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The Committees

Our Governing Board has two main committees which meet half termly:

Resources  Committee

This  committee oversees the school budget & financial processes ; allocating money for salaries, heating, repairs, maintenance and the day to day running expenses of the school.  Many of these costs are fixed externally, so managing the others is a complex  and skilled “juggling act”.

The committee is responsible for staffing and personnel issues.  It oversees the appointment of staff, and ensures all personnel procedures are implemented.  It regularly reviews the staffing structure of the school.

Is responsible for ensuring the premises are in a good state of repair and the grounds well maintained.  It also has the responsibility of regularly carrying out safety checks to make sure that the school is complying with the relevant aspects of Health and Safety legislation.

At  our  Full Governing  Board meetings -held twice termly- we  review curriculum, standards, learning, community as well as  following  areas:

  • We oversee the delivery of the National Curriculum and learning within the school.  
  • We reviews school policies on such things as sex & relationship education and makes sure that the requirements of children with disabilities/special needs (DSEN) are met. Key areas such as equality, anti-bullying  and  anti-racism are  also part  of the  JG govs remit.
  • THr JG Governinig  Board implements channels of communication between the parents, school and community, and  deals  with all aspects  of areas concerning parents/carers.


Other committees

The  GB  also has specific need for  other committees to carry out  specific governance activities for example Pay committee, Employee Grievance Committee or Pupil Discipline Committee. These will meet only when, and as, required.  

As well as these committees, working groups may be set up to work in a specific area, reporting to the full Governing Body. e.g. inclusion & equality.


Annual Financial Statement To Governors is available for parents to view. Please contact the office to make an appointment.

For detailed decision remit please see document below.

Minutes of our last committee  are  available for you to read , from our  school office.