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Goverance Structure


Jesse Gray Governance structure includes two main committees: the Full Governing body and the Resources Committee. Other committees such as the Pay Committee (Chair Mrs Rashmi Patel) or Pupil Discipline Committee will only meet as and when required.

Full Governing Body (Chair Mrs Liz Hopkins)

Jesse Gray's Full Governing Body meets twice each term with one meeting focused on Standards and the other on other Business. At the Standards meeting, the governors review the progress pupils are making and assess how this is reflected in the school's data. Governors also ensure that the school is on track to deliver on the key areas of focus in the School Improvement Plan.  At the Business meeting, other business is reviewed, including school policies to ensure that they comply with statutory requirements and deliver effective outcomes for pupils. 

Resources Committee (Chair Mrs Rashmi Patel)

The Resources Committee typically meets once each term, although they may meet more frequently as the annual budget is finalised. Their role is to oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure it is money well spent. 

The majority of Jesse Gray's budget is spent on staff, although with a relatively old building premises costs are also an area of focus. Whilst much of Jesse Gray's funding comes from the Local Authority, the Resources Committee also plays a key role in maximising income form other sources.  In addition with the funding position often changing from year to year depending on decisions made by central government, medium to long term planning is an increasingly important role for the Resources Committee.

Terms of Office

All governors  serve a four-year term and then must either be re-elected, re-appointed or stand down. The Headteacher is appointed a governor by virtue of their office.  Parent Governors can remain governors until the end of their term of office, even if their child leaves the school before their term finishes. Please see the separate page for a full break down of each Governors Term Of Office.


Annual Financial Statement to Governors is available for parents to view under minutes of meetings from the Governor Section of the website.

If you would like a paper copy of these documents please contact the office to make an appointment.

For detailed decision remit please see document below.