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School Council

JGSC 2021-2021

The Jesse Gray School Council benefits the whole school as it gives opportunities for pupils to communicate feelings and opinions to teachers and support staff as well as influencing decisions that are made. The School Council consists of members of each class, voted for by their peers.  
Issues that might be discussed in the school council meetings include:
- Pupil Survey questions, responses and action to be taken
- Friendship issues and playtime problems
- School equipment
- School and charity fundraising

JGSC Impact So far:

Friday 23rd July 2021

We have been so excited to have had NHS Rainbow Day today. We have all enjoyed every minute and it has provided us with an opportunity to celebrate the NHS and their Rainbows charity in which we realise how fortunate and grateful we all are.

We have all participated in lots of activities today, including:

  • Rainbow Thumb print picture
  • Read the Rainbow Fish
  • Making a gratitude tree-using rainbow templates
  • Making rainbow-lego
  • Making chalk drawings outside
  • Mindfulness
  • Physical activities

Each School Councillor had 2 special Rainbow key rings too and they chose 2 children from their class at the end of the day to present them to. Also, Mrs Moore brought every child a Rainbow Pencil. We all LOVED our special visitor, Bow Bear too!

Over £700 was raised for Rainbows Hospice. Wow! 

November 2020 ~ Brilliant News....The Zebra crossing has been installed!

The JGSC have been VERY BUSY! They have conducted a class vote for new playground equipment, started a petition with Councillor Wheeler, for a crossing on Musters Road, will be going to the Chambers at Nottinghamshire County Council to meet the Chairman in December 2019 as well as preparing for a trip to The Houses of Parliament in 2020! Phew!

Spring Term 2020

On Monday 2nd March JGSC had an amazing opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament. Children from 4 years old to 11 years old set off early on Monday morning and were shuttled to Westminster for a special tour. They found out all about this historical building and that it is the place where Members of Parliament (MPs) meet to make decisions and pass laws as well as ensuring that the government are running the country properly. Furthermore, JGSC learned that each adult can vote for a politician in their constituency (local area) to represent them in the House of Commons. They were fortunate enough to have a Q and A session with the MP of Rushcliffe, Ruth Edwards. Ruth was extremely impressed with their knowledge, questions and exceptional behaviour and accepted to be an honorary  member of Jesse Gray’s School Council!

JGSC gained so much from their visit learning more about active citizenship and democracy.

A huge thank you to Councillor Gordon Wheeler and Ruth Edwards MP for facilitating and supporting Jesse Gray’s School Council to experience, The Houses of Parliament. It was a day that they will never forget!

How the School Council works

The School Council meetings will take place on Thursdays straight after school until 4.05pm in 5DM. FS2 children start attending the meetings from  January each year.  I promise to update them on a weekly basis!!

YOUR JGSC (with a little bit of help from Mrs Morgan)