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Spring Term


A strange week last week! I hardly saw you and we had lots of tests to do. It leads us nicely in to the final week when we have lots to look forward to however.

The big thing is the trip to Lincoln on Tuesday. The Year 6s had a great time and I am really looking forward to it. The weather looks good and it will bring our Crime and Punishment topic to a fantastic close. As far as I know - it is amazing how out of the loop you can feel after three days out- we are having a geography walk on Wednesday where we will be looking at how the local area's land has been used. It will help bring all our geography work to life.

In maths we are going to be looking at counting in powers of 10 and spotting patterns and in English we are going to continue our poetry work.

On Friday we have an RE day and somewhere we also have to fit in your very well deserved treat afternoon. I suspect it will be either Wednesday or Friday afternoon and I will confirm and send out a letter tomorrow.

Have a good Sunday all. The sun is shining and we should all be outside enjoying it.

Mr. Ellis


Resilience is on my mind this week. How do we cope with challenges. Do we snap or do we bend? Do we face the challenge or do we hide from it? The role of resilience in our learning is massive and so we ALL (yes, me too) need to try and embrace the growth mindset and the belief we can do anything if we persevere. Which reminds me I should go and practise trumpet because I couldn't hit the high notes yesterday!

Well done on earning your treat afternoon. It really is well deserved and it makes me very proud that every adult who comes into our classroom comments on what well behaved children you are. We will have the treat in the last week as next week is a funny one. I am with you on Monday and then will be out of the classroom for the rest of the week. I have planned lots for you to do over the course of the week though.

In maths we are going to have our final push on fractions. The big learning this week is multiplication of fractions by whole numbers. If you are confident with addition of fractions then this shouldn't scare you! Why? What is one way we could describe multiplication that links to addition?

In English we are going to move away from our reports, which I am very much looking forward to reading, and look at some poetry. The poem is a very famous one that links to our topic and one specific area we have already looked at.

It would be great if we could finish our art this week so we can start getting a display ready. They are already looking eye-popping so now we just need to get those bright colours on there.

Have a good weekend all. I am off to the Science fair at Wollaton today. It looks interesting - perhaps I will see some of you there!

Mr. Ellis



Another enjoyable week and it was a real pleasure to talk to all the grown-ups about the great progress you are making.

You have managed to nail the formal tone required for a report. This week we will be developing on that, introducing some grammatical features you can use in your own reports that you will be writing on Thursday and Friday.

Our fraction and percentage work in maths continues with great success. You have shown good understanding of the relationship and next week we will be applying that to finding fractions and percentages of amounts. We will also be looking at mixed numbers and improper fractions. 

You did a fantatstic science investigation and worked really hard on your wrtie-ups. All of you included the kind of features you will need throughout your scientific lives.

Art was fantatstic and next week we will begin our forgeries in earnest. Remember how we will layer to build depth and ensuring we have the contrast between the thick black lines and the bright colours.

On Wednesday I won't be with you as year 5 and 6 teachers will be planning the summer term fun.

Have a great weekend,

Mr. Ellis






There is almost too much going on in school at the moment. Space talks, world book days and poet visits meant we had another very exciting week in Class 3.

The Space Talk with Colin Stuart was fascinating and you had some fantastic questions. You also learnt that we have been misinforming you about the lunar cycle! It just goes to show that we shouldn't take information as fact without checking it critically. 

World Book Day was great and I really loved your creative costumes. A love of reading is so important and as I said at the start of the year, it has been shown that children who read for pleasure do better in ALL school subjects. So find a book and get stuck into it.

Unfortunately I missed most of our poet visit but it sounded fantastic. What impressed me most was the behaviour of Class 3 who despite being worked up into a frenzy settled down amazingly in the afternoon and managed to put together a timeline of crime and punishment and finish the highwaymen trailers. I'll upload them as soon as I have edited them together.

Next week is relatively calm in comparison.

In maths we are continuing to make connections between fractions and decimals and we will introduce percentages. If 100% is the whole then what fractions and decimals could you make with parts of that 100? What would 50% be as a fraction and a decimal?

English will see us looking at non-chronological reports. Style is again going to be important here - what type of language will you be using? What other features will be important for your writing?

We also have a science investigation - think about thermal conductors and insulators and how you could use them in different situations. In computing we will begin the filming and maybe some editing of our clips and we will be moving on to some geography.

As well as all that we have parent consultations where I get to way lyrical about learning and behaviour and we finish the week with the school disco.

Have a great Sunday,

Mr. Ellis


What a busy week. It was only four days and we managed to fit in so much.

Great reading skills with our favourite books, fantastic fraction work, movie making skills showing off our understanding of the highwaymen and brilliant evaluation of our artist.

Next week promises to be even busier. In English we will continue using our reading skills and in maths our fraction adventure continues with us comparing and ordering fractions of with different denominators before moving on to an understanding of thousandths. It's just place value - if you understand 10ths and hundredths you have nothing to worry about. Remember, for 0.2 I see zero point two, I say zero point two and I think two tenths.

We will have a topic lesson this week that will relate to our talk on Friday (see picture below) and bring crime and punishment up to date. We will also hopefully have a go at forging our artist Jon Burgerman and will get back into our science.

We have a few different things to look forward to next week as well. On Wednesday we have a talk from a space author Colin Stuart (See his website here - which should be fantastic. On Thursday we have world book day which involves my absolute favourite thing - dressing up. I am sure all your grown-ups share my enthusiasm for this. I do look forward to seeing your creations though! It will be a day when we focus all morning on the joy of books which can't be a bad thing. Then on Friday we have a visit from a poet, Paul Cookson, who will be giving us a talk about poetry.

Somehow, amongst all this, we will have to fit in our normal learning as well. If anyone can do it, Class 3 can! I was so happy when I had all the grown-ups who were with you on Thursday commenting on your impeccable behaviour. You should feel very proud of yourselves.

I set Mathletics homework on Wednesday - sorry it was late and I forgot to let you know. I have marked all the homework books I have received - they will be going home and can be continued with on an optional basis. I suspect they are a really useful practise exercise for us.

Don't forget to book your parent consultation slots. It is a new system and so there may be some issues but we are confident when it is up and running it will be a better system for all.

Have a good Sunday and see you tomorrow,

Mr. Ellis