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Spring Term News

Spring 2 Week 5

The class have coped brilliantly with a funny week and a bit. Hopefully we're back to normal now. This week the classhave worked on partitioning numbers and using suffixes. Next week we will be using drama and investifating mass and measures.

They will have a spply teacher on Thursday and we have our special D and T day on Wedsnesday.

See you soon, Mr Hassall

Spring 2 Week 3

Sharing and caring have been key themes this week. Sharing in Maths, dividing lots of different things into equal groups. Caring all round because it is March's value of the month, not just caring for each other but also the school, equipment and the environment. Next week we will be planning and writng dragon stories, recognising and working with coins and completing basic charts and graphs. 

There is a few World Book Day photos in the gallery section of the school website. Next Tuesday Mr Keating will be takng the class all as I am on a course.

Enjoy the Spring sunshine, Mr Hassall

Spring 2 week 2

We've gone book mad this week, Thursday was a lovly day full of reading and enjoying stories. Everyone has quickly picked up the some knowledge of 3D shapes and can even spot some in the environment. We definitley have some budding authors in the class as their dragon charater ideas are fabulous. There are some very nimble fingers in Class 13 as can be seen by their group weaving displays. To top off a great week, Paul Cookson was inspiring today, so much so we will do some poetry straight away next week.

As well as poetry we will be learning about division in Maths, our diet in Science, the features of cities in Geography plus much more besides

Spring 2 Week 1

A blustery week back to school saw us use arrays to show multiples, brainstorm some dragon words, sort animals using a branching diagram and practise ball control!

Next week we will be strting to create a dragon charater for our own stories, remember 3d shapes and spot them around us, think about our diet and try some traditional craft activities.

World book day is on Thursday so we have a reading filled week hopefully raising a bit of money for the school to buy more books.

Have a  lovely weekend, Mr Hassall

Spring 1 Week 5

We have a budding set of non fiction writers in class 13. Their panda reports were fabulous, such a shame Twycross don't have a giant panda. Halving has gone particularly well, presenting having in many different ways helped embedd the concept. NExt week we will learn a little more about endangered species ready for Twycross and then write a recount of the visit. In Maths we are comparing and measuring length. In PE we are moving with balance and practising static balance. 

Remember Wednesday is Twycross and all information has gone home regarding the trip.

Have a lovely weekend, Mr Hassall

Spring 1 Week 4

There have been so many positive comments made regarding Class 13 this week, I'm really rather proud. Their behaviour is excellent so learning has been a joy. With new ways to takle subtraction, looking for human and physical geographical features at the seaside, classifying animals and marching with coordination, the week has flown by.

Next week we are looking at halves, writing a panda report, comparing animals and doing some lovely seaside artwork. Not long till Twycross, look at for the letter early next week.

Have a great weekend , Mr Hassall

Spring 1 Week 3

Having covered three different ways to add numbers together, we are well and truly confident in addition. Next week we are doing the same with subtraction. We have also gone pandatastic and everyone's writing is slowly improving with different sentence openers and varying conjunctions. General panda facts are next in English. In our coast to coast adventure we are learning about human and physical features of the seaside. 

A big congratulations to Florence for having her fabulous writing go on the writing wall of wonder. Well done Anjali, who won star of the week for managing distratcions and staying focused.

Enjoy the lovely Winter air, Mr Hassall

Spring 1 Week 2

Time flies when you're having fun and we've had loads of fun learning time! Our panda topic has everyone motivated and already producing some lovely writing. The class had a good knowledge and understanding of the 5 senses which will start to investigate next week. Also next week we are focusing on addition by counting on, making 10 and adding ones together. In our Coast to Coast Geography topic we will learn the 4 countries of the UK and their capital cities. In PE we will practise how to move fluently. New spellings and letters about our Twycross visit have gone out today.

See you bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday.

Spring 1 Week 1

Happy new year everyone, hope the holidays were full of merriment. The class have come back just as brilliantly as they finsihed 2016, focused and eager to learn. Their behaviour is always pretty much impeccable. There are constant reminders at the minute for absolutely no play fighting or games which involve grabbing.

We've recapped on the air sound and practised writing a few sentences in phonics and English. In Maths we've been learning the days of the week and months of the year; a Year 1 target. In Science we named and located parts of the human body.

Next week we will be starting our Panda topic in English, gathering and learning new facts using reading and listening skills. In Maths we will see who can tell the time on an analogue clock to the hour and half past the hour. In Science we are investigating the 5 senses and in PE we will be controlling how we walk and run.

Don't forget to practise the spellings and our Coast to Coast event in school on Wednesday.

Ta ra, Mr Hassall