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How JGA money is spent

We liaise closely with the school to work out the best use of the funds we raise.

We’re firm believers in all parents sharing their ideas on how to spend the money. This can be anything from funds to support new extracurricular activities, to supplies for the classroom and playground entertainment. Rest assured all ideas are responded to - regardless of the outcome.

All ideas are raised at our monthly meetings and are considered according to:

  • frequency
  • cost
  • and suitability of request.

Our head teacher, Chris Belton is then consulted to ensure the ideas align with our school’s needs. 

Here are a few highlights of things we have paid for in the past:

  • Playground regeneration in the form of buddy benches and umbrellas in the junior playground 
  • Art packs for every classroom
  • Provision of 'Mathletics', a mathematics homework tool for children in years three to six
  • An educational visit from a poet who visited every class
  • Frying pans for the cookery room, used by classes
  • Santa’s grotto for the children to visit at Christmas
  • New screens in the school hall to display our children’s fantastic work
  • Pirate ship in the infant playground

Regular annual allocations

Each year, the JGA provides each classroom teacher with £100 to spend on activities, props and supplies of their choice. 

Check the JGA monthly newsletters for how that money is being spent in your class.

Last year (2021), the JGA funds were put to good use. In the absence of many of the “normal” activities, the JGA funds supported the following:

  • Fertilised eggs for Foundation, Year 1 and 2 to share and watch hatch and grow. All the classes visited the hatched chicks, and parents and carers were updated via Twitter
  • Aquarium, books, whiteboard and craft supplies for Year 1
  • Holiday stockings for Year 2
  • Year 3 invested in Tilly and the Time Machine
  • Year 4 spent their allocation on a tank for stick insects and some decorations
  • A Christmas Tree Trail was part of the spend for Year 5
  • Finally, Year 6 all received a zipped hoodie, completely funded by the JGA