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Spring Term News

30th March

In English, we have been reading and performing cinquain poems using expression and actions to make them interesting to watch, not just read. We then began to research information about a variety of countries for our very own cinquain poems. We have looked carefully at the structure of these to ensure that ours fit this structure correctly.

In maths, we have focussed on money - converting between pounds and pence. We have looked for rules and patterns when converting between the two to help us remember!  

It's now the end of the spring term, and we have had another super term together. I'm really looking forward to starting our new term, as I'm sure all the class members are! :).

Have a really lovely Easter holiday. Stay safe, and have fun! :D 

Miss Kirk


23rd March

Wow, what a week it's been - Hathersage has been FAB! A brilliant (but tiring!) few days where we have been lucky enough to take part in a variety of different activities such as orienteering and map work, river studies, night walks, bat hunting, den building and SO much more! We have  thoroughly enjoyed every second of our time at St Michael's, and the behaviour of all the children in Class 7 has been great :). Here are a selection of photos from our trip.

Have a great weekend, Class 7. Make sure you get some well earned rest! :D

Miss Kirk


16th March

Its been a busy week this week with lots of hard work (and patience) from all of us in the classroom! On Wednesday, we got the chance to take part in the Year 4 Invasion Festival at The West Bridgford School. We had a fantastic day playing a variety of invasion games against 3 other schools in the local area. The behaviour of every single member of the class was impeccable, and we couldn't have asked for nicer weather! :)

Were all extremly excited about Hathersage next week - make sure you get lots of sleep over the weekend! You're going to need all the energy you can get! :D

Have a super weekend...

Miss Kirk


9th March

Maths next week is revisiting rounding and estimation, but this time with money. If you could revise this over the weekend, that would be fab! :) Remember the rhyme... "Five or more, let it soar. Four or less, let it rest". 

We had our RE day this week where we discussed and learnt about the Easter Story and what it means to be a sacrifice. We also learnt about what forgiveness and eternal life means, and acted out some scenarios where Jesus sacrificed himself to help others. 

Key dates:

Monday 13th March- Checking reading records

Thursday 16th March- Spelling test

Thursday 16th March- Times table test

Thursday 16th March-Mathletics homework due

Have a fab weekend,

Miss Kirk


2nd March

World Book Day! 

Wow, Class 7! What a lot of effort you have gone to to turn yourselves into your favourite book characters... Wonderful! :) I have chosen the book by Roald Dahl, 'The Enormous Crocodile' as our book of the week, and this afternoon we have studied the book and engaged with lots of fun activities related to the story, including acting out parts of the book with animal masks from the story! We even got time to have a quick photo shoot in our costumes - take a look!

Tomorrow, we have been lucky enough to have a poet offer to come in to school to lead a workshop with Class 6 and 7! Exciting stuff :).

A super week! Have a lovely weekend :D

Miss Kirk


27th February

It's World Book Week! Parents and Grandparents are all welcome to join us today from 1:30 until 2:15 (a letter went home on Friday - sorry it's late notice!). I'm SO looking forward to Thursday and seeing all of your amazing costumes for World Book Day! :).

Our focus in English this week (and last week) is persuasion. You've had some fab ideas so far of how to sell toys to your target audience, using the persuasive devices which we have been looking at. I'm sure you will have lots more to give as we begin to plan our own persuasive letter for Miss Law!

This week in maths we are beginning our time unit. As you know, this is a vital life skill that takes lots of practise to master. As in lessons we will be concentrating on converting time and using it in real life situation situations such as time lapse and reading time tables, below is a website for the children to practise the skill of telling the time on a 12-hour analogy clock. Any extra telling of the time practise you can do with your child at home will be a great help :)

Miss Kirk


3rd February

After spending an extended period of time reading, planning and writing our own short stories, it is now time to publish them! We are going to write up our stories in our best joined-up handwriting and create a front cover to show off our fabulous work! :).

We have also had our DT day this week where we measured, prepared and baked our own spanish cakes! We shared these with the other Year 3 and 4 classes who tasted and evaluated our food. You all worked so well together in your teams - well done! Also, a HUGE thank you to the parent helpers who came in to lend a hand! :D. 

