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Spring 2015


What a fabulous week Class 7. Both me and Mrs Hazelden are very impressed with your investigative skills, questioning and presentation.

Photos of the week in attachment section.

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!  Image result for easter bunny




Science Festival


YEP! We are doing science all week...nothing but science! We will be doing lots of experiments, improving our skills as scientific investigators. We also have a couple of visitors who will talk to us about science! To start the week we have a science assembly by Mad Science. The week will end with a Science Celebration Assembly on Thursday with the whole school. I know you are going to have a fab time!

To help with our science investigations we do need some junk modelling material from home. Any empty packets, tubes etc would be helpful especially for our marble run!!

I have put all Hathersage photos in the attachment section. Please do have a look at them....they will bring back some fantastic memories!



What a FABULOUS week Class 7!

You all achieved so much while we were away in terms of looking after yourselves, each other and taking part and challenging yourself. All with smiles on your faces. St Michael's Centre Staff commented on how brilliant your attitude and manners were so well done. It was great to see how you coped with Personal Responsibility,I hope that since you have been home you have done a few chores around the house to help out! Girls just need to work on packing ALL of their belongings! You all 'oohed and ahhhed' when we were in the cavern at Treak Cliff, I think you were inspired by the beautiful Derbyshire scenery as well at the amazing sights inside of the 'mountainside'.

I hope you are nice and clean and well rested for the coming week.

It is back to normal tomorrow- with CLASS PHOTOS in the morning.

Literacy will be focused on Hathersage and Numeracy is a geometry topic.

We will be completing our Flintstones topic this week with reflecting on what we have learnt.

You have Mrs Hazelden on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week.


What a brilliant day Class 7 have had. They have walked. They have talked. They have learnt so much.

More photos can be found in attachments.



All arrived. All well. All had a good day.

Photos can be found in attachments here ------------->



Hathersage Weather Forecast Summary; Monday,Tuesday: Light rain (total 4mm), mostly falling on Sun night. Very mild (max 10°C on Tue afternoon, min 2°C on Mon night). Winds decreasing (fresh winds from the ENE on Sun night, light winds from the E by Mon night).

Weather Forecast Summary Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: Mostly dry. Very mild (max 10°C on Fri afternoon, min 3°C on Wed night). Winds increasing (calm on Thu night, fresh winds from the WNW by Fri afternoon).

Well it looks like we will be ok this week. It is not going to rain....much! That will make our time away so much better. We will keep in touch with parents on parentmail and also post some pictures up on this webpage so they can see what fun we are having.

I am so excited! Mr Thompson at this very moment is looking for my walking gear and he is very jealous as he is at work,while I get to be with you in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.

You will have Mrs Hazelden on Monday and Tuesday and she will bring you to Hathersage on Wednesday. Monday is a normal day and Tuesday you have TREAT AFTERNOON. What a fab week you are going to have class 7.


Thank you for for making an effort for Red Nose Day. You all looked 'funny'.

It was also great meeting your parents and share with them the great work you have done so far in Year 4. Keep it up!

See you tomorrow morning and properly Wednesday at Hathersage!

Mrs T






What a gorgeous weekend! I hope you had fun. I did! It was Mr Thompsons birthday so we had celebrated on Saturday by having some friends come around. It was a lovely evening, sitting around talking, eating and lots of laughing!

That is what it is going to be like when we go to Hathersage next week! Hasn't it come around quickly! We are going to have so much fun and talk, eat, walk and laugh lots!

This week Mr Ellis and I will get both classes together and have a chat about our trip. If you have any questions please do ask them then. I will also send out a quick reminder to parents about arrangements etc this week.

Other things happening include finishing off Stig's life story. In Numeracy we will be investigating Multiplication. In our topic work we will look at how tools changed from Stone to Bronze to Iron age and why.

It is a normal week for me, no extra time out of class.

Don't forget it is parents evening this week. I am looking forward to meeting your parents and sharing with them what fab work you have been doing.

We will end the week with RED NOSE DAY. We will be painting our faces 'funny for money'. Cannot wait to see what creative ideas you have. I might need a bit of a hand with thinking of an idea!

See you all tomorrow

Mrs T X




Officially it is the first day of Spring. Yipee! I have had enough of feeling cold!

Image result for spring

Let us hope it is a lovely sunny week.

I will be in class this week...I missed you last week :(

Literacy- We will be continuing with biographies and starting to think about Stig's life.

In numeracy we are looking at written addition and subtraction.

You will love our CFL this week, we will be looking at how early people left evidence through art on cave walls.

Your families can see what art you have been up to when they come to the art exhibition on Tuesday. I cant wait, everyones work will look so professional.

