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Spring Term 2015


Have a look in the Science week attachments for more photos.

We are busy doing experiments and predicting all week! We love it!

Look what we made this week - Stonehenge out of biscuits! Then we ate it!

We also looked at the solar eclipse using special glasses as we walked to swimming!

Next week is the last swimming this term and we move to another slot after Easter. We will leave school at 10:15 for a swim 10:30-11:15. 

As we are coming to the end of the Spring term, next week we will finish our topic on the Stone Age and read some picture books based on this era,UG and Stone Age boy. 

The final week will be an exciting science week for the whole school. We will spend all our lessons investigating and talking to parents who work in scientific jobs. If the children have science goggles or lab coats please bring them in so they feel the part!

World Book Day 5th March 2015

Thank you for all the books today, we had fun looking at all the different stories and have swopped books with the 3 Year 3 classes. We have looked at the World book day website and listened to authors telling parts of their stories. I have given the class a sheet about collecting some information about the books they like reading , if  they can return these back to school any time they finish them. I also explained to the class that each Friday three children will have the chance to tell us about a book they have or haven’t enjoyed.

 I will send them home with a sheet to use to help them with their presentation, Sam Rania and Sophia will start next week and Aidan and Christopher have done an example in class that they read today to give the class ideas of what to say.

Thank you for the support you give to reading at home, I am still using the book marks to put stickers on if they have read at home and will make a special certificate for the children when they have filled in one side.    Happy Reading 

Parent's evening will be on Monday 9th March and Tuesday 10th March, 

I look forward to seeing you all at  parent's evening.

Mrs Lloyd


Feb 12th 2015 

We have written our final Spiderwick stories and can't wait for you to read them! We will send them home soon.

26th Jan 2015

We had a brilliant start to the week as we had a visit from Darren from St John's ambulance who spent  two hours with the class. Through role play and listening they learnt how to deal with an emergency and to put a casulty into the recovery position. The children put dressings on partners to control bleeding. It was a very successful morning, the children were really involvedand interested.

They may come home this week and want to practice on you!! Darren has sent a booklet home and did refer to page 10 to show how to use the recovery position.  Do you know the number to call instead of 999 if you go to Europe?  The children know! They all earnt a First aid certificate- Well done Class

If you go to the website there is a game to play and more information about first aid



We have  finished our wonderful paintings and they will look absolutely fantastic!! We can't wait to exhibit them next half term and allow you to purchase them fully framed and presented. Some children have already decided where they are going to hang them at home! More information about this will be with you soon. 

Last week we will began our new topic...Yabba Dabba Doo!



We will find out more about the Flintstones during our topic and question whether they reflect a true stone age family.

We will be looking at a history timeline and finding out how long ago the stone age was.


This week we will be looking at written methods for division including arrays, number lines and grid methods. We will then look at real life problems and solve them using the methods we have learnt. 


We will finish the last chapter of Spiderwick and we can't wait to find out what is is behind the walls! We will start to plans our own chapter and begin to write these upto half term, we will send them home for you to read.


We will continue with some drama and finishing our  letters to the authors. In our grammar sessions we will be using the term fronted adverbials and writing sentences with them in .


This term we will learn about different types of rocks and fossils, learning through practical investigations, making comparisons through observations and drawing conclusions.