It's been another fun-filled half term! Have a super holiday, stay safe! :). (Don't forget that Monday 20th February is an INSET day!)

Miss Kirk


Parent helpers for cooking

On Wednesday 8th Feb at 1:20pm for about an hour, we are going to be cooking a Spanish dish as part of our topic. Exciting! If there are 1 or 2 parents who think they may be to help out, please do let me know! Many thanks :).

In topic this week, we looked at the route from Nottingham Forest to the Barcelona football ground. We then planned the journey in small groups, deciding how best to travel there. As a class, we then collated our findings by creating a powerpoint which illustrated each part of the journey! 

Key Dates: 

Monday 6th Feb- Checking reading records

Wednesday 8th Feb- D&T cooking in the afternoon 1:30pm-2:30pm (ish)

Thursday 9th Feb- Spelling test

Thursday 9th Feb- Times table test

Thursday 9th Feb-Mathletics homework due

Monday 20th Feb- INSET DAY

Tuesday 21st Feb- return to school for Spring 2

Have a lovely weekend! :D

Miss Kirk


26th January

Don't forget:

  • Year 4 assembly Friday 27th Jan 9:15am

  • Hathersage residential medical forms returned by Fri 3rd Feb

We are looking forward to performing our Year 4 assembly to you tomorrow! Please be aware that the hall will open to parents from 8:45am.


We've had a busy week this week preparing ourselves for the Year 4 assembly! You've all worked extremely hard to learn your lines and the words to the songs! :).

Last week, we planned our own narratives based on Christophe's Story, and have this week began to write them! So far, they look great! I'm looking forward to reading the finished product... In maths, we have been learning how to use the formal multiplication method and are now starting to look at division!

In topic, we prepared persuasive speeches to entice the public to visit either Spain, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales. We then recorded these using an app on the iPads called Greenscreen. The end result was fab! :). 

A great week, Class 7 - same again next week please! Have a super weekend.

Miss Kirk


24th January

Year 4 assembly costumes:

Please send your child to school with their assembly costume on Thursday 26th January, ensuring all pieces of clothing are labelled with your child's name and brought in a labelled bag. The costume will stay in school and be sent home on Friday after the performance. Thank you! 

20th January

Don't forget:

  • Year 4 assembly Friday 27th Jan 9:15am

  • Hathersage residential medical forms returned by Fri 3rd Feb

As promised, here is the link to the ICT simulation game we were trying so hard to complete! Good luck :)

Miss Kirk


17th January

Hathersage residential medical form

Today a Medical Consent Form will come home with your child for the Year 4 Hathersage residential. Please fill it in a return by FRIDAY 3RD FEBRUARY. Please ensure you have informed is of ANY/ALL medication your child needs to take e.g. Calpo at nighttime, travel sickness pills etc. There is a copy to download and print from the Year 4 resources if the handed out copy has gone missing.

We will not administer any medication while we are away until you have informed the Year 4 team before we go via the Medical form.

Via the form, we also need to be informed of any dietary requirements such as food intolerance/ allergy or vegetarian needs.

If there is anything else you feel the adults needs to be aware of, i.e sleepwalking or bed wetting, could you please write that on the form as well.

If you would like to talk to Miss Kirk, Miss Massey or Mrs Thompson in confidence/ detail about these please do not hesitate to contact us.

16th January

Here are links to the music/ videos to accompany our assembly songs. Please learn them off my heart, ready to sing in our assembly on Friday 27th January :)

13th January

Year 4 assembly- Friday 27th Jan 9:15am

Lines for the Year 4 assembly have now gone home with the children. We kindly ask that you please aid your child with learning their line and sourcing their costume. 

Thank you for your support, we look forward to seeing you at the performance.


Please be aware that the later questions of the 'I am thinking of a number' homework set this week involves multiplication and division. As we have not covered these operations in class, skip these questions (if you'd like to have a go, then please do!). When I set the mathelectics task, I see a sample of questions and the sample I saw for this task were all addition and subtraction- sorry Class 7!

