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School Uniform

The school colour is red and there is a simple school uniform which children are encouraged to wear.  We request that all children wear a minimum of one item of logo’d school uniform each day.


  • Grey pinafore dress, skirt, culottes, smart grey or black school-type trousers,
  • Red gingham type striped or checked dress (for summer).
  • Polo shirt with school logo (white or red)
  • Red cardigan or v neck jumper with school logo
  • Red sweatshirt with school logo
  •  Red sweatshirt cardigan style with school logo.
  • White blouse
  • Red v neck jumper or cardigan
  • ‘School style’ shorts in black or grey, cropped trousers in black only, in Summer Term, not cycling shorts or fashion styles like bootleg/wide bottoms etc


  • Grey or black school trousers, not combat style.
  • Polo shirt with school logo. (white or red)
  • Red v neck jumper with school logo
  • Red sweatshirt with school logo.
  • White shirt. 
  • Red v neck jumper or cardigan
  • 'School style' shorts in black or grey, not cycling shorts.

Additional logo’d item

  • Red fleece jacket with school logo


Black school type shoes for boys and girls. 

Fashion shoes such as trainers, and footwear with flashing lights; flimsy, high heeled, backless sandals or shoes with high heels/platforms are not allowed for safety reasons.      Trainers are to be used for PE only, not as normal day wear.

OUTDOOR COAT - all children require an outdoor coat which is at least shower proof (hoodie type coats with logos are not suitable as outdoor coat)

LONG HAIR - we advise children with long hair to wear it tied back at school for safety or head lice prevention reasons. They must do this for PE and swimming (required by swimming pool) please note also that swimming pool regulations require a one piece swimming costume for girls.

SUN HATS - The school provides the children’s first school sun hat, which the children have to wear outside during playtimes and all outdoor activities from 1st May – 1stOctober. Replacements can be purchased from school office.

P.E. KIT - white t shirt, black shorts, plimsolls or trainers - please store in a named PE bag, not carrier bag.

APRONS - Children in KS1 need aprons or an old shirt for art and craft activities. Older children also find these useful.

Our uniform can be purchased from two suppliers:

(1) S+A Uniforms based in West Bridgford

(2) Schoolwear Solutions, 806 Woodborough Road, Mapperley, NG3 5QJ. TEL: 0115 8719926

PLEASE ENSURE ALL CLOTHING IS MARKED WITH THE CHILD'S NAME   -   400+ red sweatshirts all look the same!!