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We believe that physical education, experienced in a safe and supportive environment, is vital and unique in its contribution to a pupil’s physical, social and emotional development and health. The physical education curriculum aims to provide for pupils’ increasing self- confidence through an ability to manage themselves successfully in a variety of situations. The teaching and learning of PE at Jesse Gray is based on progressive learning objectives which, combined with varied and flexible teaching styles, endeavour to provide appropriate, stimulating, challenging and enjoyable learning situations for all pupils. With the aim of Mastery for all pupils, the application of skills in different situations is a reoccurring focus of all PE sessions.

Physical Education is concerned with developing good quality performance whilst enabling every child to become independently active.

PE at Jesse Gray stems from an ethos for each child to achieve their personal best through the achievement of physical literacy.

The three steps to physical literacy are;

  • Fundamental movements.
  • Generic sport skills.
  • Small sided games.

P.E. also contributes to the whole curriculum.  It offers alternative contexts for the learning, understanding and application of language, numeracy and scientific concepts.  The subject naturally lends itself to cross-curricular issues: the environment as part of the outdoor and adventurous activities; swimming that takes place at the Rushcliffe Leisure Centre in Key Stage 2 helps build awareness of the surrounding area and the community leisure facilities and an awareness of how exercise contributes to health education, are all central to physical education.

The National Curriculum provides general requirements and programmes of study in physical education within each Key Stage to be used when planning every lesson or activity.

Development of PE at Jesse Gray

Physical Education involves pupils in the continuous process of planning, performing and evaluating. Through yearly monitoring and cpd sessions we review and renew the PE curriculum regularly.

We promote competition in many extra-curricular activities with other schools in Rushcliffe. These clubs include football, cricket and basketball and which are available for fun and enjoyment as well as for competition. Jesse Gray also promotes many types of inter and intra school competition in curriculum time and out of school hours.

PE is for all.  Every child will be catered for to enable them to become more skilful, physically healthy, self-motivating and safe.

As is stated in the National Curriculum, children with special needs will be included in any physical education lesson. If a programme needs to be adapted then the teacher in charge will do this in consultation with the coordinator and SENCo (if applicable).


Spiritual education involves students developing a variety of skills, e.g. performing a sequence in gymnastics, which allows the students to express their feelings and emotions as well as be amazed by what their bodies can achieve.

Moral education in PE concerns students having the opportunity to understand how PE can influence their healthy living and lifestyle. PE highlights the advantages of health and lifestyle through team sports and health related fitness.

Social education involves students having the opportunity to work as a team, as well as reflect on feelings of determination and enjoyment. Students are given the role of a coach or leader to develop their social skills in cooperation, communication, commitment, loyalty and team work.

Cultural education in PE means students are given the opportunity to learn games and dances from different traditions, including their own as well being able to appreciate the differences between male and female roles within sport.