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Spring 2015

Spring 2

Happy Easter Class 14! 

What a fantastic week we have had to end the term- full of Science! I think we have all become scientists! Wasn't it fun?! What was your favourite investigation? 

Who enjoyed Dr Dan making the Elephants Toothpaste?!

Well done for working so hard this term! I am very impressed with you! 

Enjoy your break with your family! 


Miss Warren


Week Beginning 20th March 2015

What another busy week we have had Class 14... Our very own RE day with Rev Hodder and Suzanne, a super day on the High Street and the library. Well done for walking so nicely down to the park on Wednesday. You were so well behaved and followed instructions brilliantly. Well done!! 

This week is going to be an exciting week beacuse it's SCIENCE WEEK!

What Does A Scientist Look Like?

Let's Be Scientists!!! This week, the whole school, will be learning about Science! It's going to be so exciting!! I cannot wait!!!

Our Preview: This weeks is going to FANTASTIC!! 

Monday: Magical Marshmellows

Tuesday: How to Catch a Rainbow

Wednesday: Caterpillar Thriller

Thursday: Lots of mini investigations/ Science Special Assesmbly

Friday: Easter Holiday Begins!

Have a super weekend!


Miss Warren



Week Beginning 23rd March 2015

I am so impressed with your learning and behaviour this week Class 14. A BIG well done from me!! 

What a busy week we have had, with our treat afternoon, trip to Asda and then being able to look at the solar eclipse. What a great way to view the solar eclipse through the big telescope on the KS2 yard. Well done for all being patient and waiting your turn. Now you can all explain what was happening high up in the sky with the sun and the moon. 

Wasn't Asda really good too?! I really enjoyed the 'behind the scene tour'. Your behaviour once again was super- I am very impressed!

Don't forget our visit to the park next Wednesday 25th March. Fingers crossed it won't rain and we can complete our High Street Quiz and after the library visit have a play on the park. 

This week's preview:

Speliings: dear/hear/beard/near/year/bear/pear/wear

Monday: RE Day

Tuesday: Music/ Indoor PE/ Numeracy

Wednesday: PARK VISIT

Thursday: Literacy/ spellings/ science

Friday: ICT/ Golden time/ Special Mentions

Don't forget it's class photos on Monday! Get your smiles ready!

I hope you have a super duper weekend- with lots of rest!


Miss Warren


Week Beginning 16th March 2015

Class 14, I am so impressed with your learning this week. You have worked so hardwith your addition and subtraction and your city poems!! A big pat on the back. Keep it up!!!

Did you enjoy Red Nose Day?! It was nice to see some of your faces painted!




It was nice to see all your parents to tell them how brilliant you all are and how well you are doing with your learning! Well done Class 14!

Don't forget our treat afternoon on Wednesday 18th March! Wear your own clothes. Also, our trip to Asda Thursday 19th March (school uniform)! We will be leaving school just before 10.30 am!

Spellings for this week: air/fair/pair/hair/chair

Monday: Problem solving/ Singing

Tuesday: Music/ PE/ Unaided Write

Wednesday: Fantasy stories/ Treat Afternoon

Thursday: ASDA TRIP/ Spellings

Friday: Special Mention Assembly/ICT

Remember on Friday the eclipse will be happening so it might be a little dull!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!!


Miss Warren



Spring 2

Week Beginning 9th March 2015

WOW, Class 14 you have created some amazing non-fiction books all about The Brothers Grimm! I am so impressed with you! You will have the chance to show your Mums and Dads on Monday and Tuesday, when I get to tell them all about your super learning!! 

Can you remember the year they published their first book? What were some of the fairytales called they wrote? Can you remember the German word for fairytale?

Wasn't the Art Exhibition fab!? It was brilliant to see all your super art work on display- WELL DONE!!

Did you enjoy World Book Day swapping your books? 

This weeks spellings are: saw/draw/crawl/ yawn

Literacy focus: Poetry

Numeracy focus: Addition and Subtraction

Monday: City poemsSinging/ Outdoor PE

Tuesday: Music/ Indoor PE

Wednesday: Creating our own city poems/ Coast to Coast

Thursday: Science Investigation/ Spellings

Friday: Big Solve/ ICT/ Special Mentions

I hope you all have a super weekend and I look forward to seeing your Mums and Dads next week!


Miss Warren


Mums and Dads- another Asda letter has been sent home with a permission slip now attached. If you can send that back next week I can let you know timings for the morning of the trip. 

Spring 2

Week Beginning 2nd March 2015

Who can remember where William Shakespeare was born? What year was he born?

Class have been FAB this week! What a fantastic start to the term!! We have done so much learning in just 4 days- well done! I'm looking forward to next week already! It was nice seeing a few of you at the school disco...dancing away!!

Literacy focus: Writing our own non-fiction books

Numeracy focus: Place value...Can you order numbers correctly?

Monday: Numeracy/Singing/ Outdoor PE

Tuesday: Music/ Indoor PE/ Non-fiction books

Wednesday: Coast to Coast

Thursday: Science/ Spellings

Friday: Big Write/ ICT/ Special Mentions

I hope you have a super weekend!


