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Other Cities Bombed

Apart from London, which other British cities were bombed by the Germans?

  • On 14th November 1940, Coventry was bombed by the Germans during the night time. The city centre was pretty much destroyed and Coventry Cathedral was ruined, along with 21 factories. 568 people lost their lives during the bombing of Coventry.
  • Other cities were bombed after Coventry. Bombs fell on Newcastle, Swansea, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Ipswich, Portsmouth, Hull, Sheffield and Bristol, to name just a few.
  • After Southampton was bombed, fires were still burning two day later.


Did Britain bomb Germany?

Yes. In fact, Germany sustained more damage and loss of life as a result of British air raids than Britain did from German air raids. The German city of Dresden, for example, was completely destroyed and thousands of the people who lived there burned to death in the fires that raged from building to building.