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Spring 2015


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No April Fools here today!  This week for we are celebrating Science Week and being 'super scientists!'  There are a whole range of activities and experiments going on in FS this week- some provided by parents and some by school including making our own volcano explode, changing materials whilst making Easter nests, predicting whether peeled and unpeeled satsumas float (try it!) using a hand x- ray machine to look for germs and much more! All of this was kicked off by Mad Science coming into school for a special assembly. Phew!

Our chicks are going to their new home at the end of today.  We will be sad to see them go but they are more than ready for a new space- they are growing at an amazing rate and are already developing their feathers!

Thanks for a great term everyone.  Have a happy and safe holiday and we'll look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday 20th April.


The Foundation Stage team


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Wow!  It is hard to believe we are nearly at the end of the Spring term already! Speaking of time, we are using lots of time words this week in numeracy to help us order the sequence of the day, such as days of the week, morning, evening, night time etc.  It is harder than it sounds- many of our children get muddled up with the names and times of day!  Some children are also ready to go on to telling the time, learning o'clocks and half- past the hour.

In literacy we are reading a chapter book 'Dinosaur Diary' to tie in with time.  The children are feeling very grown- up reading chapters and having to remember the story for the next day.

Our chicks are getting bigger every day and are beginning to grow feathers - come and see them.  We are handling them for the 1st time from this afternoon- ask your child what happens!

Next week is Science Week in school.  We will be participating in lots of experiments....more details next week!


The Foundation Team 

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Good news!  Today is hatching day and 3 of our eggs have hatched- we have 2 brown chicks and 1 yellow one so far!  No movement from the other eggs but fingers crossed they  hatch.  If not, we feel very excited (eggsited)  to have our 3.  Feel free to come and see them.  

In other news, we are practising all our new digraphs and trigraphs inphonics. Er, ur and ure are proving very tricky so if you come across them in books at home please point them out to your child!  We are continuing to write our own dinosaur information books and this week will be thinking about the reasons why dinosaurs may have become extinct.  The children have been coming up with some interesting reasons such as a meteorite hitting Earth or an Ice Age, which the children discussed on the Dinosaur Dome visit day.

In numercy this week we are using ordinal numbers (1st,2nd,3rd etc) and are holding races for the children to work out what positions they come in the race (including egg and spoon, of course!)  See if your child can order things correctly at home!

Thank you to everyone who came to Parent's Evening, it was so beneficial to discuss your child's learning and progress with you.  Thank you for all the positive comments we had too!


The Foundation Stage Team


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What a busy week!  The children have been writing reports about the Dinosaur Dome visit and are even moving on to making their own informatin books about dinosaurs!  They are also enjoying exploring our dinosaur cave role play areas, imagining that they are archaeologists looking for fossils.  Thank you to the children who have brought in information books on dinosaurs and even  their own fossil collections!  Our children have really impressed us with their dinosaur knowledge and have been discussing their own theories on how dinosaurs became extinct.

The chick countdown continues, with only 7 days left until hatching day.  Fingers crossed!

Thank you to all those who came prepared for the book swap last week to celebrate World Book Day.  It was so successful we are now thinking about holding the occasion again!  The older children from KS2 came to read with us too and again, it was greatly enjoyed by everyone.  what a fun way to celebrate books and reading.

We are coming to the end of introducing Phase 3  digraphs and are beginning to learn about trigraphs (concentrating on igh, ear, air)  We will be doing lots of reading and writing prctise over the next few weeks to reinforce all this new learning.  The children have enjoyed being 'digraph detectives' looking at print around the classroom- see if they can play it at home!

We have enjoyed seeing many of our parents for parents evening and sharing information about your child's learning.  Thank you for your support in this.


The Foundation Stage Team 



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The Dinosaur Dome visit happened this Monday!  We hope your child came home and told you all about it- they all looked at lots of exciting things!  If you haven't yet made your voluntary contribution of £10, it is not too late.

This week we are writing reports on the Dome visit and using non- fiction books to find out information about different dinosaurs.  The children are learning how to find out facts and use contents and index pages.  If your child has some dinosaur information books, they could show you how well they can find out information!

Our thoughts are also turning to Mother's Day.  You might find some mysterious things coming home in book bags over the next 2 weeks ready for the special day.  Shhh, no peeping!

We are learning about 3D shapes this week and using different boxes and construction kits to make dinosaurs.  Could your child find a cylinder, a cube and a sphere at home?

We look forward to seeing many of you at the Parents Evenings next week.


The Foundation Stage Team


Welcome back everyone, we hope you all had a fab half- term!  The children have been telling us about lots of exciting activities and travels!

The children have come back raring to go and keen to learn.  We are doing one of our most popular and successful topics this half- term- DINOSAURS!  The children love learning lots about the different dinosaurs (and learning long, complicated names for them) and their habitats.  We are starting this week with 'Dinosaur Roar' looking at rhyming words- and of course there will be lots of dinosaur role play and fossil hunting!  Next week we are really looking forward to the Dinosaur Dome coming to visit us.  Thank you for all your financial contributions so far towards this.

