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Spring 2015


What a brilliant week Class 6 have had. They have enjoyed all the different aspects of science we have studied and have been incredibly lucky to meet scientists from all walks of life.  I think we have challenged some preconceptions about science and scientists.

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter and enjoy the well earned rest. Enjoy the chocolate but don't enjoy too much!

Mr. Ellis






Science week! It's a week (almost). Of science!

We are going to think about science. We are going to draw about science. We are going to try science. So stand WELL back.

This is going to be a great week of experimentation and learning from real people who do real science in real life. I am really looking forward to it and you should be too.

A very late request for junk - cardboard, kitchen roll tubes and the like if possible.

See you tomorrow,

Mr Ellis

I have updated the Hathersage photos.


I am feeling very proud of Class 6. They were so good in terms of behaviour and learning and looking after one another and having a good time that I can honestly say they were amazing. All the staff at St Michael's commented on just how good they were and were especially impressed with their manners and their personal responsibility. Miss Law and Mrs Moore also mentioned just how good you were at Treak Cliff as well so well done Class 6. I hope you have had a good weekend and have managed to get over the exhaustion you must have felt at the end of the week. I am just about back to my normal self though I probably would benefit from an afternoon snooze.

We will get all the photos up in a gallery for you to look through in the coming week.

This week we have to bump back down to earth somewhat and think about finishing the Spring term as brilliantly as we started it.

In literacy we are going to pick up with the advertising again and create an advertisement for something we have all really enjoyed recently.

In maths we will be looking at multiplication and then moving on to shape.

Topic will see us looking back on the Flintstones and thinking about all the things we have learnt.

Don't forget it is Class photo tomorrow so run a brush through your hair!

See you tomorrow,

Mr. Ellis


Another great day in Derbyshire. We walked. We talked. We learned a lot.

Class 6 have had a brilliant two days. They have learned so much; from geography to history, from the physical to the personal.

We have made sandwiches. We have cleaned boots. We have entertained each other.

I have attached more photos.

Have a good rest of week Class 6 and be good on Thursday and Friday. I look forward to seeing you again on Monday.




All are in bed. All are, we think, asleep and all is well. They have had a great day and have shown off their fantastic behaviour. We have enjoyed making beds (some of us found that trickier than others), testing out our kit, orienteering, stream studying, looking after one another and a night-time walk to Little John's grave.

I can't get the photos directly into the webpage so you will find a selection in Attachments over there -------------->

Further update tomorrow.



I am late updating this weekend because I have been so busy preparing for the week ahead. I think I have everything packed and am raring to go.

Hathersage Weather Forecast Summary; Monday,Tuesday: Light rain (total 4mm), mostly falling on Sun night. Very mild (max 10°C on Tue afternoon, min 2°C on Mon night). Winds decreasing (fresh winds from the ENE on Sun night, light winds from the E by Mon night).

Weather Forecast Summary Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: Mostly dry. Very mild (max 10°C on Fri afternoon, min 3°C on Wed night). Winds increasing (calm on Thu night, fresh winds from the WNW by Fri afternoon).

Which doesn't look too bad to me!

We will be in as normal tomorrow for registration and final preparations and then we will off for three days filled with adventure and fun. On Thursday and Friday it is school as normal but I know you will all have grown in character a great deal by then.

See you all tomorrow for an exciting start to the week.


Parents, keep checking back here for some photos of what we have been up to.


Mr Ellis



Another great week Class 6. Your biographies were excellent, you did really well with the double science yesterday, I loved your cave paintings and you did brilliantly in the spelling test. Well done to you all!

Next week the big news is parents evening and I am really looking forward to talking to you all again. Thank you for getting the slips to me in such good time and I hope everyone is happy with their time. I always do my best to give your first choice.

We will be updating the children next week on what to expect at Hathersage and so I am sure the excitement levels are going to grow. I know I am looking forward to it and cannot wait to see how much the children enjoy all the activities and time together we have planned.

In maths next week we are going to be looking at time and for those who feel confident you will be looking at using timetables. Maybe you could help to plan the days at Hathersage.

In literacy we will write up and check each other’s biographies and then we will begin looking at persuasive language. Hopefully we will be able to give the children the skills of persuasion rather than pleading and whining (this could be just based on my own experience at home!).

In topic we are going to be making some tools that stoneage people might have used and science will follow on from Friday's lesson and we will look at conductors and insulators.  

Friday is Red Nose day when we all have to make our faces look ridiculous. I feel like this is a task I might find easier than the children.


Have a good weekend all.

See you Monday





What an excellent first week back. You achieved a lot this week with fantastic stories about our two characters, some great map work and plotting of stone age sites in Nottingham and finishing with some spectacular switches (see below) on Friday. Your designs really impressed me.

The week ahead will see us plan and begin to write our own biographies in literacy. We know enough about Stig to write the basics and then we can fill in the details based on the things we have learnt about him. I wonder if you can remember all the important features of a biography.

In maths we are looking at formal methods of written addition and subtraction and we are going to make sure we check our answers using the inverse operation and then apply our learning to word problems. As I have said many times it is really important to apply the methods we learn in word problems and real life situations.

Topic will see us doing some cave art and we will continue out fantastic electric work in science.

In computing we will apply what we have learned about simulations to using Excel spreadsheets in increasingly advanced ways.

Thanks for all the parents evening slips. I will send out the replies early next week and do my very best to give all of you your first choice times.

Have a good weekend all and see you Monday,

Mr Ellis


Apologies for a late update this week.

Welcome back Class 6. I saw today that you were all rested and ready for an exciting Spring 2 term.

