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Spring News 2018

Week commencing 26.3.18

Remember the Easter holidays starts on Friday this week so Thursday will be our last day.

What a great Spring Term we have all had. We have worked so hard we all deserve a well earned rest. Let's hope the sun shines and there is no more snow so that we can all get out and about and enjoy ourselves.

This week -

Numeracy - We will looking at different mental strategies and considering different and  most efficient ways of finding answers.

Literacy - We will be finishing off our adverts about Nottingham.

RE - On Tuesday we will be having an RE day where we will be finding out about the Christian festival of Easter.

Art - On Thursday we will have a whole morning to finish our collages and to put them altogether to make one big picture.

We also need to find our best work to put in our Learning Journeys.

Last Week -

We had a fabulous week in Numeracy and really developed our reasoning skills further.

We had a great day on Thursday starting with learning all about water in assembly and how we can save it. Didn't we all look great in blue!

We managed to make some fantastic creatures out of toilet rolls and we all had great fun doing it (even though we made a mess!)


Week commencing 19.3.18

This week -

Numeracy - We will be trying to master equivalent fractions and we will have a couple of days of reasoning where we will be trying to convince our class that not only do we know how to work something out but that we can also say why it must be correct.

Literacy- We will be completing a reading task and developing further our work on adverts. This time we will be persuading people to come and visit Nottingham landmarks.

Art- On Thursday we will be taking part in Blue for a loo day and getting creative with toilet rolls! I wonder what we will be making? In the afternoon we will have a visitor in class who will tell us all sorts of wonderful things about water.

Swimming will be as normal

Last week- Goodness we worked hard this week. We are striding ahead with fractions and are getting to grips with equivalences.

We have made our outlines of a section from a picture of somewhere in the UK and we will begin to collage them.

Week Commencing 13.3.18

This week -

Literacy- We will continue to perfect our persuasive writing and on Wednesday we will be doing an independent write to show off all the great things we have been learning.

Numeracy- We will continue with fractions, finding a fraction of a set of objects i.e 1/5 of 20. The most important thing you will need is to know your times tables. We will be finding equivalent fractions firstly by drawing diagrams and then when we are confident with that we will be using multiplication. Again you will need to be confident with your times tables! By the end of the week we will be moving on to comparing fractions.

Geography; How has Britain become a multi-cultural society?

Art- Planning a collage. 

You will have Mrs Tarry on Friday as Mrs Thompson and I  are planning for next term. You are in for a real treat - there is a great new topic coming!

Last week -

What a great week we had and it was especially nice on Friday when we finally had World Book day. What a lot of effort we all went to to get dressed up as our favourite book characters - we all looked amazing. Well done to everyone.



We learnt lots in numeracy - solving problems using tenths and writing tenths as decimals. Wow -we are such great mathematicians in this class.

Swimming was great and the sun was shining unlike last week when we arrived in a blizzard - what fabulous swimmers we all are!

Week commencing 12.02.18

REMEMBER- Consent Forms for wearing goggles when we go swimming.

Swimming Information Booklet for parents in SPRING RESOURCE

Maths- problem solving with time. This will include calendars and duration of time. We have worked hard on time over the past few weeks and we are becoming quite confident.

Literacy- We will continue our character description writing using extracts from James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

RE- We will be looking at prayer with a focus on why and how Muslims pray.

Science - We will be conducting more experiments with different types of magnets.

Our Geography topic is going very well and we will be making sure all work so far is up to date before half term.  

Half way through Year3 - Wow!

What alot we have learnt and what alot of great homework we have had in already this Spring Half Term. The cakes have been especially delicious, not to mention the haggis,neeps and tatties we tried. A big round of applause to you all for your continued effort and enthusiasm.

Last week

We had a great week last week particularly  with our writing focus.

Our special mentions assembly on Friday gave us  a chance to show off all the different types of writing we had done this year so far. Everyone played their part beautifully and we wowed our audience with 'Strictly Come Writing'.

In Science we had another great afternoon  using magnets and in DT we made some bridges out of food. Yes food! We came up with some ingenious ideas and ways of making our bridges stable. We made alot of mess but had a great time and learnt lots about different types of bridges

Well done Class 3W you were great!

Welcome to Class 3W

Happy New Year to you all

Welcome back after the Christmas break . I hope you all had an enjoyable and peaceful  time with family and friends.

Firstly thank you to everyone for my lovely presents. I enjoyed opening them on Christmas morning. You have all been so very kind.

Week Commencing 08.01.18

The Week Ahead...

Maths- We are starting our work on multiplication. This first week is about KNOWING our 3, 4 and 8 times tables off by heart. Make sure you learn them!

Literacy- We are starting to read a novel called SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES and looking in closer detail at the story. We are all going to love this fantasy story which is full of fairies and other strange things.

We are not having a topic lesson this first week as we are  taking time to get back into learning and reflecting on what we did well last term - and didn't we do alot. We were amazing!

 We will be setting ourselves new goals.

Science - our topic for this term is forces and magnetism. We will start this week  looking at friction by experimenting with jelly. It could get messy!

I am looking forward to seeing you all back safe and sound and seeing what we can all do in this Spring Term.