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Spring Term News


We are approaching our last week of term 2! 


Your Titanium stories using the slow write approach were fabulous with amazing vocabulary used and brilliant sentences. We are becoming much more confident writers. This week we'll be looking at persuasive writing and seeing if we can use language to persuade people to visit Nottingham.

We enjoyed that maths on Friday- using our powers of deduction and using clues to match people and names. I recommend tackling sudoku puzzles if you liked it!

Comic Relief- You all looked great in your red noses. I'm confident that lots of money has been raised for such a great cause. 


 Problem solving using skills we have already learnt. We are showing that we have 'mastered' these concepts.


 How have Nottingham and Barcelona changed over time and why has that changed happened?


Make the most of this lovely sunny weather!

Miss Barratt


Problem Solving

After discussion with parents at parents' evening, some have requested additional problem solving activities to try at home. I have attached a few to get you going at the bottom of the page,  but please keep checking as I'll be frequently posting more!

Also, new Resources- Fractions E-book and Reasoning activities for addition and subtraction to do at home!

And here's a link to some great real life fractions of amounts questions for any additional homework practise!


It was great to see so many shapes being pulled on the dance floor at the disco on Friday. I hope you all had a super time...I know I did :) 


In contrast, last week we formed supernatural powers that caused chaos in  school!

 It's OK, don't panic parents...and Miss Law! It is our literacy for this half term. We are basing our writing on a music video called Titanium. A character has supernatural powers he cannot control which cause destruction and havoc in school. We have already started to use words we would not usually use in our writing. This week we will be looking at the emotions the character may be feeling and using fab verbs and adjectives to write about them We may even be experiencing some first hand to make our writing really come to life!


 We have started work on fractions- what do numerators and denominators actually mean, finding fractions of amounts, adding/subtracting fractions  and deciding which fraction was bigger- 1/2 1/3 or 1/4. This week we will be investigating equivalent fractions- they don't look the same but are the same 'size'.

Also, mathletics homework has now been set after a technical delay!


 After looking at rural landscape around Nottingham and Barcelona we will be moving onto looking at city life and why people may choice to live in the city.

It was great meeting your parents and sharing the progress you have made in your learning so far. I hope they were proud of you. I have given them information that may help especially with your literacy homework, to make it super brilliant! Use the maths links at the top of the page to work on the areas that you have particularly tricky.

See you tomorrow

Miss Barratt



Parents Evening week

A busy week for me! A normal week for you!

Literacy- Story writing using our best sentence structures

Numeracy- Introduction to fractions and comparing them.

Topic- Why live in the countryside in Spain or England.

Swimming as normal on Thursday and Disco on Friday! Get your glad rags ready.

Happy weekend everyone!


You have all come back ready to learn and have already produced some marvellous writing. We are naturally thinking about our sentences and using conjunctions, prepositions and adverbials as openers and conjunctions to extend sentence with detail. Don't forgot neat consistent size handwriting however- it's not just for handwriting practice!

I was really impressed with your discussions in RE and prayer. Your knowledge of what is going on in the world is impressive. The way you discuss and justify your views is really mature too! Well done!

This week we have WORLD BOOK DAY on Thursday. This involves you dressing up if you like. We WILL be going swimming so no face paints please. We will just leave our props behind in class and go in our basic costume. Make sure it is easy to take off/put on!

We will be going to the school library, reading with some younger pupils and having story time everyday! We also have an exciting visitor on Friday who is going to amaze you with his poetry! 


We will be looking at the weather conditions that Barca players cope with and those Forest players have to play in. Where would be better to play and why?


We are continuing to use a formal, factual style when writing information texts about Barcelona.


Continuing with time. We are going to use it to solve problems rather than 'reading' the time. If you think you need a little practice, I have put YEAR 3- TIME mathletics book in the Y3 SPRING RESOURCES folder. Just have another look at TOPIC 1 (P1-8). Keep practising your times tables too!



