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Spring 2015



What an explosive way to end the Spring term with our Science week

It was non stop from Monday morning until Thursday afternoon. We have carried out so many investigations and science challenges we have all turned into scientists.

Here is a quick preview of what we have been doing

Dr DAN Mad Science Assembly

Drawing scientists

Umbrella Experiement

Marshmallow investigation

Crazy Soap

Sports Science talk

Rocket Launching

We have learnt that when you are investigatibng you have to carry out a fair test otherwise your results will not be accurate

It's been a lovely way to end the term and head into our Easter holidays

When we return our Literacy will be based around a book with some really strange settings

In Numeracy we will be testing our calculation skills

Our topic and art work is going to be linked to our Literacy using sculpture

We're hoping that as we go into the Summer term the weather will improve and we can start to use the field for outdoor games

Well done Class 11 you have all worked so hard this term

Have a lovely Easter Holidays

Look out for Easter eggs and bunnies in your garden!

Love from Mrs B

Waht a lovely way to end the week with our SEAL assembly. We hope all you mum and dads who came this morning enjoyed it. We've learnt such a lot in our Coast to Coast topic, we wanted to share it with you.

Next week is whole school


We have lots of visitors and investigations to complete so come ready for predicting and analysing!!

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs B

What a great day we had on Wednesday on our High Street visit....and weren't we lucky with the weather. We set off with our quiz sheets and spent a lot of time hunting for the answers. We had to do a lot of looking up and down and scanning the buildings.

We had a lovely session in the library and didn't know we could borrow up to 24 books!


Lunch in the park proved that Class 11 have great appetites...and no one moaned about the long walk back up Musters Road. 

Well done Class 11

We proved to be really good at answering the questions. A quick thank you to Ewan and Sophie for being brilliant at leading at the right pace and being really sensible at crossing the roads.


We ended this week with our goodbyes to 


as he's off to AUSTRALIA on a big new adventure. He's going to e mail us to tell us how he's getting on so happy flying Aadi and enjoy the stop off in Singapore.

What a great way to view the solar eclipse through the big telescpoe  on the yard. Well done for all being patient and waiting your turn. Now you can all explain what was happening high up in the sky with the sun and the moon.

Mums and dads you've got lots of information coming your way about the stores at the back of Asda, how they make the pizzas and pancakes. We all hade a go on the tills and ran up a receipt.

Next week we spend a little time practicing our Assembly so we're looking forward to seeing you on Friday.

Our Park visit takes place on Wednesday so we're hoping it doesn't rain and we can complete our High Street quiz and following the library visit have a play in the park.

For Literacy we will be learning about the structure of a recount and the information we have to include

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs B

What a great way to end the week with 


We've had Mrs Bettle's Dance-athon so we're all worn out!


Next week we are continuing to learn about the city and completing some descriptive writing so use those adjectives and similes

In Numeracy we're back to money but this time we're making amounts

For science investigation this week we will be learning 2 more technical words 


See if you can find out why?

Remember on Friday the eclipse is taking place so it maight be a little dull when we walk to Asda for our Shop visit

To all you mums out there have a lovely day on Sunday

Have a lovely weekend

See you on Monday

Mrs B

Hello, just an update on the ASDA visit. We had to send out the pink slip as we had mistakenly omitted the permission slip, so thank you for your patience. I will need these back from all the children. 

Our visit takes place on


We will be leaving school just before 9.30 am and returning for 11.30ish

Thank you for the offers of help with the walk iI will be getting in touch this week

Don't forget that this week

Friday 13th March



Had to have a couple of days out this week in other classes and out of school but we had a brilliant FRIDAY morning

Looking forward to chatting to mums and dads on Monday and Tuesday evening

Mrs B

Did you visit the ART EXHIBITION today....

It was stunning and we were all excited to go and find our pictures.

How lovely that everyone from school had a picture on display.

Here are a few pictures of us feeling proud

What a great week, I hope you enjoyed your games on Friday afternoon.

Mrs Cawthorn said you were briliant with your Science and RE work in the morning. It won't be long before we filll the marble jar again

Next week we look at calculations again in our Numeracy work.

In Literacy we are starting to write some poems. We will be following a set structure but I am expecting to see lots of brilliant adjectives, adverbs and similes being used.

Coast to Coast continues with our Town work and we will be looking at the types of shop and business that you may found on the High Street.

Have a lovely weekend.

or maybe


I think the sun is just beginning to shine

Mrs B

To help us with our RE we have had a visit from Rabbi Perez

He started off our topic by bringing some artefacts from the synagogue and telling us of the stories relating to Judaism. We were able to ask lots of questions to find out information




Please wear your own clothes and we'll have some games and treats during the day

Well done for reaching 25 marbles in the jar

Hello to all Class11. I hope you've all enjoyed your last day at home. The teachers have all been busy today sorting out lots of exciting activities to take us to the end of the school year.

Just a quick date and time for your mums and dads.

THE ART EXHIBITION will take place next TUESDAY 3RD MARCH. Our class will visit at 11.30am so you are more than welcome to join us then if not the paintings will be on show in the school hall from 3.15pm. I'm looking forward to seeing what they look like.

