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Spring Term News

Happy Easter!

Have a wonderful time relaxing with family and friends  in these next two weeks. If you're going away, have a fantastic time and be prepared to share all about your trips when you get back! The last few weeks in school have been really busy, we've learnt lots and enjoyed Red Nose Day, as well as our fabulous treat day. In our English, we used storytelling to retell 'The rabbit that belongs to Emily Brown', which we then wrote our own version of. We focused on using different sentence types in our writing so that it's more interesting to the reader. (What a great idea it is! I wonder what adventure we'll go on next? Stop that now!) In our maths, we've looked at finding fractions of shapes and amounts. We explored how we can find 1/3 when there are 6 equal parts and discovered the patterns. We also looked at different graphs, including tallies, bar charts and pictograms, so that we could interpret the information to answer questions. We've continued to work on our maths fluency, using our knowledge of bonds to 10 to help us solve addition and subtraction questions. E.g. what's 34 + 7? "Well I know that 4 + 6 = 10, so I can add that 6 on to 34 to find the next multiple of 10 which is 40. I then need to add on the extra one so 34 + 7 = 41."

Some children and parents asked for a little bit of work to do over the holiday - so I've given children a piece of reading comprehension, some maths challenge cards, and an Easter story to have a go at writing. There are no spellings to learn over Easter, please continue to practise the high frequency words and learn the rules for spellings previously learnt. Please don't feel like you have to do this work - if you get chance and would like to, then i'd love to look at it when we get back on Tuesday 18th April!

10th March 2017

I hope that everybody has a great time at the disco tonight! This week in class we've been looking at simple fractions and how to find a fraction of a shape. We then looked at what an equivalent fraction is and how we can spot the patterns. In English, we've been following our Traction Man plans to write our own adventure story. I've been so impressed by the expressive language that's been used! We had 12 members of the class represent us wonderfully at a school singing event, that was held at Jesse Gray today. We welcomed visitors from  3 other schools and performed rounds. In Science this week we looked at the different food groups and discussed what makes a healthy meal. Very well done, a great week!

3rd March 2017

To round off our fabulous book week, we had a visit from the poet Paul Cookson. He performed some hilarious poems for us, then we came up with our own poem all about Traction Man! It was so much fun! Spellings this week are attached at the bottom of the page - I'm afraid I ran out of time to highlight any words for the different groups. If you could focus this week on the common tricky words, and pick two words with the -ness suffix to focus on, that would be great. Thank you for your support.

World Book Day!

We're having an absolutely brilliant time today! We acted out scenes from our book 'Traction Man Is Here', shared our favourite books with Year 5, and of course- looked absoutely fantastic dressed up!

Book week!

This week is book week, where we'll be celebrating our love of books. Don't forget to dress up on Thursday 2nd March as your favourite character. I can't wait to see what you've all dressed up as!

Happy half term!

I'm so proud of Class 11 this week - they have worked so hard, represented the school so well, and then performed their year group assembly so beautifully, with such loud voices! Have a wonderful break! Rest, play, read :) 

If you would like to do a little bit of work, look at the website links below for maths games. You could practise quick recall of your doubles and halves to 20, times tables and division facts for the 2x, 5x and 10x tables, as well as practising adding and subtracting by drawing your own number lines. 

I've asked some of you to write a snowy winter story - I'd love to see what your characters will get up to on a snow day in the park!

Mrs Winfield x


Year 2 Assembly : 9:15 am Friday 10th February .


This week we've been editing, writing up in neat and publishing our very own panda non-fiction books. We've worked so hard on our presentation and we can't wait for you to see them soon! We're especially proud of our front covers, where we found, copied and pasted a picture from the internet into a word document. 

In maths, we've been working on doubling numbers. We've been trying hard to make sure we can mentally double up to 20 quickly. We've also looked at different methods of doubling 2-digit numbers, so we have partitioned them and doubled each number separately before adding together again (in a doubling hexagon) . We've also thought about how using our near doubles can help us solve addition sentences. So for the question 43 + 42, we can double 40 (40+40) and then add on the ones that are left over.

We've been practising our year group assembly and can't wait to show off to everyone next week all of our learning.

Spellings are attached at the bottom, as is an example of a doubling hexagon. Have a lovely weekend, ready for the last week before half term! Mrs W x


This week in class we've been looking at division. We've done really well at learning that dividing means sharing equally and we've practised this lots practically by making different groups. We have also started to apply our times table knowledge to help us solve division questions quickly. For example, if I know that 5 x 10 = 50, then I know that 50 / 5 = 10, as we know that they're the opposite! Here's some of the games that we've been playing in class - have a go at home and see if you can do it!

In our English, we've been looking at the features of non-fiction texts. We are going to be writing our own non-chronological report about Pandas and we have started by writing about how they change from when they are born and as they are growing up. 

In Science we've thought about what humans need to survive, as opposed to what we want. We've had some really good discussions about what is really necessary and what we perhaps might just like!

Spellings are attached to the bottom of the page. Have a lovely weekend! Mrs W x


We've had a great week this week! We've continued to look at multiplication in maths, counting in groups of 2, 5 ,10 and 3. We solved word problems by finding the important information and drawing our answers out in arrays.

In English we've been reading the story Aaaaarrrrgghh Spider! to help us write our own versions, using different punctuation. We've learnt about exclamation sentences and that they only begin with 'how' or 'what'. 

We had a great time being explorers on Wednesday, exploring the 4 different regions of the UK - coast, town, city and countryside. We explored our school grounds and thought about where we live and it's features.


Tomorrow (Wednesday) is our explorers day! We will be wearing our own outfits (maybe some walking boots, a fleece and a pair of binoculars/compass) and going to have a great expedition! 


Hello and welcome back! I hope that you all had a lovely break and are now ready for some super learning!

This week we have been learning how to draw arrays to help us solve multilplication questions in maths. We know that the first number is how many groups (arrays) we draw, the second number is how many we put in each group. The children have really impressed me with how quickly they have picked this up! 

In English, we have been looking at different punctuation that can be used in our writing. In the next few weeks, we will be doing lots of work at spotting when a full stop, exclamation mark or question mark is needed. We will also be doing lots of practice on using expression in our reading, making sure to show that we understand the different punctuation. We will also be working on our inference skills by answering questions about what has been read.

Spellings have been given out today and are all homophones - words that sound the same but are spelt differently. They'll be checked on Friday and are attached to this webpage. For some children, they have high frequency words to be learnt instead.