12th January

We have carried on with our book study of 'Christophe's Story' this week in English where we have thought about and discussed how he felt in various parts of the story. We are going to continue with this next week and begin to plan our own version of Christophe's Story! :)

In Maths, we have been unpicking and solving addition and subtraction word problems. We have looked at the bar model and how to choose the correct words to help us decide what calculation to use. You have all tried really hard with this and been resilient when the answer hasn't always been obvious, so well done! 


Key dates:

Monday 16th Jan- Checking reading records

Thursday 19th Jan- Spelling test

Thursday 19th Jan- Times table test

Thursday 19th Jan- Mathletics homework due


Another fab week, Class 7! :D Have a super weekend, see you on Monday!

Miss Kirk


5th January

Welcome back Class 7! :) I hope you've all had a super Christmas and New Year. I know lots of you have been excited to tell me all about it!

In English this week, we have read 'Christophe's Story' and have begun to study the book and how Christophes feelings change throughout the story. We have had fun retelling the story in our own words to a friend and some of us had the chance to perform our versions of the story in small groups. 

In maths, we have focussed our attention on estimating the cost of two items before buying them from a budget which has been set. We used the iPads to browse through the toy section in the Argos catalogue and choose the toys we would like to buy! 

We have also dedicated the whole day on Friday to Art where we explored and learned about different Spanish artists and got ourselves inspired by these before creating our own versions! :)

A fantastic first week back - I'm already looking forward to this half term with you all! Have a super weekend! :D

Miss Kirk


20th December

Toy Day Tuesday 20th Dec:

For toy day, please bring a toy (such as a board game) for you and your class mates to play with throughout the day. 

  • Label your toy with your name and class
  • Your toy is your responsibility- School will not be responsible for broken/ lost toys. My advice is to not bring toys that are very precious to you as other children will be playing with it too.

Don't forget that tomorrow is also Christmas Jumper day! :)

18th December

Tomorrow is our treat afternoon for Class 7! Apologies for my mistake of forgetting to hand out the letter, I hope you all received the email copy of this. I have attached it here as well, just incase!

Remember, please come to school in your school uniform with your change of clothes in a seperate labelled carrier bag.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend - see you tomorrow! :)

Miss Kirk


10th December

Hathersage info:

In the Year 3/4 resources section, please find the powerpoint used for the Hathersage information evening. If you have any queries, feel free to grab Miss Massey in the playground or drop her an email.

1st December

Good morning Class 7!

It's the first of December! The count down to Christmas begins! I hope you enjoyed your first advent chocolate this morning :)

In the Year 3/4 resource folder you will find Maths and Literacy activities to complete at home while school is closed. The expectation is that you will complete these tasks to the best of your ability but please only work for a reasonable amount of time (You would normally work for 5 hours during the school day).

PLEASE NOTE: There is no expectation or need to print the resources provided. Simply keep the questions/ page on your computer screen and do your work on paper with whatever resources you have available :)

Maths-Your choice! 

Choose an activity (1 or 2 sheets) to practise the methods you find tricky / you think you need to work on. Although it is fun to complete tasks we can do easily, those aren’t the tasks that are going to help us learn; have a growth mind set! Get practising those methods you find trickier.

In the Year 3/4 resources folder you'll also find the Yr 4 maths toolkit which gives examples of the methods you have learnt in class (and some that we will be learning later).

Note: We are covering 'Money' in our up coming units, however if you'd like a head start, have a go! Use the number line method for working out change.


Mathlectics homework

I have set your usual mathletics homework. Remember that although your mathletics homework is on the computer screen, that doesn't mean that it all needs to be done mentally! Use paper and a pencil for formal methods (e.g. column addition and column subtraction). 


Literacy- Biographies (choose your challenge!)

As we have been learning about biographies, in the Year 3/4 resource folder you will find:

  • The Writer's toolkit
  • Biography planning sheets
  • Topic sentence starters
  • Steps To Success (STS)

Write the biography of a family member- remember to really exaggerate them in their role e.g.