Don't go to bed too late

See you in the morning

Mrs B


We've made it to the February half term holiday and hopefully are going to be heading into the better weather as we've had lots of grey skies and rain.

Once again Class 11 have worked really hard and I am really proud of the effort and enjoyment they've put into their work this term

When we come back our Coast to Coast topic will take us into the towns and we will be finding all the features that identify a town and how it is different from the seaside and the countryside.

Science takes us to our unit on Electricity and we will begin with finding out about being safe when handling electrical items

In Literacy we have units of work on Poetry and recount writing

We continue to find ways to display data, this week we have used Carroll diagrams and block graphs.

As the weather improves we will continue to use our bodies for balancing and travelling in Real PE

We have a visit from Rabbi Perez whio is going to share some artefacts from the Jewish religion with us and explain some of the traditions of the Jewish religion. We will be comparing and contrasting Jewish symbols and festivals to those celebrated in the Christian Religion.

Please make sure Parent's Evening slips are returned as soon as possible so that I can let you all know how well we're getting on. Meetings take place week beginning 9th March on the Monday and Tuesday evenings.

Have a great break over half term. Don't tire yourselves out too much as you've got the disco on the first Friday back!


Love from Mrs B



What lovely pictures of the beach huts and beach scene you have completed. We'll get them up on our coast to coast wall next week so that everyone can see them

We're into the last week and need to finish off our science topic for this half term on Materials. We going to be looking at the characteristics and seeing if we can predict what happens to them. I was very impressed with your knowledge on Friday remember our two new words

Evaporation and condensation

On Monday we are going to watch the Music concert. It should be really good, just think you might be in the orchestra one day as you ove up the school and practice hard

Lots of cheering for a great half term. After we come back we have a Parent's Evening so I'm looking forward to meeting your mums and dads again and showing them your book

Happy Holidays at the end of the week

Mrs B

We've finished the week with some snow and apt day to be doing The Snowman's Coat in our Science lesson. Im sure you'll want it to last into the weekend so you can all be buiding snowmen in your gardens

Another busy week, I definitely think you're getting the hang of writing a shorter  sentence that contains fab words. This week we've looked at propositions and used them for "Where"

Next week in Litewracy you're going to have a go at writing  a story with a beginning , a middle and an end and I'm going to be looking out for structured sentences

In Numeracy we will be finishing off our unit of work on MONEY and solving problems involving multiplication

For our COAST TO COAST topic work we move into the countryside and have some thinking time on the features and keeping it unspoilt.

Only two weeks until the February Half term break and lots to fit in

Keep working hard 

Mrs B

Another one bites the dust!

Half way through this part of the Spring term.

It's still very chilly so keep wrapping up warm hopefully we'll get outside for games this week but we'll definitely have to keep moving....

Great work in Literacy this week I hope you've told your mums and dads all about contrasction.

Next week we continue to write better sentences you're definitely realising that LESS is MORE and thinking Who, What, Where and When. We return to our own stories and look to those aliens we invented and seeing what they could get up to on those outer space planets

Topic work for Coast to Coast continues with looking at the coastal areas and we will be looking at aerial photographs and drawing our own seaside view.

Don't forget your Coastal definitions to make your GLOSSARY OF TERMS. Some have already been handed in and they're really detailed. Well done

For Numeracy we will becoming familiar with coins and using money for adding and subtraction

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs B

I reckon some of you are going to be very tired tonight after all the walking and talking we've done today on our COAST TO COAST introduction.

Well done for your super outfits and using your imagination as we found out the areas that we are going to learn about

The City

The Coast

The Town

The Countryside



Next week we find out more about coastal areas, what they look like, the words associated with them and what we do there. I think it's too cold for swimming costumes but we can use our imagination again!

In Numeracy we are continuing to look at time and solve problems involving time.

For Literacy we are going to improve our writng again......remember less is more!!! One really good sentence is better than three that forget connectives, adjectives and now adverbs

In Science we will be looking at changes that take place to materials. I hope you are successful on your Materials Detective Challenge for your homework this weekend. See what unusual objects you can find for me.

Have a lovely weekend

Love from Mrs B

(PS  I'm going to put my feet up after all the walking today!! ) 

Week beginning 12th January

Last week went really quickly I thought we'd all be tired after the christmas celebrations but no once again class 11 you amazed me as we settled straight back into all our work


We have nearly completed our special SURPRISE ART PROJECT and I think your mums and dads will be really impressed.

I hope you've read through the newsletter as now you'll know all about our new topic


Make sure you've got your outfit ready for Friday as we begin our exploring!!

Numeracy next week sees us looking at the clockface and seeing how good we are at telling the time

In Literacy we continue to find brilliant ways of describing the characters in Bob the Man on the Moon and also looking at our own characters

I hope you're being creative with homework and those alien designs

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday

Remember don't be a GRUFF THE GRUMP this weekend...

Love from Mrs B


IT'S 2015

What are we going to be doing this year?

Lots of exciting activities

Looking forward to seeing you back at school and hearing all about your holiday

Love from Mrs B