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Spring News 2018

Thursday 29th March

Another term done! 2/3 of the way through year 3! What a fabulous term with a lot on. You have made, eaten, drawn, written and calculated! Lots of fantastic work showing what great learners you are. Here is to an exciting new topic.

You have all been given a slip that shows what you need to dress up as on Tuesday 17th April. Please do not change as we would like an even number of Celts and Romans. 

We also have treat afternoon first week back on FRIDAY 20TH. You have decided that you want to build DENS and sit inside and play a game with friends. Bring a blanket/duvet cover/pillow and something to play with. No electronics or lego please!

Swimming rota is attached in resources- If parents are free on any of the sessions where there are only 3 observers and could help, please let us know.

HOMEWORK- MATHS REASONING PAPER. Have a go and then get someone to mark it at home and then have a go at doing corrections. PLEASE,PLEASE have a go at learning your times tables- a little everyday will help- you can just sing/chant them to yourself for a few minutes. No spelling homework so you can focus on TIMESTABLES!



Hope you are having a lovely weekend. I have just had a wander into town and it really nice not to have to wear my hat, gloves and scarf! Spring is coming :)

Easter holidays are nearly here- 2/3 of year 3 done! How hast has that gone!

Next week is a mixture of things. Monday os a normal day. Maths looking at efficient mental calculation strategies. 

Tuesday we will be learning about the importance of the Easter Story.

Wednesday morning we will spend making our collages, we may as will make mess once and then clear it up! Afternoon swimming as usual.

Thursday is PE and music as normal but we have lots of Geography and Literacy work we need to finish off so that we can start the new term fresh!

Don't forget to log onto TTRockstars. As Mr Ellis told us in assembly on Friday practising EVERYDAY will help us learn times tables. That is what Muhammad does and why he is 3rd on the leaderboard for the whole school. I am going to have a go and try and beat Mr Ellis' score!

Have a fab weekend everyone.

Mrs T x


Oh no it's snowing again! Hope you are wrapped up warm if your out or watching it through the window like I am, that's the best way I think.

Next week you have Mrs Hazelden Monday to Wednesday as I am off to Derbyshire for 3 days with 4B! In this snow! I will be back for Thursday for BLUE FOR LOO fundraising activities. You can wear blue coloured clothes rather than uniform then. 

Other things happening next week;

Literacy- a reading task and more advert work. This time you will be persuading people to come and visit Nottingham landmarks.

Numeracy- Last few days on Fractions. We will be going over equivalent fractions ans spotting the odd one out as well as drawing equivalent fractions. 

Art- starting our landscape collages

We will be doing creative activities on Thursday about Toilet Twinning rather than geography. 

Swimming as normal next week but with Mrs Hazelden. 

Have a fabulous weekend all and see you next week.

Mrs T


It was great to catch up with your parent's last week and tell them how much learning you have done. I think they were all very surprised and pleased about how much work you had in your books!

Next week;

Literacy- Persuasive posters finished and then some independnet descriptive writing.

Numeracy- Fractions- finding a fraction of a set of objects i.e 1/5 of 20. You have to know your times tables! Then onto finding equivalent fractions and comparing fractions- which is bigger 1/6 or 1/7?

Geography; How has Britain become a multi-cultural society?

Art- Planning a collage. 

You have Mrs Blakemore on Friday as Mrs Hazelden and I are planning for next term, what is your new topic going to be? ;)

Have a good week

Mrs T


Hope you have enjoyed the snow! There has been so much of it- perfect for playing in. Well done on Wednesday at swimming. we were sensible and efficent and behaviour was fab. The routine will be the same every Wednesday. 

Next week

Literacy- you will be making your own adverts for toys- poster and a jingle which we will record! Do you know how to use persuasive adjectives, slogans, exaggeration,rhetorical questions to get someone to NOT buy a toy?

Maths- Fractions. Count up and down in tenths. Recognise that tenths arise from dividing an object into 10 equal parts. Recognise and use fractions as numbers: unit fractions and non-unit fractions with small denominators. Compare and order unit fractions, and fractions with the same denominators. Find fractions of a set of objects and quantities

Geography-Understand how and why UK cities have grown over time.

Art- work with paper in different ways. How to create texture and tones with paper ready for collages!  

Enjoy the weekend and I will see you on Monday!!



Half a year done! We have had a great time marking homework:) Look at what we marked this week...

NEXT HALF TERM- We are investigating Fractions. I have put the Mathletics Booklet in the resources if you want to start looking at it first so when we come to learning in class, you feel more confident!

Literacy- Adverts. Have a look at toy adverts on the TV. Who are they aimed at? How do they try to sell them? What language do they use?

First week back - INSET on Monday, Paul Cookson Poet AND swimming on Wednesday and World Book day on Thursday. I am on a course so you will be sharing your favourite books with Mrs Hazelden. 

What a great week to look foward to.

Have a relaxing and enjoyable half term whatever you are doing!

Mrs T





Next week

Maths- problem solving with time. This will include calendars and duration of time. I have sent home  Time Booklets with some of you. Please practise becoming accurate with telling the time.

Literacy- More character descrptions using extracts from James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

RE- Prayer. What does it mean to pray? Why do Muslims pray in various ways? What can prayers and meditations help us to reflect on?

