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Welcome to the Governor section of the website.

Why have Governors?

The purpose of the Governing Board is to work in partnership with the school to provide the best possible educational experience for its pupils.

What do Governors do?

The role of the governing board is absolutely key to the effectiveness of the school. The role of the governing board is a strategic one. Its key functions are to:

  • Set the aims and objectives of the school
  • Set the policies for achieving those aims and objectives
  • Set the targets for achieving those aims and objectives
  • Monitor ,evaluate and  challenge school leaders in the progress that the school is making towards achievement of its aims and objectives
  • Be a source of support and challenge to the Head Teacher
    (i.e. a critical friend)

The Head Teacher is responsible for the internal organisation, management and control of the school and the implementation of the strategic framework established by the governing board.

The full Governing Board meets termly. These meetings carry out formal business, receive reports from committees, ratify decisions made in them and discuss the management of the school. However, much of the work is delegated to committees, many of which meet regularly.  All governors are members of at least one of these committees.

Each term a governor is linked to a year group  and  to a  subject /aspect  leader, which involves visits to  the school to look at a particular area of school life. These visits are separate from the informal visits all governors are encouraged to make so that they can get to know the school, staff and children.

Governors attend training courses which are run by the Local Authority (LA) or external bodies such as Minster Teaching School Alliance [MTSA] or Rushcliffe Learning Alliance [RLA}

How many people are on the Governing Body?

Our Governing Board has 13 members, consisting of:

2 Parent Governors, elected by the parents/carers of the school

1 LA Governor, appointed by the Local Authority

1 Staff Governor

1 x headteacher

6 Co-opted Governors, appointed by the Governing Body and intended to represent community interests

All governors, apart from the Head Teacher who is appointed by virtue of their office, serve a 4 year term and then must either be re-elected or re- appointed or stand down.  Parent Governors can remain governors until the end of their term, even if their child leaves the school before their term finishes.

The Committees

Our Governing Board has two main committees which meet half termly:

Resources  Committee

This  committee oversees the school budget & financial processes ; allocating money for salaries, heating, repairs, maintenance and the day to day running expenses of the school.  Many of these costs are fixed externally, so managing the others is a complex  and skilled “juggling act”.

The committee is responsible for staffing and personnel issues.  It oversees the appointment of staff, and ensures all personnel procedures are implemented.  It regularly reviews the staffing structure of the school.

Is responsible for ensuring the premises are in a good state of repair and the grounds well maintained.  It also has the responsibility of regularly carrying out safety checks to make sure that the school is complying with the relevant aspects of Health and Safety legislation.

At  our  Full Governing  Board meetings [held twice termly] we  review curriculum, standards, learning, community as well as  following  areas:

  • We oversee the delivery of the National Curriculum and learning within the school.  
  • We reviews school policies on such things as sex & relationship education and makes sure that the requirements of children with disabilities/special needs (DSEN) are met. Key areas such as equality, anti-bullying  and  anti-racism are  also part  of the  JG govs remit.
  • THr JG Governinig  Board implements channels of communication between the parents, school and community, and  deals  with all aspects  of areas concerning parents/carers.


Other committees

The  GB  also has specific need for  other committees to carry out  specific governance activities for example Pay committee, Employee Grievance Committee or Pupil Discipline Committee. These will meet only when, and as, required.  

As well as these committees, working groups may be set up to work in a specific area, reporting to the full Governing Body. e.g. inclusion & equality

 Governing Body Members

Mr Chris Walker                Co-opted Governor [Chair]  & Budget Gov         

Mrs Rashmi Patel            Co-opted Governor [from Sept 18]

Mr Robert Woods           Co-opted Governor [from Sept 18]

Mrs Kaj Ghattaora              Co-opted governor  [from Sept 17]

Mrs Vanessa Lloyd              Staff Governor [from Sept 17]

Mrs Kelly Harris-Whittle        Co-opted Governor [Emergency Plan Governor]

Ms Karen Davies           Co-opted Governor [PSHE / Inclusion, Safeguarding  Governor]

Mrs Elizabeth Hopkins    Parent Governor  [from December 18]

Mr Jim Silver                    Local Authority Governor   [Health & Safety Gov]

Mr Adam Bevan               Co-opted Governor  [from Sept 17]

Mrs Louise Carey               Parent Governor [from Sept 18]

Mr Stefan  Mars                 Parent Governor [from Sept 18]

Miss Sarah Law               Head Teacher

Governors with specific responsibilities

The following governors are appointed annually by the Governing Board:

The Chair of the Governing Board  has overall responsibility to ensure the effective working of the Governing Board.  It is a job that involves a great amount of work and sensitivity, not only in chairing meetings but also having an understanding of every area of the school’s life.

The Vice-Chair supports the Chair.

The Training Governor co-ordinates governor training and induction of new governors, and also acts as a link with the LA and other governing bodies.

The Special Educational Needs (SEN) Governor monitors the working of the SEN policy to ensure children on the SEN register are supported as required, and works with the SEN co-ordinator.

The Literacy Governors  work with the Head Teacher and the Literacy Achievement Leader to ensure that  English learning is running smoothly & top quality throughout the school.

The Numeracy Governor carries out the same function as the literacy governor, but for numeracy [Maths]

The Child Protection [Safeguarding] Governor works alongside the school to monitor and be aware of Child Protection issues.

The Emergency Governor works with alongside the school to ensure appropriate emergency procedures are in olace and  are  reviewed annually

A governor is linked to each year group, to visit and take an interest in that class, and be aware of any particular issues on a  termly basis

For  details  of  committee membership and  governors roles/responsibilities see  document below.

How do I contact a Governor?

Any issue of concern should be addressed initially to the class teacher or Head Teacher as appropriate. If concerns remain, governors can be contacted through the school office or via Governors are always delighted to hear from parents who have ideas and suggestions to share - you  can  contact  our  Chair  of  govs via

Message from our  Chair of Governors Chris Walker

Like many parents, when my child (Lily) started school I wanted to get involved in life at Jesse Gray and do what I could to support the school.  After an initial conversation with Sarah Law back in 2014 I never expected to be Chair of Governors four years later! 

  I love being able to challenge the team at Jesse Gray to provide the best possible environment for the children to grow by sharing my experiences from over 20 years as an accountant and working in regulated businesses.  Jesse Gray is fortunate to be supported by a wonderful group of Governors who bring many diverse skills and experiences with them.  If you want to get involved, or simply want to know more, feel free to get in touch via