'Mum of the century'

'Father of the decade'

Biographies are usually past tense; however as the person you're writing about is alive, only events that have already happened will be past tense. Remember to keep focused on the STS and check list and edit!


Science- States of Matter games!

Have fun playing on these State of Matter games. How much do you remember?


Miss Kirk


24th November

Class 7, you have had a great week! We have been studying the book 'Ug - Boy Genius of the Stone Age' in English and have began to write our own biography based on Ug. We have also rehearsed and performed parts of the story to one another in small groups. In maths we have been looking at and using the written method, column addition. And in art we have had a go at sketching faces and how to show different facial expressions in our drawing.

A brill week! Well done :D.

Miss Kirk


17th November

D&T day - 16th November!

We had a brilliant day on Wednesday this week designing and making a mechanism for how the stones of Stonehenge were transported across the country and how the Neolithic people managed to make them stand vertically. We then moved on to thinking about pulleys and how Stonehenge would have been erected in 'modern times'.

Challenge 1:

Challenge 2:

Challenge 3:

I have really enjoyed this week - it's been LOTS of fun, and your behaviour has been great! Keep it up.

Have a super weekend! :)

Miss Kirk


11th November

Optional (extra) maths homework: In Year 3/4 resources I have uploaded a matheltic work book for you to print and complete at home if would like to practise  everything you have learnt in our Shape and Symmetry unit. If you choose to complete any, bring it in for me to take a look- the extra effort is definitely worth a reward :) 

Have fun my marvellous mathematicians!

10th November

Class 7, you have had a super week this week - it's been a busy one, to say the least! We have been getting creative in Topic where we used a variety of different materials to build our own version of Stone Henge! Take a look :)...

In maths, we have been focussing our attention on lines of symmetry and applied this to create our own collages which included symmetrical patterns :). We used hula hoops, meter sticks and other classroom resources to complete this task, and peer-assessed our work to provide constructive feedback on how to improve.

In English, we have been studying the book 'Ug - Boy Genius of the Stone Age'. We have unpicked some of the language used in the book and written instructions on how to make tools, how to cook food, how to write, and more!

Well done for this week. Have a lovely weekend :)

Miss Kirk


3rd November

We have been studying Haiku poems and the rhythm they follow in English this week, and have had a go at writing our own! As it's Bonfire Night this weekend, we focussed our attention on fireworks and the vocabulary we could use to paint a picture in the reader's mind. We also spent some time rehearsing Haiku poems in small groups and how we might interpret the words within a short performance.

In Science, we started our new topic on 'States of Matter'. We experimented with a variety of liquids and solids and organised them into the groups which they belong. You seemed to have had SO much fun, judging by the mess in the classroom! :D

A super first week back, Class 7! :)

Miss Kirk


20th October

What an exciting week this has been! We have been lucky enough to have had the author of the Dirty Bertie books - Alan McDonald - in to Jesse Gray to work with us! In English, we thought about what questions we would like to know about him and then took part in a 'hot seating' activity where we took it in turns to be Alan himself!

Following this, we had the chance to work with Alan as a year group where we practised drawing some illustrations, listened to some of his stories and asked him some of the questions we had thought of in class.

I have had the BEST first half term with you, Class 7. Thank you for making it so enjoyable! I have high expectations that next half term will be just as fab, if not better :). Have a super week off, stay safe and I will see you on Monday 31st October (Halloween! :D)

Miss Kirk


Key dates:

Monday 31st Oct- RE Day

Thursday 3rd Nov- Spelling test

Thursday 3rd Nov- Times table test

Thursday 3rd Nov- Mathletics due

WB 7th Nov- Parents evenings

1st week back learning:

Maths- Shape

In the Year 3/4 resources you will find the Mathletics Number and Place Value printable extra homework if you would like more practise at what you've learnt in Autumn 1.

Literacy- Haiku Poems

In the Year 3/4 resources you will find the 'Writer's toolkit' which maps out all the sentence structures we will be learning this year.

Topic- The Stone Age!

Science- States of Matter

13th October

After a week of waiting, we finally got to take a look at the eggshells we submerged in a variety of liquids. We found that the vinegar dissolved the shell, while the sugar in the energy drink chrystalized on the surface. (Oh, and the milk turned to cheese!)