As it is the last week of half term we will ensure our Geography work is up to date. 

Half way through Year3 - Wow! Lets have a fantastic end to the first half by ensuring our listening and following instructions are excellent!!



SORRY- Forgot to bring iPad home to upload photos of  FOOD BRIDGES! A  messy but worthwhile session. We all went for building a suspension bridge and then, halfway through lesson, re-evaluated that a beam bridge may be easier!

In maths we worked VERY HARD to learn to tell the time to the NEAREST MINUTE. You must keep practising at home minutes past as well as minutes to the hour. 

Literacy ended with us performing a poem as a class to 3W. That was fun. We had to think about gestures, facial expressions as well as intonation, pace and rhythm of our voices.

Our Geography work involved looking at maps this week and I think some of you could have done that for the whole hour! We are a little confused with locational knowledge, (Is America in the UK Ms Thompson?) The best way to improve is just look at maps.  There are some good maps in the back of you planner, just sit and have a look at them, try and find places where you may have family, been to on holiday etc.

NEXT WEEK; Maths- Use reasoning to solve time problems. Tell the time from a clock using Roman numerals to the nearest minute. Record and compare time in terms of seconds, minutes and hours. Compare duration of events.  

Literacy; Descriptive writing introducing a character. Using adjectives and verbs to describe a person. Think of some great words that could be used instead of the 'happy, sad tall, thin' etc

DT- Evaluating our Food Bridges. How well did we do? Did we choose the right properties of the food to reflect properties of a bridge.

Geography- Where does UK food come from?

Mrs T X



Preview of week

Maths-Time. We have to be able to tell the time to the nearest minute this week, know the difference between am and pm, recognise analogue and digital time. We end the week by looking at the 24hour clock.

Literacy- Narrative Poetry.   Listen to and discuss  a wide range of fiction, poetry, plays, non-fiction and reference books or textbooks. Prepare poems and play scripts to read aloud and to perform, showing understanding through intonation, tone, volume and action. Discuss words and phrases that capture the reader’s interest and imagination. Recognise some different forms of poetry (e.g. free verse, narrative poetry.

Geography- Looking at the landscapes of the UK both physical and human

DT- Building a bridge from foodstuff!

I will post some pictures up this week of the Town Mouse and Country Mouse show. It was a great introduction to our UK topic!

Mrs T X


We ended the week with 'Tasty Friday', what a treat! Lots of yummy homework. 5 children wrote out recipes for welsh cakes (2 lots), oatcakes, scones and a Victoria sponge. And then made them as well! Thank you to you all for handing in homework on time. Remember to keep on top of mathletics too. Some of you are behind a few weeks, I set 2 or 3 activities and some of you have 7 to do! It is important that you practice the objectives we have been working on in class. Don't forget there is also the ebook to go alongside if you feel you want more practice. It's in the year 3 spring resources.

Tasting homework... 

Next week;

Maths- moving on to formal expanded method of multiplication and then short method (hopefully) We will also be dividing TU by 2/3/4/5/8/10 ie 56 divided by 4

Image result for expanded method multiplication        

Literacy; Finishing reading Spiderwick and creating our own creature to put in field guide.

Topic; What is the difference between UK and Great Britain? Lots of map work.

DT; Finding out how 3 main types of bridges work. Test materials to find most suitable for a purpose.

I have meetings all day on Wednesday so you will have another teacher. 

Have a lovely weekend all- play safe in the snow!

Mrs T x



A good start to the new year Class 3TH. We really got into singing our 3, 4 and 8 times tables. A fabulous way of learning them. It is very important that we know these tables fluently and out of order in year 3. I will test you when you are ready verbally and if you are fluent you will get a superstar! But remember I said that I would use the facts in different way- How many 3's make 12? How many 3's can be divided into 12 as well as straight multiplication facts. This way to show you really know them! I have set              TT rockstars so that the GARAGE/ARENA area is just testing you on these tables. Mathletics is also about these tables this week. Don't forgot your new UK based homework tasks to complete as well!

Next week- Maths. Mental multiplication using different strategies and applying to problems.

Vocabulary- Calculation Calculate Mental arithmetic Multiplication table, Times table

Multiply, Multiplication, Times, Product Commutative Divide, Division Inverse Operation


Literacy - Spiderwick Chronicles. We will be reading Chapter 4-6. We will go over how to punctuate speech, using evidence from text and inference skills to add to character.

DT- Now that you have had a go at making a tower- We will apply knowledge of how to strengthen, reinforce and stiffen materials and produce a plan and explain it to others.

Topic- A quick activity to get you into looking at maps! 

Have a fabulous weekend.

Mrs T x

Happy New Year.

First post of 2018! Hope you are all enjoying your holiday still. Did Father Christmas visit you? Did you look after your family and help out like we discussed? Families are important especially those adults that made sure that you had a great time. Remember to thank them!


Maths- We are starting our work on multiplication. First week is KNOWING our 3, 4 and 8 times tables off by heart. Practice, practice. practice!!!

Literacy- We are starting to read a novel called SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES and looking at closer detail at the story.

We are not having a topic lesson this first week- taking time to get back into learning and reflecting on what we did well last term personally and what we need to do to improve this term.

Have a lovely Sunday, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow

Mrs T x



Useful resources can be found in the Year 3 Autumn Resources folder.