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Spring Term News 

For our topic work we are going to be working in groups to create some woven collages but they are going to represent the colours of the seaside,  the countryside and the city. We will be thinking about traditional country crafts and skills 

PE continues with balance and control on Thursday and with Mr Smith you continue small team games and tactics

Have a lovely weekend, don't get blown over by the winds as I think it's going to be windy tomorrow

Lots of Love

Mrs B


Week Beginning Monday 20th February

Last Saturday and Sunday! Don't forget you get Monday as well as it's INSET DAY. Looking forward to hearing what you've all been up to over this last week. See you at the gate ready and raring to go! 

Here we are at half term...where has the year gone...we'll soon be going into Year 2.

This week we had our wonderful visit to the zoo. No one complained about the cold. We just kept walking and when we got back on the bus I think there were some animals I didn't get to perhaps we'll have to do it all over again!!


We have completed our work on pandas and endangered animals and when we return our Literacy will be based around DRAGON stories, so if you have any lovely books at home that we could share please bring them in. We will be finding out different ways to describe them and find out what sort of adventures they have before writing our own dragon story before Easter.

In Numeracy we will be looking at multiplication and division over the next few weeks concentrating on the 2, 5, and 10 times table so you could practice these at home as well.

Our Science continues with our animals theme and we will be seeing if we can sort using features of the animals and using the technical term...A Branching Database

Topic work continues with the countryside theme, so we will be using some of your country code information.

We had a lovely last afternoon with choosing as we didn't manage to get the bikes out with the cold sleety rain, it was lovely to see all the games and the discussions taking place.

Have a lovely half term holiday where ever you are. Remember to do some reading and practice your spellings. No challenge apart from try to take a picture of what you're doing or draw a picture so you can tell us all about your holiday fun on the first Tuesday back.

Happy Holidays

Love from Mrs B




Week Beginning 6th February

One week to go and still a lot of exciting leaning taking place in Year 1 This week we had a visit from Tamba Roy who spoke to us abour Resiliance and how to ensure we are always ready to do our best even though we may make mistakes along the way. Remember:


See if you can show mum and dad the actions.

We had some more super PE and this time we had to balance and move whilst always bering joined to our made us think really carefully about how we moved on and off apparatus.

In Literacy this week we are going to begin some work on comprehension, we have some booklets that we will be reading with a buddy and then we will try to answer some questions. The important part is remembering that we cannot answer the question with just a yes or a no. We have to be informative!

In Numeracy we are working this week looking at Measures and especially Length. We will find different ways of measuring that don't always include a ruler

Our Wednesday is going to be our most exciting day....the visit to Twycross Zoo. Don't forget to read your letter through remembering warm clothes and your rucksack to put your lunch in. It'll be really exciting to see how many animals we can spot and what new information we learn

In our topic work we will be moving from the seaside to the countryside.


Can you find out what The Countryside Code is and why we use it.

Perhaps you could write some of the rules down and draw some of the examples of what we should be doing. Let's see how many we can find.

We have completed our seaside pictures in the style of Natalie Pascoe, they're on the back wall so pop in and have a look. We took a lot of care to include all the details of the seaside harbour scene

Have a lovely weekend

See you on Monday

Love from Mrs B



WEEK Beginning 30th January

Another week gone and lots of hard work. Not long to go to the holidays now, we thought we'd give you a little glimpse of our balance and control work from our Thursday PE session.

In Science having sorted our animals into their groups and been introduced to the new word of "classification" we are looking more closely at how animals have similarities and differences. Do they use their body parts for the same reasons?

Lily the panda is enjoying her sleepovers with you all as is Violet the turtle! This week sees the conclusion of our Panda research for our non fiction unit of writing. We are hoping that the children can remember all the interesting facts that they have learnt and write a non fiction reprt for us. We are looking for accurate sentences with capital letters and full stops. We are hoping to see some extended sentences with "and" and also some of you using "because" or "so" to add explanation. We've also starting to use different opening words to our sentences like "sometimes" and  "usually"   as this makes it more interesting to the reader and our writing doesn't then read like a long list. Such a lot to remember, we' ll let you know how we do.

We've completed panda paintings this week and they're on the back wall so pop in and have a look.

In Numeracy we have a week looking at fractions, we will be making sure that we understand halves and quarters and use this in relation to numbers as well as shapes


Can you find out what this panda picture means and what the initials WWF stand for? This is going to be part of our Literacy work towards the end of the week.