Next Thursday, we have the author of the Dirty Bertie books - Alan McDonald - coming in to school to do some work with us. If you have a Dirty Bertie book, please feel free to bring it in to school with you on that day as Alan will be partaking in a book signing session between 3:00 and 3:15pm.

(Please have your name written in the front of your book to avoid any confusion!)

Key dates:

Monday 17th Oct- Reading organisers checked

Thursday 20th Oct- Spelling test

Thursday 20th Oct- Mathletics homework due

Thursday 20th Oct- Times table test

Thursday 20th Oct- Alan MacDonald work shops and book signing!

Friday 21st Oct- Last day of term

Enjoy your weekend! :)

Miss Kirk


7th October

Optional (extra) maths homework: In Year 3/4 resources I have uploaded a mathletics work book for you to print and complete at home if would like to practise  everything you have learnt in our Place Value unit. If you choose to complete any, bring it in for me to take a look- the extra effort is definitely worth a reward :) 

Note: Pages 22, 23, 24 and 25, estimating, we have not covered in class yet. We will be learning this skill later in the year.

Note: Page 9, negative numbers, we will be learning about next week.

Have fun my marvellous mathematicians!

In science this week, we have been investigating the effect of sugar and acid on our teeth. To represent this, we have placed some egg shells in different liquids over the week to watch what happens and how they are affected. Here is how they look so far...

Key dates:

Monday 10th Oct- Harvest festival

Monday 10th Oct- Photos

Monday 10th Oct- Reading organisers checked

Thursday 13th Oct- Spelling test

Thursday 13th Oct Mathletics homework due

Thursday 13th Oct- Times table test

Have a super weekend, Class 7! :)

Miss Kirk


30th September:

Another fab week in Class 7! So another huge well done :)

In Science on Monday we re-created the digestion system and modelled what happens in each of the stages. We got our hands mucky when mushing up the food with the saliva in the mouth and measured out how long the small intestine is with string. Did you know that it is 6m long?!

We then put all of this knowledge into a book using an app on the iPads.

In English, we have been concentrating on mapping out our own stories which we have based around Stig of the Dump. We have thought about and described the new setting so far and will move on to describe the two new characters early next week!

We also had lots of fun sharing some of our topic homework - we particularly enjoyed dressing Demi up in her cavegirl costume!

Key dates:

Monday 3rd Oct- Reading organisers checked

Thursday 6th Oct- Spelling test

Thursday 6th Oct Mathletics homework due

Thursday 6th Oct- Times table test

Same again next week, please! It's been fab :)

Miss Kirk


22nd September:

What a super week it has been! Well done Class 7 for your positivity and excellent behaviour - it hasn't gone unnoticed! :).

We have been busy continuing with our descriptive writing about Stig of the Dump, with particular focus on how to use an expanded noun phrase correctly to add more detail. We have also been involved in creating a timeline of events in Topic this week where we compared how many years ago the dinosaurs were from the Stone Age... (Lots!)

We also got messy in Science where we made our own version of the digestive system. We mushed up a banana with a cracker and some water, and acted as the stomach to break up all the food. You all seemed to particularly enjoy watching the 'waste' be squeezed through the intestines (a pair of tights!). Great fun! :)

Key dates:

Monday 26th Sept- First topic homework due (Sorry again for my forgetfulness!)

Monday 26th Sept- Reading organisers checked

Thursday 29th Sept- Spelling test

Thursday 29th Sept- Mathletics homework due

Thursday 29th Sept- Times table

Have a lovely weekend, all of you! :)

Miss Kirk


15th September:

English: This week we have been studying the narrative 'Stig of the Dump'. We have written a setting description for Stig's cave and a character description for Stig himself, with particular focus on using fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases! We also spent some time practising how to use a dictionary and searching for a word using the first three letters.

Maths: Our focus this week has been on place value where we have looked at how to partition a number with 4 digits and recognise the value each digit has in a number.