This week we  had fun planning our own journey to Barcelona, but since I don't like flying, the journey had to be over land! First, the children mapped out a route and looked at time and distances, then they made an e book showing some of the sights along the way (an example can found at the bottom of the page). It feels like I've travelled a thousand miles! 

Next week we will be sampling one of the local delicacies of Barcelona...Patatas Bravas! But first, we will have to make it as part of our D&T. I am looking for any parents that can help out on the morning of Friday 10th!! There may be some sampling to be done! Just send me an email if you'd like to help :) 


Tamba Roy Visit

We were fortunate to have a special guest visit us in school this week. Tamba Roy came in to teach the  children all about resilience. Through songs, stories and ways of thinking, he empowered us all to be more positive with our lives, both in and out of school and be the best we can be. 

Class 9 practising their brilliant breathing...make sure you keep it up at home to remain calm and happy :)


Our Spiderwick Chapters are neatly written up, with just a few illustrations now to add before publishing on our writing display in the classroom. The children, and I, are extremely proud of their achievements  with this work and I'm sure they'll love to share them with you soon. 

Next week we are going to explore various poems. We'll look at shape poems, haikus and begin to explore ways to perform poems to an audience, thinking about pace, rhythm and rhyme. 


Next week we'll be finishing our unit on multiplication and division. The children will apply what they've learnt to problem solving and applying their understanding using the written methods for both calculations.



We are into our topic now and have looked at a World Map to identify where Spain and UK are in the world. We also know what both countries have to offer a holidaymaker. Beautiful coasts, tourist attractions but Spain wins on climate!

This week we are investigating how long it would take to travel from Nottingham to Barcelona. Could we go for a day trip?

Numeracy continues with using division in word problems and then onto written methods for multiplying and dividing.

Literacy- we are writing our own chapter for the Spiderwick Chronicles. I know you have loved the book so writing our own chapter is exciting!



This week, we will be continuing with writing our own chapters for the 'Spiderwick Chronicles'. We will using our imaginations to create a new fantasy character which the Grace children discover in their new settings.


Continuing our work on multiplication and linking to division. We'll look at fact families and improve with quick recall of number facts.


In Topic Class 9 have been studying... the whole world! In groups, the children were given a set of challenged to complete on their giant map. Can you remember the 7 continents of the world? What about the landlocked countries in Europe? How about the names of the seas and oceans that surround Europe? Test your knowledge on the quiz/ games below!

WARNING: This one is tricky!

This week - Would you rather have a holiday in the UK or Spain?


Yay!! We finally got to perform our assembly! You were all amazing. Thank you to the  parents for providing the costumes. 

This week should be fairly normal, although my voice is still a little hoarse!!

Image result for pony


Oooh, the story is getting rather exciting! We have just read Jared's discovery of the field guide and the children just want to keep reading more! This week we'll unearth what was causing the noise in the walls and who is the author of such a strange book.

Image result for spiderwick field guide

Image result for spiderwick field guide

What a peculiar book to find...


Reasoning with adding and subtracting. If you are finding it difficult remember that there is extra practice in the resource section. We MUST be able to use a column method to solve calculations. We write the answer in an expanded way when adding and you can write the calculation as a partitioned number in subtraction so you can see the exchange clearly.

We start our first lesson in Topic by looking more closely at the two cities of Barcelona and Nottingham.

See you tomorrow

Miss B



I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas break and a Happy New Year! I can't wait to hear  what you've all been up to over the past couple of weeks. I am certainly stuffed with turkey and pudding! 

To begin 2017, we are having an art day! We'll look at a variety of Spanish artists' work including: Gaudi, Picasso, Dali and Miro, exploring their differences and similarities, and the techniques and style they use.


In literacy, we're going to focus on one my favourite genres...FANTASY! And what better book to use than...

Image result for spiderwick chronicles book

We'll look closely at the main characters and read the first few chapters this week!


In numeracy, we're going to be continuing with subtraction and different strategies for mental and written calculations. We'll also begin to understand how to exchange when using formal written methods. 


Lakeside Trip