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First Aid and Medication

First aid and illness

Accidents happen in school as they do elsewhere in the community. We are able to
provide first aid where necessary. If your child is taken ill at school or has an accident, it is important that we can get in touch with you.

Please make sure we have your correct address and telephone numbers for home and work and the name and address of a friend or relative who we could contact if we cannot get through to you. We use a system called medical tracker for recording injuries and illness at school. If your child receives any minor first aid or feels a little unwell during school hours you will receive an email to let you know.

If any incidents or illnesses that occur are more serious you will receive a phone call from us.

Medication in school
The school does not have an obligation to administer medicines but if it is necessary for
your child to take medication during the day, we will only do so if it is prescribed by a doctor and parents complete a form giving details of the medicine, the dosage and frequency. All items must be in the original packaging, labelled with the child’s name. Once medication has been administered in school, parents will receive an email from the office via Medical tracker to confirm.