Topic (with Mrs Walton): This was our first session on our new topic 'The Stone Age' - which you have expressed LOTS of interest in :). This week you discussed what you would like to find out during the topic and created a bonfire with your questions written across the flames!

ICT: In Computing, we started to code. If you'd like to try more and challenge yourself at home, below is the website we used in class:

Science: During our science lesson this week, we spent lots of time discussing and exploring our teeth and their functions. A mini experiment we took part in, which you particularly seemed to enjoy, was eating a piece of bread without using your teeth (it was also lots of fun for me to watch!) :). Here are some useful websites for you to explore should you feel like learning even more!

Key dates:

Monday 19th Sept- Reading organisers checked

Thursday 22nd Sept- Spelling test

Thursday 22nd Sept- Mathletics homework due

Thursday 22nd Sept- Times table test

Friday 23rd Sept- Project homework due 

Next week's learning:

Maths- Place value: comparing 4 digit numbers, placing numbers on a number line, Roman numerals and our 1st BIG SOLVE.

Literacy- Classic Narrative: 'Stig of the Dump'. SPAG focus: Sentence structures.

In the Year 3/4 resources you will find the 'Writer's toolkit' which maps out all the sentence structures we will be learning this year.


Science- Teeth and digestion

Have a super weekend, I look forward to seeing you all on Monday! :)

Miss Kirk


9th September:

In Class 7 this week, we have been spending lots of time getting to know one another and helping each other get back into the routines of school life! We have been looking at who or what might inspire us, and have applied this to our Art and English work where we have created pictures influenced by George Surat and his pointillism technique, and written our own poem based around 'Daffodowndilly' by A. A. Milne. 

If you need to contact me please use my email address:

Or, please do feel free to pop in at the beginning/end of the school day!



Monday 12th Sept: Reading organisers checked

Monday 12th Sept: 2:45pm meet and greet

Thursday 15th Sept: Spelling test



English: Our focus for the beginning of the year will be on a narrative unit which is based around the story of 'Stig of the Dump'. We will also be revisiting the correct use of full stops, capital letters and fronted adverbials in SPAG. 

Maths: Place value

Topic: The Stone Age

Science: Teeth and digestion


PE: Indoor PE will take place on a Wednesday morning, and outdoor being on a thursday morning.

Please ensure that your child has the correct PE kit on these days as they will not be allowed to participate without it. Long hair must be tied up and earrings will also need to be removed, if possible, before you bring your child to school on these days. 



Please try and read with your child at home or outside of school a minimum of 3 times a week - this could be with grandparents, aunties, cousins, older siblings too! I will be checking the children's reading organisers every Monday morning for how many times they have read in the previous week. Those who have managed to read everyday will recieve a Super Star Point :) 


Topic/English homework:

One piece of topic/english based homework from the list is due in every fortnight. This list, and the exact dates, can be found on Year 3/4 resources. Please spend no more than 30 minutes on homework, and try to encourage your child to complete as much of it as possible independently!



The children have (or will have by Friday!) their new spelling list. They will be tested on these on a Thursday afternoon, and cannot move on to the next spelling list until they achieve full marks or only misspell one word. Their spelling books are for tests only, so the children will write down the list which they need to learn at home for the following week. 

If your child loses their spelling list, I have a folder full of spares which they have access to and can help themselves to a new copy! :)


Mathletics homework:

Homework for Maths will be set through Mathletics on a Thursday and will be due in the following Thursday. If you are having any difficulties accessing this, please dont hesitate to contact me and I will be more than happy to help you.

There are also some additional printable homework sheets available for your child, should they wish to complete extra homework. These will be available to you in the Year 3/4 resources, after we have finished a unit of work. 


Times tables:

To ensure that the children are making progression with their times tables, the children will be tested each week on them. This will not only help us to monitor their learning, but will also encourage them to practice at home as well as in school. 

Each child will start on the 2 times table. They will have 2 minutes to answer 13 questions (x0 to x12) in a random order. To move on to the next test, they must achieve full marks or only get one wrong. Once all the tests have been successfully completed (up to 12x12), the children will be provided with a blank times table grid to fill in as much as they can in the 2 minutes given.