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Class F2H

Summer 2 Week 5

We have had a very productive 4 days this week, writing sentences for the school reports, looking at number bonds 10 and recapping our Phase 2 and 3 phonics. Most of time has been spent practising lines, drama and songs for our FS2 Assembly. We are looking forward to performing it to everyone next Friday. The children were so excited and were full of smiles when they found their own masterpiece amongst all the wonderful artworks in the school exhibition on Friday. Next week we will be going Assembly practice mad! Remember to sign up for the Grandparents and Carers event on the 23rd too.

Summer 2 Week 4

A truly magnificent week! Sports Day was the highlight with everyone participating in so many activities. All the children scored so may points for their house teams. It was not just the physical skills of such a day that were fabulous it was also the teamwork and sportsmanship that wsa so encouraging and a great reminder of how wonderful the children are. Next week will be no ordinary week either, it is an INSET day on Monday and then we begin rehearsing for our FS2 Assembly! We will endeavour to keep up with reading but this time of year does see routine go out the window! Enjoy your weekend and we will see you on Tuesday

Summer 2 Week 3

Creative week has been a roaring success, the opportunity fro al the children to explore media and materials has been a real treat. The whole class contributed a fabulous collaged Dennis The Menace, drew their own new character for the Beano based around the story of Bananaman, wrote their own comic strips and much more. We also completed our wildlife area project, together with F2B we built a mini beast hotel and beetle bucket to encourage more little visitors for us to investigate. The children had a great time collecting twigs, grass, bark etc to fill out both projects. Sports day next week, on Tuesday PE kits are going home so the children can come to school on Wednesday ready dressed in their house team colour clothing combined with needed PE kit.


Summer 2 Week 3

As you can see from these few snippets, the mini beast artworks we have been working on for the whole school exhibition are looking sensational. The children chose their mini beast, practised sketching detail and upscaling, then produced a final sketch with some pattern and shape creativity, outlined in black, coloured in bright pastels and painted a background in ready mixed water colour. I am sure you will be eager to view the final framed piece at the exhibition and possibly purchase one for a wall in your home. This has got us in the mood for creative week next week, based around the Beano we will be dancing, drawing, making and acting all week, releasing some known, hidden and new talents in the creative side of us all.

Summer 2 Week 2

Another fun packed week in F2H, we have been sketching minibeasts, writing facts and stories, telling o'clock time, investigating minibeasts in the wild area and eating lots of sweets at the Year 6 fair! We have had the opportunity to thoroughly look at the progress in writing this week and what progress it is! From a few early letter shapes all the way to readable sentences with punctuation, good handwriting, accurate spelling and amazing vocabulary. Such amazing learning at a young age. Next week we will continue to be enthused by our wonderful topic, looking more closely at the similarities and differences between minibeasts. 

Summer 2 Week 1

Creepy Crawly Creepy Crawly! We love the interest minibeasts already. We have had discussions, investigations, artwork and more all about our new topic. Some of the class helped to collage our big butterfly and worms which are on display in the shared area where you can also see our indoor minibeast exploration trail. The writing this week has been particularly impressive, we have reminded all the children of our high expectations when they write and they have met the challenge. In Maths we have revised sharing and counting in groups of 2, 5 and 10 and in art we have started sketching minibeasts for our exciting whole school art project.

With the continued warm weather please can you ensure you child has their water bottle in school. Next week we continue to be excited by our new topic, learning more facts about spiders, ladybirds, ants, bees, snails, slugs...Hopefully encouraging more fabulous writing for purpose. In Maths we will be looking at time, can anyone already read the time on a analogue or digital clock?

Summer 1 Week 5

Mrs Johnston unexpectedly popped in this week and photographed some of the children engaged in a little adult led activity but mainly child led, the results speak for themselves! Our excellent learning environment enables such collaborative, creative and curious learning to take place. We are currently assessing the children to see where they are in their learning journey using the ELG descriptors everyone has been sent and this will continue into next week. 

A few of the class were excited and talking a lot about the FA Cup Final this weekend so we did some in the moment learning and football experiences.

Summer 1 Week 4

What a wonderful topic! It is so pleasing to see the children (and families) thoroughly enoying our Knights and Castles topic. The homeworks, visits, discussions, activities and work have been some of the best all year. Thank you for motivating your children. I hope the photos show off some of what we get up to, I'm sorry I can't guarantee every child is on a photo every week. Next week we explore everyday objects and relate them to shapes. Doubling has been impressive this week with some children even moving on to memorising their doubling number facts. Simple sentence writing is also going well, we are challenging the children to write a few sentences now and even to include conjunctions and adjectives! We love to see any work from home so please send it in.

I have a couple of the whole class order forms left over, if anybody did not receive one please let me know.

Many thanks, Mr Hassall

Summer 1 Week 3

The week that had everything! The rain, wind, sun and the best homework participation for a long time. Thank you so much for all the wonderful castle related work, we really appreciate the involvement and the children are much more motivated about the whole topic. We have a had a more mathematical week with practising writing numbers, counting up and down to 20 and beyond, revisiting recognsing teen numbers and ordering numbers too. Well done to the children for all the stickers, marbles, certificates and house team tokens earned this week. The behaviour and hard work has not gone unnoticed. Hopefully all the children feel more confident about staying safe and speaking out after a great assembly on Wednesday from the NSPCC. We are looking forward to an active week of knight activities next week!

Thank you to those who came to the school phonics/reading curriculm evening, it was an absolute success (thanks Mrs Soulsby). At the bottom of the page is our Powerpoint for anyone interested in what we covered.

Summer 1 Week 2

Our Castles, knights, princesses... topic has been a slow burner but is finally coming alive. The children are talking about castles and medeival times much more using excellent vocabulary. The small world and role play areas have been hugely popular with dressing up being a particular favourite. The knowldege and understanding is also coming through in creative ways; play doh swords, flags and castles, some excellent pastel and printed castle artwork and castles made of blocks and lego. All this rich and varied experience will feed into some fabulous simple sentences in writing. In Maths we are still exploring and practising addition in different ways. Please keep up the regular reading at home, learning a book fluently will benefit all the children with plenty of discussion about characters and events.

Optional homework this week is a choice of topic activities and a number line for everybody to practise counting up and down and as an aid for subtraction and addition.

Summer 1 Week 1

We have had a terrific start back in F2H. It has been a joy to listen to all the children this week, every child is making good progress for their stage of reading, please listen to your child regularly and make a note in their reading records. Our new castle topic has been exciting, we have been pretending to be lords, ladies, kings, queens...We will use the topic to enthuse the children and motivate them to write allowing them to embed the skills of writing a simple sentence. Hooray for the sun in the last two days! So overdue! We made the most of it as you can see in the pictures, my particular favourite is the group consisting of almost half the class working together to create a magnificent water slide. Next week we continue addition (see optional homework) and writing sentences in English.