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Class F2B


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Welcome back to everyone for the start of our Summer Term!

We have had a wonderful first week back as the sun came out to shine for us. We found our red hats (we think the Naughty Elf hid them at Christmas) drank lots of water and stayed in the shade if we felt we were getting too hot and bothered outside. It has been wonderful to see lots of children wanting to play and learn outdoors rather than wanting to stay in and the water area, sand pit and construction site have been very busy. We have a huge gazebo Castle set up in the shared area complete with a banquet table, throne and lots of other resources for our new topic, Castles, Crowns and Dragons! Thank you so much to everyone who has brought in books to share.. the children know such an amazing number of facts already! 

This week in maths we have been busy adding.. we have used cubes and our fingers to work out the sums and some of us are also starting to use number lines as well. Homework (optional) this week is linked to the maths learning and if your child has a number line sheet please also encourage them to do lots of adding with real life objects too as we want to keep it as practical as we can and fun too! We will be continuing addition next week with the children learning how to write their own number sentences as well.


Literacy has been fun reading lots of stories about dragons and we shared a lovely book Amelia brought in which reminded us all about how we are all different and special. Zog the dragon was busy helping too and thank you to Joshua for sharing this book too. We will be using Zog for some of our phonics learning next week has it has lots of digraphs we have been learning over the last half term. We have been learning about the past and as well as writing our own mindmap words and drawing pictures of castle facts and have been thinking about how we have changed since we were babies and how much more we can do now... our own past and present. 

I have heard all the children read this week and seeing how well we are doing with our key words whilst Miss Crawford has been busy doing guided reading groups. Mrs Taylor has again been working her magic doing extra group work in the afternoon. We really appreciate your continued support with home reading and key word really does make such a difference even just a few minutes each day and the children love it when they can tell us about their book and read it back to us.

Our art table has been very busy this week as we have been painting castles and we have been drawing herbs using pastels. We have some very talented artists in F2B and we have enjoyed getting messy not only with paint but with shaving foam...building our own castles with this pretend mortar! We enjoyed creating pictures using the mouse and a paint programme in ICT. After Mr Price's class Assembly on Brazil we enjoyed Dough Disco to salsa music and finished with handwriting...we linked this into our RE story this week which was about The Farmer and the Lost Sheep. We finished with another chapter of our book about Lupo who is investigating the mystery of George and the Dragon in Windsor Castle (based on the real life Lupo who belongs to William and Kate) Effie created a lovely picture of him on the computer too.


Wow, what a busy time we have had and lots of fun. Have a lovely, relaxing weekend and enjoy the sunshine everyone. 

Miss B xx