Thank you for all the Hathersage information, I am nearly near with organsing it and then Mr Ellis and I will get all of year 4 together and answer any questions you may have.

Look forward to seeing you all

Mrs T





I hope you have all had a fab week and are relaxed and ready for school!

This week I will not be teaching you! :(  

You will have Mrs Hazelden and Mrs Johnston (Thursday morning)  :)

We continue with our stone age project with more map work! Did Stone Age people live in Nottingham?

Don't forget about our Art exhibition next week. You will be taking invites home to your parents this week so they can attend at the same time as the class. They can buy your framed print on the day if they would like.

Our class viewing time is 11.45-11.55 on Tuesday March 3rd

In Literacy we are moving onto writing biographies. In Numeracy we will be improving written calculations.

I hope the weather warms up this week, I though Spring was about to start yesterday!

I will see you all at some point during the week when I will pop in and say 'Hello'

Mrs T



We are only a week away from half term. That means we are exactly halfway through year 4! That has gone quickly!

We are finishing our characterisation work in Literacy and writing a story.

In Numeracy we are focussing on symmetry and angles.

I hope you are enjoying Yabba Dabba Doo topic. This week you are going to look at  maps to discover where early man settled.

Have a good week everyone

Mrs T



How proud am I of Class 7?  SOOOOOO proud! You were brilliant on Friday morning in the year 4 assembly with Class 6. The singing was fantastic, the speaking was clear and loud and the behaviour was amazing. All of year 4 made Mr Ellis and I proud.

Mrs Hazelden tells me that the 1st aid lesson you had was really interesting.  I hope that you remember them as they are not just lessons for now but for life!

Next week is a 'normal' week.

In Literacy you will be looking at how writers create characters.

In Numeracy we are moving onto Fractions.

Our YabbaDabbaDoo project is going well. I think it took us all by surprise about how long humans have inhabited the earth and when the stone age period was! This week you will be finding out about how we know so much about a time period that was thousands of years ago.

I apologise about forgetting homework this week! It was on my desk and I just forgot! I think I need helpful reminders from you!

This week you will be having Mrs Johnston twice- Monday afternoon and Thursday morning. Mrs Hazelden is in on her usual days.

See you tomorrow

Mrs T



Get ready parents...its the Year 4 assembly this week! We hope to see as many of you as possible on Friday morning. We start at 9.10 am and it should be about 20minutes long.

Other special events include working with the St John Ambulance on Tuesday afternoon. We will be learning some basic first aid which is a fab skill to have!

We are going onto study the book 'Stig of The Dump' now we are well into the story. We will be looking at how writers create and present characters.

In Numeracy we will be using our times tables to solve puzzles. Don't forget the homework for this week is LEARN YOUR TIMES TABLES!

Literacy homework is to learn our words for the assembly!

Have a fab week everyone

Mrs T




What fantastic art you have been doing with Mrs Hazelden! I was really impressed by the talent we have in class 7.

Next week we are going to be starting our new topic- Yabba dabba doo!!

In Literacy we will be completing our newpaper report and focussing on the style of writing. It should be formal so we will ne looking at word choices.

In Maths we are working on multiplication and using the facts to solve puzzles and problems.

We will be carrying on with putting our year group assembly together with Class 6.

It is a normal week in terms of Mrs Hazelden and mine teaching days.

Have a good week everyone

Mrs T


One week of the new year in and it is like we haven't been away! You have just picked up where you left off in December with your learning and your behaviour.

This week you will have Mrs Hazelden on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. You will continue with art in topic lessons this week producing beautiful watercolours with trees!

In Literacy we will be writing newspaper reports based on the plan we created on Friday. In Numeracy we are going onto addition and subtraction word problems after ensuring we are comfortable with written methods.

Dont forget your homework on INSPIRATION...we will need it for our year group assembly! We will start putting work together for it this week.

The DATE AND TIME for YEAR 4 ASSEMBLY is on the Spring letter that you took home on Friday. Just in case, there is a copy  in the Year 3/4 attachment section. 

We will also been having a visit from St John's Ambulance on the afternoon of TUESDAY 27TH FEBRUARY who will be teaching us some first aid.             

Already lots happening. Have a good week class 7

Mrs T            


It's 2015! I hope that this year brings you lots of happiness and success!

This first week back is going to be fairly normal. We are starting an art topic rather than our history topic. I will be putting up the curriculum overview for this term this week.

In Literacy we are reading a new book called Stig of the Dump, it is a classic! Numeracy we will be ensuring our knowledge of place value is secure and looking at roman numerals.

My days and Mrs Hazelden's are our usual days.

Let's start as we mean to go on with the rest of the year...doing and showing our best at all times.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Mrs T