Letters went home today for an invite to the fantastic art show next Tuesday between 12 and 12:10. This will give you a brief but valuable chance to look at the artwork your children created. I am sure you are going to be impressed and I cannot wait to see them framed.

The other important letter was the invitation to parents evening. I have spread this over three nights to try and give everyone an opportunity. I will allocate the times on a first come first served basis so get them back as quickly as you can please.

Finally, as I have letters on my mind, if you have not yet returned the Hathersage consent form with medical and other details please do so by Friday. The trip is getting close and Mrs Thompson and I are starting to put together all the details you and the children will need.

This week in literacy we are studying biographies and will begin my looking at some of the features we would expect to find.

In numeracy we are looking at mental maths and how we can use 'tricks' to help us with calculations. Lots of practise of times tables as well this week.

In science we will continue out electric work and have a go at building the torches as well as looking at different types of switches.

We will start a new topic of computing looking at simulations and getting advanced with Excel and you have already done a fantastic piece of topic work using maps. 

We are now in the second half of Year 4 and so let's really show our determination to achieve our absolute best in 2015.

Mr Ellis



One more week and we reach the half way point of Year 4. Time really is flying!

We will have a great final week before a well-earned rest as we have our treat day to look forward to. It has been well earned and you have been very patient in waiting for the right time. We will have it on Friday and that means a no-uniform day and you can bring in one toy. Nothing electrical please. We will still have numeracy and literacy in the morning but  we will just have the time to enjoy each other's company as well.

In literacy this week we are going to bring our character focus to a close and write a short story on one of our brilliant character creations. Will it be Oscar or will it be Harriette?

In maths we are just going to finish off some fraction work and then have a look at symmetry and angles. I wonder how we will remember which angle is acute and which is obtuse?

We are going to try and fit in a topic lesson and a science lesson which will take a really sensible and concentrated effort from all of you but I know you can do it.

Enjoy the end of your weekend and se you Monday.


Mr Ellis


Class 6 and Year 4 should have been feeling really proud of themselves this weekend. You were incredible in the assembly and every one of put on a great show. I really feel very proud of you and how you all pulled together and showed great confidence in the two assemblies.

We are back to a normal week next week. We have a week of looking at how to create believable and interesting characters in literacy and will use Stig as our basis. Stig will also be used for our guided reading for the next two weeks.

In maths we are going to be investigating fractions again and will be looking at equivalent fractions, finding fractions of quantities and also looking at ordering fractions on a number line.

Having missed science last week we will be building a simple circuit with a buzzer and in topic we are going to continue having a yabba dabba doo time.

I hope you have all enjoyed a well relaxing weekend and I will see you tomorrow.

Mr. Ellis



The big news this week is the Year 4 assembly on Friday. Both classes did fantastically well on Friday and really impressed in taking ownership of their roles in the assembly. We will have our first full run through on Monday and I am sure with all the practise you have done this weekend (hint, hint) you will do brilliantly.

In literacy this week we are starting a new unit tied into Stig and with a detailed look at characters. We will see how we can make the reader care about our stories by making them care about the characters. This week we will concentrate on describing appearance in detail and showing character through speech.

In maths we are going to continue looking at multiplication and division with a focus on word problems and checking answers. We all need to be asking "Can that be right?".

After the introduction to our topic we will begin to really understand how long ago this time was and place it on a timeline. In science we are going to begin to look at circuits and how changing factors changes how they work.

We have St. Johns in on Tuesday to look at cuts and bandages which should be really interesting.

I look forward to seeing you all on Friday.

Have a great weekend,

Mr Ellis


It's a cold and frosty Sunday morning. Wrap up warm if you are heading out today!

I was really pleased with your tree paintings on Friday. You should all feel very proud as they are entirely your own work. They are going to look absolutely fantastic when they are framed and I cannot wait to see them up on the walls. Parents, you are in for a treat.

This week we will finally begin our new topic. You have had plenty of clues as to what we are going to be learning about but the big reveal will happen this week.

In literacy we are going to finish our newspaper reports with a focus on the tone and style of language we use.

In numeracy we are going to look at multiplication using both mental and written methods. More practice of the times tables required!

Have a good weekend,

Mr. Ellis 


What a good first week back you had Class 6. You came in with great attitudes and met all the challenges that the week threw at us. I was especially pleased with how well you worked with the watercolours on Friday afternoon. You will be applying what we learned on Friday this week as we create our beautiful tree artworks.

We are going to begin our own newspaper reports based on the report we studied last week so remember your actions, think about the symbols you created and refer to your generalised plan and you will have a great report.

In maths we are going to look at addition and subtraction using written methods and there will be a focus on money. Think about your pocket money and adding it together and then using it to buy things and how much you will have left.

We will begin really thinking about our assembly this week as well so make sure you have thought about your Inspire homework so you are ready.


Mr Ellis

St. Johns Ambulance

For your information on 26th February St Johns Ambulance will be coming in to teach the children some first aid.



Happy New Year!

I hope you have all had a fantastic holiday, enjoyed a well earned rest and are ready for a successful 2015. I am excited for the New Year and am looking forward to all the brilliant things we have planned for the coming term. Yabba Dabba Doo!

The first two weeks of this term will have a real art focus and I am confident we are going to produce something amazing.

In literacy we are starting by looking at newspapers and thinking about how to write in a journalistic fashion. We will also be introducing a new class book to read that is related to this term's topic.

In maths we are looking at place value and using our knowledge of this to help us solve problems.

Enjoy the final frosty day of your holidays and see you all tomorrow.


Mr Ellis

Spooky Stories

At the bottom of the page you will find mp3 files you can download of your spooky stories. They are named with the authors' names and are sure to give you a pre-Christmas scare.