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Spring Term News

W/C 27th March

This week Class 14 will be learning about the Easter story, and ordering numbers to 20.

We plan to enjoy lots of Easter activities, and will be making Easter nests on Thursday!

Red Nose Day 2017

We had so much fun raising money for such a worthy cause!  We loved the talent show, Jesse Gray really does have talent! We also enjoyed hearing the childrens jokes.







wc 20th March

Next week we will be writing a recount of the visit. In maths we will be investigating addition, we will be recording our findings using number sentences.

Also, we will be making lot of lovely things ready for Mother's Day!

w/c 13th March

We had such a super time at the Brackenhurst visit.  All the children enjoyed telling fairy tales in the wood's, role playing Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood, making clay wolves and even planting beans!


Thank you to all parents who came into the classroom to share stories with us to celebrate World Book Day!  The children really loved sharing their favourite stories with you.  

This week, and next we will be learning about Jack and The Beanstalk!

Image result for jack and the beanstalk

Literacy: Thinking of exciting words to describe story characters.

Numeracy: Investigating measure and ordering lengths.


We have an exciting week planned with WORLD BOOK DAY on Thursday where the whole school will be dressing up as their favourite book character. To tie in with our topic this half term of 'Fairy tales' we are looking forward to seeing the children come dressed as their favourite character!  

Also as part of our World Book day celebrations on Friday 3rd we have a visiting poet visiting the school Paul Cookson  The children will have the chance to work with him as part of a workshop! 

We also look forward to seeing you on either Wednesday 2.45-3.15, or Friday 8.50-9.15 to come and enjoy a story with the children from Class 14.

Also on Tuesday 28th is Pancake day so we will be making pancakes....yummy!

Literacy: identifying story structure, sequencing and verbally retelling The Three Little Pigs, and alternative versions.

Maths: Positional numbers, eg 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th....  Ordering and sequencing numers.



Welcome back after half-term! This term our focus is traditional tales.

Image result for 3 little pigs

Literacy: Looking at story structure, beginning, middle and end of the 3 little pigs. If anyone has any alternative versions of this story we'd love to read them at school!

Maths: Use everyday language related to time. Sequence our school day.

  We've missed book change day on Monday due to INSET so the next change will be Thursday as normal.


Image result for year of the rooster 2017

This week our focus is Chinese New Year! We will be learning the story of the animals and finding out which one we are! We will be making Chinese lanterns, eating Chinese food and looking at different pictures and non-fiction texts to discover as much as we can!

Literacy- non-fiction writing about the year of the Rooster.

Maths- introducing the concept and vocab of subtraction.

A big thank you to those parents who came in last week to share their wisdom and explain what they do at work. The children are still talking about it and it really adds value and context for the children to see and hear 'real life' examples and experiences.

A big thank you too to the mums who walked us down to church; we couldn't have done it without you (literally!!).

                                                  Have a super week!


Image result for church clipart

This week we are sooooo busy! On Tuesday we are visiting St Paul's Church (thank you so much to those parents who volunteered to help us walk down!) and on Thursday we are glass making.

Literacy: We will be re-counting our visit to the church.

Maths: We are making patterns with 2D shapes.



Image result for people who help us

This week we are looking at "People who help us". Each week we will look at a different group. This week it's People who help us at home! A questionnaire went out on Friday about what jobs the grown ups at home do and how that has changed from what they wanted to do when they were little - this is such a lovely activity to do with children, they love hearing about you as children!!

In Maths we will be learning positional language; next to, in front of, behind etc.

Phonics: continuing with Phase 3.



Image result for new year 2017

We hope you have all had a restful two weeks off school and are excited to be coming back?

This week we will be settling back in gently; reminding ourselves of routines and re-capping things such as phonics and basic number. We will also be trying our hands at sketching self portraits. Look out next week for either a reading book or a story sack coming home.

If any parent/adult from home would like to come in and hear children read we would really appreciate it. We usually say from 2.30 each afternoon and you will be given the same child/children each week to hear so you will develop a knowledge of their progression and get to know them. You will need to speak to the office about the forms to fill out for security checks before hand so if it's something you think you might like to do that should be the first stop!! 

