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Here at Jesse Gray, we believe that Science is a pinnacle part of history, and is vital to our future. It provides the foundations for understanding the world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. It supports spiritual development by providing opportunities for children to reflect on the amazing wonders which occur in our natural world. It supports moral development by showing to children that different opinions need to be respected and valued. It supports social development by exposing children to the power of collaborative working, which has led to some amazing and life-changing break- throughs in medicine. It supports cultural development by helping children understand how important Science is to economy and culture. We believe that high-quality Science education is essential, so it is paramount that our children engage with a science curriculum that excites and inspires them – check our Science Week twitter hashtag #JGScienceWeek to see it for yourself!

Through practical lessons, our pupils build upon a body of scientific knowledge from FS2 – Year 6. We understand that in a world of technology and screens, real-life, hands-on experiences are more important than ever for our children – just ask our Year 4’s who love to ‘make it rain’ in a jar! They are encouraged to explore the depth of their understanding through practical enquiries and models to prove the scientific phenomenon they are taught about; for example, through the use of glitter, our Year 2’s have a solid understanding of how germs are spread, and through our candy-floss and dog-bone fossil-formation demonstration, our Year 3’s can visual a million-year process. Through our continuous focus on the working scientifically skills, that are woven into every lesson, embedded and built upon each year, our pupils are inspired to explore their curiosities and ask questions about the world around them, such as, ‘How does a lemon work as a battery? Would other fruits also work?’ Our Year 6’s have investigated just that, by applying the working scientifically skills they have acquired over their last 6 years at Jesse Gray.

As a school that nurtures independent learners, we encourage our children to assess and understand their own ability in Science. Through the use of Blooms and Challenge by Choice, we provide our children with the tools required to challenge themselves and become self-motivated.  As a dyslexic friendly school that values all learning styles, we provide our children with the opportunities to present the depth of their knowledge and working scientifically skills through creative tasks, such as conclusion posters and videos, classification pic-collages and plasticine evolution and inheritance models, so that when English is a particular weakness, it does not hold back some of our best scientists.  

To ensure the best science teaching and learning is consistent across the school, our Science Co-ordinator closely monitors planning, books, lessons and assessment, providing CPD tailor made to the teaching and learning needs of the school. Our staff are encouraged to share best practices and value pupil voice, ensuring that our children leave primary school with a love of Science.