The egg incubator arrived today!  We will be watching it carefully and the eggs will hatch anytime from day 21.  The countdown starts here.  If anyone is interested in keeping the chicks afterwards, please come and speak to us about it.  The egg provider is happy for them to go to elsewhere as long as the chicks can be provided with a good home.

Next week is also the art exhibition week.  Look out for your child's invitation to you, it tells you when you can come to the hall with your child to view their art work.

This half- term is already shaping up to be an eggs-iting one!

The Foundation Stage Team




Sorry for the delay in updating our web page- I have had a few issues with my computer for the last two weeks!  

The children have been doing some amazing writing during the last fortnight.  First of all they all wrote a letter to the Giant from 'The Smartest Giant in Town' asking him for an item of clothing.  Mrs. Shaw kindly posted the letters to the Giant and he wrote back - there was much excitement!  

Next, after reading 'The Snail and the Whale' the children all wrote a postcard   from their chosen destination from around the world.  We used the globe, maps and atlases to help us choose- some children went as far as China!  The activity also led to some lovely discussions about where children have been on their holidays- it has put us all in the holiday mood!

This week we are writing a book review of our favourite Julia Donaldson book- the children have been giving some very thoughtful answers.  Ask your child which book they have chosen and why!

Don't forget (as if you could!) it is half- term next week.  When we get back we will be introducing our new topic and waiting impatiently for the arrival of our incubator and chick- eggs!  We can't wait!  Fingers crossed they all hatch.  You are welcome to come and have a look at them both before and after hatching.  Please keep your donations coming in for the incubator and Dinosaur Dome- these activities really help to bring learing to life and your child benefits greatly.

Have a great half- term whatever you are doing, and stay safe everyone.  See you back on Tuesday after the Inset Day.

Happy Holidays,

The Foundation Stage Team  


Julia Donaldson- 21.1.15

A-ha, a-ho, it's The Gruffalo!  We are really excited to be starting our first ever topic on the author Julia Donaldson!  This week we are  looking at the book 'The Gruffalo,' doing lots of activities such as making story boxes, finger puppets and masks to create our own versions of the story in our Gruffalo caves.  We will also be writng descriptions of the Gruffalo and using the story to practise using positional language words such as under, beneath, over, next to, near, far and so on as he goes on his journey through the woods.  

The children are learning Phase 3 sounds- this week looking at z and zz as well as recapping ll,ff,ck.  We are also matching capital letters with their lower- case phonic sounds.  See if your child can do it at home!.

Remember, this Friday is Treat Day for both classes- children have voted for non uniform, bringing in a toy and a snack to eat while they watch a DVD in the afternoon.  Well done everyone for earning your next Treat Day already! 

Again, please can we remind everyone to bring reading diaries in EVERY DAY so that staff can record individual reading and guided reading.  Lots of children are still leaving them at home.  They don't weigh alot!!!

Thanks everyone- stay safe in this cold, wintry weather.


The Foundation Stage Team



What a fab start back!  The children have all come back raring to go and ready to learn.  They  are feeling very proud of themselves for being so grown- up and knowing all the routines and expectations of the school day now, so we can really concentrate on making lots of progress in learning this term.  We have been writing about what we did at Christmas, and the homework sheets look GREAT- thank you for all the hard work you did on these during the hols.  This week we are concentrating on the character from the Oxfor reading tree scheme.  The children are enjoying the reading books both individually and in guided reading!  Please can you make sure your child has their book and reading diary in their bag EVERY day so that we can stamp their books on their guided reading day.

Both classes, along with the whole of school, have been preparing paintings which will be going on display in an art exhibition in the hall at a later date.  The  theme is based on the poem ' I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud'.  Ask your child if they can remember any of the poem! 

Class 15 are busy preparing for their work assembly this coming Friday.  This is not an assembly for parents to attend, but an opportunity for the class to show their work and learning to the rest of school.  Very exciting!

Don't forget in this wintry weather to dress your child warmly.  Many children are struggling with zips- please can you encourage them have a go by themselves? Of course we will help anyone that needs it, but it is helpful for everyone if the children can do this independently!

Have a good week!

The Foundation Team



Welcome Back!



 HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We hope this finds all our families and friends happy and healthy and feeling rested after the holidays.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone and finding out what you have all been up to over the holidays (especially in the SNOW!) Don't forget to bring the homework in to give us a 'snapshot' of your holidays!  

Our new topic this half- term is all about books- looking especially at the author Julia Donaldson.  We are really looking forward to exploring her works and clever rhymes.  watch out for our pamphlet all about the teaching and learning going on this term in your child's book bag over the next week.  

Before we get started on this topic we will be helping the children to settle back in- don't worry if your child has a few 'wobbles' coming back to school- they have been at home for 2 weeks after all!  It won't take long to get back into the swing of things and we hope most children are raring to go.  We will be continuing our Phase 3 letters and sounds work, practising recognising and using numbers to 20 and writing about our Christmas holidays.  What a busy start back!  Don't forget PE kits please and making sure that your child is dressed whatever weather January brings us.

Thank you- and again, Happy New Year!

The Foundation Team