In our CFL topic work this week we are going to continue looking at the features of the seaside and are going to complete some art work based on pictures by Natalie Pascoe

Have a look at some of her pictures and see if you can spot all the details that make them summertime seaside pictures

Lots to do...have a lovely weekend

See you on Monday ,bright and breezy!

Love from Mrs B


Week Beginning 23rd January



Even though it was really cold at least we didn't have the drizzle so this morning we wrapped up and had some outdoor provision. There was a super police game taking place with lots of arrests, I was beginning to wonder how many would make it back to the classroom.

Literacy continues with our Panda information, this week we are trying to find out any other information and we will be using the i pads for researching. We have a new friend who has joined us in the classroom alongside Violet the Turtle so it's time to think of a name again, see what ideas you can bering me on Monday.


In Numeracy we are going to be subtracting but working with our skill of making a ten first. Lots of practice using the cubes on our grids so we are beginning to understand place value and what our numbers are made up of.

For topic this week we begin to look at features of our land and are goin to introduce the terms PHYSICAL AND HUMAN to the children. We are also going to be taking a look at the seaside and how the land form looks.


I'm sure you've all been to the seaside so can you either bring me a photo of you at the beach doing might be riding a donkey, building a sandcastle, jumping in the waves or walking along the pier. If you want to you could draw me a picture and write a sentence to tell me what you were doing. I'll see if I can find one of me!

 In Science we are going to be grouping animals.....really tricky as there are lots of animals and some tricky group headings to learn.

So much to do.......have a lovely weekend, see you all on Monday

Love from Mrs B


Week Beginning Monday 16th January


We've had a great explorer's Day today to start our new topic called Coast To Coast. Here are a few pictures to show you why we're tired tonight!

Next week we are looking at the United Kingdom and naming some important places. 


Can you find out the names of the four countries in the United Kingdom and what their capital cities are called? We are also going to see if we can spot the island on which we live on the globe, when we see ourselves against all the other countries we seem really small!

In Literacy our panda research continues and we will be writing our accurate sentences about what pandas eat.....some people think they only eat bamboo....

In Numeracy we are looking at addition and seeing how we can make a ten and count on accurately, don't forget to keep practicing counting on in 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's.

For our science this week we have an investigation using our sense of touch, see if you can think of some words that describe how something feels!

In PE we are working with Mr Mosely and learning lots of new balancing and control games to play.

Everyone has bought home a Twycross Zoo visit letter and if it could be filled in and returned to school that would be greatly appreciated. I'm just about back in the land of the living thanks to Class 12 listening carefully and getting on sensibly.

I'm looking forward to next week already, have a lovely weekend, don't get caught in any snow storms!

Lots of love Mrs B



Happy Exploring Year 1!

Week Beginning 9th January

Hello to Class12, I hope you've all had a good end to the week. I'm just about getting my voice back so I'm hoping by Monday I'll be ready to join you back at school. I hope you enjoyed writing about your own adventures in Literacy and labelling the parts of your body in Science. Hopefully you will also have had a session on the bikes this morning

Next week in Literacy we start a unit of work that will take us through to half term on non fiction writing. We are going to be learning all about pandas and finding facts and then writing them clearly.


Can you draw me a picture of a panda and find one fact to start our research off at the beginning of the week

In Numeracy having looked at the days of the week and the months of the year we are goin to see how much we can recall of the o clock times and the half hour times. We will be using clock faces to show them and also drawing the times accurately. Remember the difference between the big and the small hands!

You should also have taken home your two newsletters, the first is for mummy and daddy to tell them about what we are doing this term and the second is the letter to tell you about our....



This starts our new geography topic called "Coast To Coast"

Start to sort out you clothes remember you are exploring so you might need your walking boots and thick socks. You may need a map and a compass and even a magnifying glass! Explorers sometimes need hats even if they are goin to either hot or warm countries...

You should be all ready to go on Wednesday

In Science we are going to learn about how important our senses are

 So have a lovely weekend

See you by the gate on Monday morning

Lots of love

Mrs B




I hope you have had a lovely Christmas break and welcomed in the New Year with some festivities.

I can't believe that we're back to school on Tuesday.

I hope you're ready to get back into the swing of things as we've got lots of new tasks for you to start 2017. This week you'll find out all about our new Geography topic called "Coast To coast"

Literacy will have us practising our sentences and punctuation and in Numeracy we are going to be looking at Time.

In Science we begin a new unit on Humans and Animals

Enjoy your last couple of days...looking forward to seeing you all...big smiles please!

Lots of love

Mrs B