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Class F2H

Spring 1 Week 6

We made it! Another jam packed 6 weeks of learning and what progress everyone is making! It is lovely to see individuals growing in confidence and developing deeper respect for each othe and our school. Some highlights include; fabulous sentence writing, accurate estimating, well executed jumping and landing and of course TREAT DAY!

Spring 1 Week 5

The lantern walk on Thursday night has to be the highlight of the week, mnay thanks to Miss Booth for organising this special event. What was particularly impressive was the way the whole class learnt a little Chinese New Year Dance in 30 minutes (I wish I could upload the whole video but it's too large), the practise was amazing with everybody following a combination of moves.

F2H have earned another 25 marbles for being so marvelous. Our next treat afternoon will be on Wednesday 14th February. They have chosen to wear whatever they want for the day (appropriate for weather conditions) and they can bring 1 soft toy in (teddy bear). They will then have a little teddy bear disco! Eat some treats (provided by us) and a play outside with their soft toys.

Spring 1 Week 4

Every adult who works with F2H comments on their fabulous attitude and behaviour, it's no wonder they have earnt their second treat afternoon (look out for a letter in book bags soon and a message on here). Next week we will create and learn our own little story, estimate in Maths and the usual fabulous phonics, PE, Singing, Music etc. We're looking forward to seeing those who are coming on the lantern walk on Thursday night, it will be a special event.

Spring 1 Week 4

Transport is still the buzz word in F2H, we've done some lovely writing, art and speaking and listening this week all based around modes of transport and journeys. With the repetition of daily phonics the class are starting to confidently blend and segment orally so we're really focusing on handwriting to aid spelling and writing.

Next week we will be returning to counting, segmenting to spell and writing a sentence. In phonics we will be learning the sh, th and ch digraphs. 

Spring 1 Weeks 3 and 4

A big thankyou for all the fabulous transport show and tell we've had in, the children have great at explaining and discussing their objects. The topic has been engaging and I hope will continue to be so. 

Over the next two weeks we are covering number recognition, counting and ordering in Maths. In Literacy we will be using non fiction books to practise writing words and sentences. In Phonics we are continuing with Phase 3, please gove some attention to the high frequency words already sent home as these will aid the pace of reading. In art we will be collaging a hot air balloon and in PE we will be learnig how to land correctly when jumping off equipment.

Spring 1 Weeks 1 and 2

We've hit the ground running in the first week back, writing about the holidays and Paddington, comparing objects by weight and doing some terrific transport artwork. It has been impressive to see how the children are becoming more confdent at sounding out words to help them spell phonetically. We are looking forward to the transport show and tells starting next week, please practise with your child. 

We have a new TA in class, Miss Bhalla who will be with us for a few weeks and is fantastic.

In week 2 we will also be discussing and investigating capacity, using the story of 'Naught Bus' in Literacy and thinking about road saftey within understanding the world.

Please keep bringing reading books and reading records in every day

It's good to be back, Mr Hassall