Miss Warren


Parents: Thank you so much for your prompt response to Parent Consultation times. I am looking forward to sharing your child's progress with you. Also, please find the new spellings list for Spring 2.


Class 14... you have worked so well this half term. I am so impressed with your hard work and effort you have put into everthing! Well done! Keep it up!! 

Don't forget to practise your spellings over half term:


I hope you have a fab break with your family with lots of playing, reading and chill time!


Miss Warren


Don't forget Monday 23rd February is an INSET Day so I will see you Tuesday 24th February!

Week Beginning 9th February 2015

Week 6

Spellings this week are:


Class 14 you have worked so hard this week! Especially on arrays and A Midsummer Night's Dream. I am very impressed!! Your listening has definitely improved too- well done! Let's see how many marbles we can get this week?! Come on Class 14- WOW me!

Next week is going to be an exciting week!

Literacy focus: Dream catchers/ Character profiles (ready for a special display all about A Midsummer Night's Dream)

Numeracy focus: Repeated addition and arrays as a multiplication strategy

Monday: Music concert/ Numeracy/ PE

Tuesday: Music/ Indoor PE/ Dream catchers

Wednesday: Dream catchers/ character profiles/ arrays

Thursday: Character profiles/ Science/ Spellings

Friday: Special Mentions- Last day of half term!! Show and Tell.

I hope you all have a fab weekend!!


Miss Warren


Week Beginning 2nd February 2015

What a busy week Class 14?! You have worked really hard- so well done!!! But we now need to keep it up!

What a fun time we had playing in the snow towards the end of the week! 

Literacy focus: Classic Tales- A Midsummer Night's Dream...continued

Numeracy focus: groups of 3 and groups of 4

Our Preview:

Spellings for this week: own/blow/snow/grow/how/you

Remember our spelling quiz is on Thursday's. 

Monday: Unaided writing/ Singing/ Outdoor PE - Miss Gaffney PM

Tuesday: Indoor PE/ Arrays/ A Midsummer Night's Dream

Wednesday: Cfl- countryside codeLibrary Visit

Thursday: Spellings/ Science

Friday: A Midsummer Night's Dream/ Special Mentions- Miss Gaffney AM

Please remember to bring your bookbags to school everyday. 

Hope you all have a fab weekend!


Miss Warren


Week Beginning 26th January 2015

Well done Class 14- some fantastic learning this week. We still need to listen carefully. Let's keep up the super work!

Literacy focus: Classic Tales- A Midsummer Night's Dream

The following learning outcomes are expected:

1. The children can participate in discussion about what is read to them, taking in turns and listening to what others say.

2. To write sentences.

Numeracy focus: Fractions- halves and quarters

This week's spellings: now/how/brown/down/town/his/has

Our Preview:

Monday: Big Write/ Singing/ Outdoor PE

Tuesday: Music/ PE/ Fractions

Wednesday: A Midsummer Night's Dream/ Coast to Coast/ Fractions

Thursday: Spellings/ Science/ Library Visit

Friday: A Midsummer Night's Dream/ Special Mentions

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Miss Warren



Week Beginning 19th January 2015

Class 14...what a busy but fab week we have had! I thought you were all brilliant as 'Explorers'- and you had lots of fun in the hall! Well done! Can you remember the 4 main areas we will be looking and learning about?  


I still think you can listen more, you were a little fussy at times this week- so let's be brilliant!! 

Did you enjoy the Magic Porridge Pot? Can anyone tell me another Classic Tale? 

Literacy focus: Class Tales- The Elves and the Shoemaker

Numeracy focus: Multiplication and Division 

This week's spellings: turn/hurt/church/burst/Thursday/were/was

Monday: Division/ Singing/ Outdoor PE

Tuesday: Music/ PE/ Role Play

Wednesday: Multiplication/ CFL- Seaside

Thursday: Multiplication/ Spellings/ Science

Friday: Big Solve/ Special Mentions

Hope you have a lovely weekend! 


Miss Warren


Week Beginning 12th January 2015 

Class 14 what a fab week back you have had. You have all worked so hard this week on instructions, money and your new targets for Spring Term. Keep it up!! Your wild flower art pictures look fantastic! 

Literacy focus: Classic Tales- The Porridge Pot/ Sentence structure

Numeracy focus: Doubling

This week's spellings: girl, bird, shirt, first, third, said, are

Monday: Numeracy/ Singing/ Outdoor PE

Tuesday: Music/ PE/ Literacy

Wednesday: Literacy/ Numeracy/ Science- Miss Gaffney all day

Thursday: Spellings/ Big Write/ Art

Friday: Our new topic launch!!

I hope you have a super weekend!


Miss Warren


Week Beginning 5th January 2015

Happy New Year Class 14!! I hope you have all had a super break and are ready for a fantastic Spring Term! 

Our preview for this week:

Monday: Money/ Snowflake Targets/ Singing

Tuesday: Music/ PE/ Instructions

Wednesday: Money/Art

Thursday: Science/ Art

Friday: Big Solve/ ICT/ Special Mentions Assembly

It is great to be back!


Miss Warren