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Running Club

We ran 3 miles !! Well done everyone , an amazing achievement. April 2018



Spring term 2:

It is our last half term for running club. I have been impressed with how regularly the runners have been coming and I hope we have some super running for the last few weeks. 

Happy Christmas from Running Club.

We had fun tonight 18th December, running around with our Christmas hats and pom poms. We did some speed hill climbing up Selby Road. Well done everyone. Keep fit over Christmas and see you soon for our first run in teh New Year.

October 2107 New running club 

6.11.17 Speed training!

We ran down to Alford Road playing fields and split into 2 teams. There we had to run short sprints. Most of the children beat me! I was impressed how well they did. We then had to run back uphill to school. It was a lovely clear bright evening, well done everyone.

30th October 2017

We had our first run with 20 children from Year 3 and 4. I was so impressed with how well they ran, we went down Selby Road along the Green line and back around the school perimeter. I was pleased with how everyone stayed quite close together. 

Running club is on Monday 6th Nov.2017


Running club has finished for this year.

We have been running since October and everyone has been fantstic. Keep up the running over the Summer term and see you all next Autumn . 


31/10/16 We started with a spooky Halloween run along the Green Line. I was so impressed with our new Year 3 children who ran all the way. It was great to see my super volunteers too - Kathryn, Lucy and Shelley - thank you for coming along again this year and also to Miss Jennings who helps me run the club. I am looking forward to some super runs with you all.

Mrs Lloyd.


LAST run  21.3 .16  See you all next Autumn!

Over the last few weeks we have been running round Sharp hill woods and practiced for the Sport's relief mile around our field. We finished this month by having a run down to the football fields and enjoying some relay sprints. You have all be fantastic and I can see how much you have improved your fitness by running each week. Keep this going over the summer term and see you all next Autumn.


Some hill work today, it was warm so we ran down the Greenline and then split into 2 groups to run up either side of Selby Road. We had to run as fast as we could to the 2nd lamp post. We got up the hill! We ran 2.3 miles  intotal.I'm so impressed, everyone has been running at at faster pace lately. 


Sprinting tonight , along the football ground near Alford Road. We ran in 2s as fast as we could for  short distances, then paced ourselves back to school.


Our first long run for the New Year 3.03 miles. Good effort everyone.

14.12.15. WOW 5.5km run !

I couldn't believe how brilliant you all were tonight and how you wanted to do a big run before Christmas. You ran 5.5km . Amazing! You all deserve to rest your legs now over Christmas. I look forward to our first run in the New Year.

7.12.15.Tonight another great run!

We ran down Selby road, along the green line and down Repton road. We had a few hills to do tonight. We ran 2.5 miles. Well done everyone. last run before Xmas next week, wear your xmas hats!


Hurray, we have our new Happy Feet Runners. I can't believe how many of you want to run! I have nearly 40 runners from Year 3 and 4. I have  some great adult helpers who are keeping the group together and up the hills!

We have only been for 3 runs, 1st one around the school, 2nd run was 2.3 miles and our 3rd was 2.5 miles.

Everyone is doing so well,don't forget to bring the correct kit to run in - a change of top, trainers and a bright top . Hats and gloves as we get colder weather.

Happy running!

Mrs Lloyd



Happy Feet running club has started for the Year 3 and 4s. I have had a record number of children joining this year. I have fantastic help from Miss Jennings and Mrs Taylor, teaching assistants at the school and three amazing parent helpers. We have progressed from a few gentle jogs around the school perimeter to running 2 and  a half miles. 

Feb 9th : Our first cross country run to Sharp Hill Woods. It was very muddy, sorry parents about the state of the trainers but the children loved it!! The run there and back was 2.69 miles. 

Please can children check they have appropriate kit to wear for the weather. Trainers and socks are a must!! We run in all conditions!!! ( except snow and ice)

Vanessa Lloyd