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Week beginning 5th November 2018

What a wonderful first week back but wow...what a busy one!

We started off by sharing our holiday news and then we learnt all about Guy Fawkes. Thank you Mummy's and Daddy's for continuing this by talking to your children about this after enjoying bonfires and fireworks. (I think it was a little tricky for the children to understand that we only had pen and ink drawings of Guy Fawkes as there were no mobile phones or cameras in those days to capture what he looked like!) They learnt lots of facts about 'non fiction' books as we explored one about The Gunpowder Plot!

We celebrated Diwali too this week. Thank you so much for sending in your family photos of celebrations. We will be sending home Diva lamps tomorrow and sharing the photos. All the children enjoyed the story of Rama and Sita and acting this out with puppets and props. 

More learning followed with a mind map of why we are wearing poppies. What fantastic facts we know already and we will add to this after our special assembly with Miss Law tomorrow. Lots of the children wrote a line from the poem by Lawrence Binyon, The Ode to Remembrance (we will be finding out more about poetry too) and we made this into a collaboration for the school display. The handwriting is absolutely awesome and I think we should all be so proud of how the children have learnt not only so many letters sounds but how to form them correctly too!  We weaved ribbons around CD's to reflect the silver in the light, printed our hands into a poppy shaped wreath and did some fantastic colouring of poppies. I will post pics of the display on Twitter!

We did lots of drama and dance around the story of Noah's Ark and did some fantastic animal artwork to go with our cut out and stick arks and rainbows.  We enjoyed time singing traditional songs like Ring'o'Rosies, doing the Okie Kokie, being Sleeping Hedgehogs and being The Farmer in the Den. Friday quiet time before the home time story was for jigsaws, reading and simple games for turn taking.

In Maths we continued our learning in addition securing our understanding of this in quantities to 20 or beyond both practically with objects and some of us are now writing number sentences. We also practised more number formations..8 is the trickiest for all of us! Maths will continue on this theme next week. We will also be learning to recognise our numbers to 10, 20 and up to 100 on a number line or 100 square. We are all getting really good at counting on and back in 1's from different numbers and counting up to 100 'flashing' our 10 hands! Some of us can count up to 20 in 2's. We learn this by rote and this early practising will help us for our times tables as we move up through school!

Next week Maths will continue from this and literacy will be around the stories of The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark (our first chapter book!!!) and The Owl Babies. We are consolidating Phase 2 phonics and will be sending home more Phase 3 letter sheets from tomorrow. Please keep these at home for your child to refer to. Blending remains a key focus for Early Reading... c/a/t putting sound buttons underneath!

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. It is time for Strictly now too and one of our children is related to one of the star celebrities.. (I am sure your child will have told who it is) so go Lauren!!!!!

See you in the morning everyone!

Love Miss B xx

Ps If you didn't see the tweets on Friday, times for our Nativity are correct on the Newsletter...auditions and more Christmas song singing this week!!!!!!!!



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Hello everyone and welcome to our class page! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter too for photographs and updates.

Happy Half Term Holiday

  I have added our topic bubble for Autumn 2 which you can access at the bottom of this page

Miss B xx

Week 7 and 8 of Autumn 1

15.10.18 and 22.10.18

This week we have been busy measuring each other and finding out who is tallest, shortest, longest and smallest. We will be measuring ourselves again at the end of the year to see how much we have grown in cm's! Next week we will be measuring things around the classroom using rulers and tape measures and finding out differences in cm's. We came up with some great vocabulary as you can see on our Twitter page! We have also started learning how to form our numbers correctly and many of us can already do this which is fabulous!

We will have a visit from the fire fighters on Wednesday and we will be continuing our maths work linking to the water theme looking at capacity, filling up different containers in the water tray and finding out which holds the most and the least as well as doing lots of investigations. Our police station will be changed into a fire station over the week and we are looking forward to lots of role play!

Our literacy work will be linked to this reading simple sentences (with help if needed) about the fire engine and putting the words in order and writing labels. In art and design we will be painting fire engines, completing our Autumn leaf colouring and weaving as well as sponging our monsters to match the colour of our feelings. 

We have had lots of activities this week aimed at helping our physical development in fine motor control. Practising using tweezers and chop sticks to pick up objects as well as doing jigsaws and building pieces to ensure our fingers and hands are strong for pencil control and writing! We will be continuing these activities over the next two weeks and we will be starting Dough Disco which is aimed at developing fine motor control too.

We have also had a focus on caring for ourselves in addition to our fabulous Hello Yellow Day this week learning how to wash and dry our hands properly. (Thank you for the lovely strawberry soap!) Please continue to support us with this at home!

Show and Tell will become a regular Tuesday feature in class as lots of us have things to show as well as sharing our adventures in Busy Books and with Gray. 

We all had a great time in the Hall on Friday playing lots of traditional games and having circle time together.

This week we will not be changing reading books as we will be assessing phonics through the week and seeing how the children are getting along with key word sheet 1 and 2 (3 and 4 if these have already been issued too.)

Links for some of the resources we use in class are as follows and some are on the information sent home with reading books too.

You Tube - Jolly Phonics Phase 2 in order 

We will be re-capping Phase 2 and starting Phase 3 (also on You Tube) after Half Term

You Tube - Tricky Words Phase 2 and 3

Phonics Play - lots of free games

Top Marks - lots of games for learning too

Dates for your diary

Nativity  11th December 9.30am and 12th December 2pm 

White Post Farm - Thursday 6th December (Please let me know if you wish to help on the day if you haven't already)

F2 Children's Christmas Party Day  - Thursday 20th December ( more details will follow)

Finally, thank you to everyone who attended our Curriculum Evening and I look forward to seeing you all at Parent Evenings next month too! I will pop the presentation onto this page next week. Please could you complete and return the questionnaires as we find them really useful!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Love Miss B xx





Week beginning 1st October

We spent lots of time this week playing phonic board games and matching pictures and objects to their beginning letter sounds. We have learnt lots of new letters and now we are trying to remember them all!  Everyone is getting really good at doing the actions as we follow Jolly Phonics on the big screen! A really good website is Phonics Play and there are lots of interactive games on there which help us. We loved the pirate dancing to the music in the Buried Treasure one! This week we will be practising the letters we have learnt so far and some of us will be beginning to blend these to read simple words.

