update later.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you tomorrow,

Mr. Ellis



It was great to catch up with all your parents and talk about how well you are doing. Lets keep it going and especially tomorrow when I will not be with you. I am planning with the other Y3 and Y4 teachers for next term so make sure you show Mr. Keating your best class 6 behaviour.

This week in maths we are moving onto fractions and specifically equivalent fractions. I wonder what the prefix equi could mean?

In literacy we are going to start thinking about persuasive writing, topic is all about fashion and we have an investigation in science.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and see you on Tuesday,

Mr. Ellis


What a busy week. Screen printing went really well and I hope you all managed to get home without any paint ruining your clothes. It was a really quick session and so we will try to get some more Indus decoration onto our backgrounds.

World Book Day was great and you all looked fantastic. You showed some great understanding of the text and how the characters were revealed through the story-telling.

We also wrote some fantastic newspaper reports and you all did really well to get the tone right.

The big event this week is parents evening and I look forward to meeting all the parents again and talking about how well you are doing.

In literacy we start to apply our research of the Indus Valley to a newspaper report.

Maths is lots of problem solving and we are going to continue looking at time, money and measure.

Topic this week we will begin to get a better understanding of the lifestyle of the Ancient Indus civilisation.

Have a great Sunday.


It was a great first week back although I didn't see you nearly as much as I would have liked. You really impressed me with your making of switches on Friday afternoon!

This week we have a couple of things to remember. On Wednesday we are screen printing and so it is really important you remember your old clothes. It is going to be a new experience for most of us as I have only ever watched someone else do it. We need to be really sensible as acrylic paint will not wash out.

On Thursday we have world book day so don't forget your fantastic mr fox outfit. A farmer costume is very easy!

In literacy we are going to continue with newspapers, numeracy is still looking at time (I hope you have all been practising), topic is looking at artefacts and we will start looking at simulations in computing.

Thank you all for the parents evening slips. I hope there have been no clashes but if there is a problem let me know and we will sort it.

See you Monday,

Mr Ellis




We are at the half-way point of Year 4!

We have had a great end to the term with the movie trailers, absolutely beautiful cinquain poems that are going to look spectacular on the walls and some amazingly detailed sketches of mehndi in our sketch books.

I am really pleased with the way all of you are showing increasing personal responsibility and the care and effort you are putting into each task. Austin's butterfly has really made a difference.

I hope you all have a great break and come back ready for some better weather and some fantastic learning.

Mr. Ellis




It was a busy day showing what we had learnt about the discovery of Indus Valley but we had great fun!









After many technical difficulties you can now see the video. If you turn your head to the side.

You can see the amazing concentration Class 6 are putting into their writing. We have spent weeks on getting inspiration, focussing on sentence structures, planning, writing, editing and finally publishing our writing. The class book we have at the end will be something all visitors to our class and school will have a chance to read, enjoy and marvel at the quality of Year 4's writing.

Next week we will begin to look at some poetry with a very interesting structure.

In maths we are going to continue with multiplication (you still need to work on your timestables) and make more links with division.

We have an exciting topic lesson to look forward to where we will discover those who discovered the Indus civilisation.

In computing we will finish our scratch games and some of us will work on de-bugging our programs to make them the best they can be.

We are all aiming for Austin's Butterfly number 6 in everything we do.


Have a great weekend,

Mr Ellis




Well done Year 4! You were brilliant. We showed off all the brilliant learning that has been happening in Year 4 and put on a great show. We are all very proud of you.

We can return to a little normality next week though tomorrow will be a little different. We have the orchestra concert tomorrow morning and then we are going to be learning in the wild area tomorrow afternoon. Make sure you have a warm coat at school!

We are going to finish editing out writing and then we will get on with publishing it as a class book that we can all feel proud of. Remember how important the editing process is. Nobody's first draft is perfect!

Maths will see us continuing with multiplication and moving on to formal methods and looking at the relationship with division. Lots of chance for reasoning as well and you will again be using your place value knowledge to convince me you are right.

We leave maps behind and start the next stage of our topic looking at the Indus Valley, will continue looking at electricity and will really get our Scratch programs working for us.

Have a great Sunday,

Mr Ellis


It's all about the assembly! We were really pleased with how you all came together for our first run-through of the assembly. We all need to just make a few minor modifications and the assembly will be a roaring success I am sure.

I have really enjoyed how you have started bringing together your writing together. We are getting so much better at using other's writing to base our own on. This will give you the sentence structures and ideas that you will then be able to use in your own writing. And then your ticky tick sheets will be ticked with so many ticks! Remember, you can ALL do it.

I loved maths these last two weeks. You have shown brilliant understanding of formal addition and subtraction and have used all your place value understanding to show that deeper learning. Next week is multiplication and we will be using factor pairs to solve mental problems before working our way towards formal multiplication via the grid method. Be prepared for using those place value counters again.

In science we will test the circuit predictions we made on Friday. Remember what circuit means and how we did circuits of the football pitch and how that relates to how electricity travels.

The big event next week is the assembly on Friday. We can't wait to show off all we have been learning this term.


Have a great weekend and enjoy the mild weather.

Mr Ellis



I hope you all had a good day on Friday. It was difficult for me leaving all the interesting lessons I had planned for someone else to do and I have to do the same on Monday! I am looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday and hearing all you have learned.

In literacy this week we are going to be doing some writing. Lots of magpieing and lots of work on our sentence structures and how to build an interesting story. We will be thinking about how important a plan is and how we can introduce characters into a story.

In numeracy my group are going to be applying all their fantastic learning using column methods last week. You will get a chance to really show off what you have learnt.

In topic we are going to be looking at OS maps and thinking about the importance of symbols, in science we will continue our electricity topic and in Scratch we will show off how we can improve and debug our code.

Enjoy the snow. Wrap up warm and take care. Have a good day tomorrow.

Mr. Ellis


A great first week back everyone.

We have all enjoyed Christophe's Story and now we are going to use it as a framework for our own writing. We will be using different sentence structures, simile and metaphor and thinking about the difference between spoken and written language.

In maths we are going to continue with formal written methods and once we are all secure with addition we can use the place value grids to look into subtraction.

In topic we are going to be looking at maps, we will get stuck into Scratch programming and we will get a bit more hands-on with electricity.

Have a good weekend,

Mr Ellis


Happy New Year.

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break and are ready for a brilliant 2016.

Next week we will be starting new topics for everything. In literacy we are looking at a great book called Christophe's Story. In numeracy we are looking at formal methods of addition and you will have to prove your understanding. We will be looking at a new programming language in computing and starting our new topic all together.

See you tomorrow.


A last update of the year.

It has been a great end to the  year and you have battled through the exhaustion with growing maturity. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I will see you all bright and ready for another fantastic term of learning in 2016!

Mr. Ellis