Can we remind you all children need tracksuit bottoms and a jumper in their PE bag for doing outdoor games - it is really cold!

Mrs Bailey will now be teaching Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Wood Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Have a super first week back!



Image result for nativity scene clipart

This week is Nativity Week! Performances are Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday Morning. The children have worked so hard - losing those 3 days have been tough but they are sounding great. Please keep going over their lines with them if they have them.

Literacy: Making and writing Christmas cards

Maths: Number sequencing - ready for counting presents!!!

Phonics: We have now finished Phase 2 so we will be word building and blending.

On behalf of Mrs Wood and myself: 

Image result for merry christmas

Thursday 1st December 2016

Please see Class 15's page for details of some Christmas activities for you to do at home if you wish.

We look forward to seeing you very soon.


Image result for nativity scene clipart


This week we are learning about the Christmas Story. We are doing lots of practise for our show so we are a bit 'off timetable' this week!

Literacy: Sequence the story.

Maths: Begin to use the language of money. Colour and recognise the coins and put them in order according to their value.

Phonics: common words - the   off   him.


Image result for basic electric circuit

We are looking at sources of light and electricity this week. We will be making electric circuits.

Literacy: writing about sources of light.

Maths: Looking at weight and weighing objects.

Phonics: sounds b and f.

                                                      Have a great week!


Image result for owl babies

This week we are carrying on with our topic of Light and Dark and reading the book 'Owl Babies'.

Literacy: We are using the i-pads this week for the App 'Puppet Pals' to re-create the story.

Maths: We will continue with addition and see if we can write our own number sentences.

Phonics: Focus on blending the sounds we already know.



Image result for plop the owl

This week we are continuing our new topic of Light and Dark. We are reading 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark'.

Literacy: Choosing our favourite character from the story and labelling it.

Maths: We are introducing addition.

Phonics we are learning the vowels! 

We are busy learning our songs for the Christmas Nativity and this week we will be asking children if they'd like a speaking part or not (it will be their choice) and deciding who is playing all the other roles too!

I look forward to seeing you all at parents evening Tuesday and Wednesday.

                                                                       Have a great week!

(I won't be in school Monday as I am on Governor training).



Image result for bonfire



This week we will be learning about the Gunpowder Plot! We will find out who Guy Fawkes was and what he got up to.

Literacy: Sequencing the story of the Gunpowder Plot

Maths: Recognising 2D shapes.

Outside we are starting our new role-play - we're going camping!!!

                                                               Have a super week!

TREAT DAY FRIDAY 21st October - Come to school in your PJs!

                                                    Have a super Half-term!                                                                            



Image result for diwali

This week we'll be learning about Diwali - the festival of light. We will be learning about Rama and Sita and making little divas out of clay!

Writing- re-telling the story of Diwali and writing up our super soup making.

Maths- making repeating patterns using 2D shapes.

Throughout the week we will be making clay divas (see picture above) from scratch!

Phonics: so far we have introduced: s a t p i n m d. We have also learned the word I.


Image result for pumpkin

This week we'll be celebrating Harvest Festival with a special visit from Rev Hodder!

We'll be making the most of the Harvest Veg around by making some tasty veggie soup!

Maths: Putting numbers in order

Literacy: If you were a Mr Man or Little Miss who would you be??

Have a good week!


3.10.16 October already!

This week we're reading Mr Strong and seeing how he helps on the farm.

Writing: we're re-telling the story

Maths: matching numbers to amounts

Have a super week! 😀


Little Miss Helpful..... Or is she??

This week we are reading Little Miss Helpful and talking about how we help at home.

Literacy: Writing about how we help at home. 

Maths: Recognising numbers 0-10

Phonics: We've started Phase 2 sounds. This week it's s a t p. The children will bring home a practice sheet of the sound they've done that day.

We also have a farm in school. We are looking after chickens and role-playing farms,

Have a great week!





Welcome to the new Class 14! 

Image result for mr men

This week we will be introducing the Mr Men books which will be our topic this term. We will be painting our favourites and looking at the different personalities.

In Maths we will be hunting for numbers in the environment! How many can you recognise out and about?

Have a super week and don't forget Curriculum evening on Thursday evening!