One of our stories this week is The Little Red Hen as we get ready for our Harvest Assembly after our dance and drama themed Harvest fun on Friday. We will be sequencing the story by cutting up the pictures (more scissor practise) and talking about the characters and whether they should have helped her. On Tuesday we will be making our first visit to our DT room and baking our own bread!

In Maths we have been learning lots about 2D shapes and their properties. Lots of us could name some of the 3D shapes too so I hope you have been able to spot lots of them out and about. This week we will continue some shape work as well as doing lots of measuring, estimating and learning about size and weight.

We will also be continuing our theme of People Who Help Us after Eddie came to see us last week to remind us about staying safe near the road. Hopefully we will be having a visit from a firefighter and police officer too over the next few weeks.

We have a trip planned for Christmas...yay!!! Watch out for the letter on Monday!!!

Just a reminder that letter sheets should stay at home for practise and not returned to school and that books and reading record planners should stay in the plastic wallet and come to school everyday in book bags please.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at our Curriculum Evening 6pm - 7pm on the 11th October and can't wait to show you all the fabulous photographs of what we have been doing in F2B so far!!! It will also be an opportunity for us to explain further about Story Sacks, reading and a typical day in our F2 classes as well as answer any questions you may have now your wonderful children are settling into Jesse Gray school life!

Happy weekend everyone, I am now off to walk the woofs in this beautiful sunshine !!!

Love from Miss B xx


Week beginning 24th September

We had a fantastic week learning lots more letters in Jolly Phonics and thinking of lots of things that started with the letters we had been learning. Thank you to all the grown ups who have been busy too helping us at home. We keep timing ourselves to see how fast we can say our new key words and this week we will be enjoying sharing our reading books and changing them for new ones! Please remember to bring your book bag every day and keep your reading book and record inside it. Unfortunately because of staff illness we have not been able to check and re-issue Story Sacks today but hopefully we can send them tomorrow!

This week we will be painting our Peaceful Pathway stones and finishing our portraits. Our artwork has been fantastic and the teachers could all guess who we were without looking at our names!

In Maths we have been practising our counting skills and this week we will be learning how to form our numbers correctly. We will also be learning about shape this week especially as we get busy on our new box modelling tables with all the boxes and tubes you have kindly sent in for us.

Our new topic will be 'People Who Help Us' and more information will be coming out about this during the week.

Thank you again too for the Busy Books. We all enjoy sharing these together and talking about what we have been doing! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for photographs and more information too!

Have a lovely week!

Miss B xx

Week beginning 17th September

Thank you for all the Busy Books and fabulous family photographs. We have already started looking at them together. We will be continuing our family topic this week so if you haven't sent any pictures in you still have time.

We will also start to send home reading books this week with some information that you may find helpful. Our Curriculum Evening will also be an opportunity for us to share more details and for you to ask any questions too. We will continue learning new letters in phonics and would like you to keep the sheets at home rather than sending them back to us so the children can practise at home. We have learnt s,a,t,p,i and n and will be learning m and d too by the end of the week! All the children are loving phonics and enjoying the songs and actions. 

In Maths we will be doing lots of counting up and down to 20 with Maths Monkey as well as beginning to recognise the numbers. As our Maths Challenge this week we will be choosing large number cards and will be putting the right number of objects on to match them! We are busy making collage hedgehogs for our display and painting our portraits.....if you haven't sent a pebble in please do so as we will be painting these too.

Story Sack reminder - they must be returned on Monday morning as this is the only time Miss C is able to check and re-issue them to everyone. Many thanks for your support in this!

Uniform reminder - please can we all check top and side labels as we have some missing jumpers. We have a permanent marker in class if anyone needs one.

We will add photographs to Twitter over the week sharing all the fun learning we will be doing! 

Love from Miss B xx



Monday 10th September

We have had a wonderful first week in F2B and we have all settled well into big school. Everyone has made lots of new friends and we have had lots of fun playing on the patio and in the big garden on the bikes, trikes and cars!

In Phonics we have been learning the letter sounds s,a,t and i... we have practised how to write the letters correctly and we will be playing games of I-Spy this week finding objects that start with the letters we have learnt. We will also be learning the letters n, p, m and d soon too!

Maths Monkey has been helping us with our number learning and we have practised counting on and back to 10, 20 and beyond. We have also used the numbers fans and our fingers to find different numbers too!

We have been busy making collages of ourselves for our new display and would like to say thank you for completing the little 'All About Me' booklets. You will be able to see these on show at our Curriculum Evening....more details and information to follow. 

We have enjoyed sharing all the children's Busy Books this week and we will send these home again on Friday.

Please could you bring in a small stone for us to paint this week for our school 'Peaceful Pathway.' (More details on our class TWITTER page.)

A big THANK YOU to all the grown ups this week for your support and if anyone wishes to volunteer to help in class (or has a Grandparent or family member who might wish to do this) please email. 

Reminder - if you have not sent back your GDPR form please see the office for another one. We will be sharing more photographs of the children once we have got everyone's form in.

Love from Miss B xx

Diary Dates:-

  • Friday 5th October Harvest Festival (Children only)

  • Monday 8th October ~School photos

  • Thursday 11th October - FS Curriculum Evening 6pm