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Class F2B


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Week beginning 27th February 2018

Hello everyone and I hope you are enjoying the half term holidays after six weeks of fun, laughter and of course...LEARNING!

We had another visit to our Wildlife Garden and enjoyed collecting natural materials in our bowls and counting accurately how many items we had found. We are learning how to say one more and less of a number as well as finding numbers in between. We are counting up and down in 1's to 30 and back and counting up in 2's, 5's and 10's with Maths Monkey and his Counting Stick. After the holidays we will be doing some more addition and finding out about subtraction...lots of practical activities with objects as well as beginning to record simple sums when we are ready and understand practically first. I am sure we will all know what a sphere is too as part of our learning on 3D shape as during the first week back we are completing our Near and Far topic theme with fact finding missions on SPACE.. anything you discover or learn about in the holidays you could write about (try and do this without a grown up if you can) and we can share our findings. If you wish to make anything space themed then please bring this in too...I don't expect work to be done in the holidays but you can if you want to!

Pancake Day was fun as we decided we were going to make some pancakes for F2B and F2H...I am still learning how to cook, apart from Yorkshire Puddings of course :-) and even though the batter is pretty much the same mixture I was glad to have Mrs Taylor and Miss Law on hand to help. In fact I spent more time washing up their dishes than pancake making haha! We enjoyed eating them plain or with orange juice but all agreed icecream and chocolate sauce would have been even better. We talked about the importance of Lent and how everyday we should do something nice and kind or make someone happy....more about this after the pancake photo collage.

We have been spending lots of time this week reading stories and talking about what it means to be a good friend and we have been busy in our topic books looking at, talking about and sorting friend pictures. We watched a powerpoint and talked about what it means to be kind and helpful and how this makes us feel about ourselves. We read the story of Elephant who spent so long thinking about whether to share his icecream with his friend Piggy that it melted and they both didn't get any. We used sandpaper and cotton wool  to describe how when someone is unkind it feels rough and scratchy like the paper but when you are kind it feels like the cotton wool on your face...soft and 'like someone giving you a big hug' ...we all loved this description by Effie... we laughed at the story of the Bear who ate all his cake without sharing it and then couldn't get through his door to go out to play without their help pushing him through! We have all decided to be the best friends we can to everyone.


We also had red card, glue and glitter on one of our free choice making tables this week so we could make a Valentine Card for someone we loved. We managed to get more glitter on the floor than on the cards but much fun was had and we did this without any adult help either...even writing the cards ourselves too!

After the holidays we will be continuing our reading and phonics, learning more digraphs and trigraphs. Lots of us can now read the words in our books on sight and we are practising our blending skills for reading new words too. It really is so important that you read at home with your child. We hear all the children read each week but this is just a tiny amount of time for 30 children that we can devote to developing their love of reading, enjoying a range of books and of course developing their reading skills which in turn support them in their writing. 

Thank you so much for your continued support in really does make such a huge difference! If they can read the book after practising then they could draw a picture of their favourite part or write a sentence or two about it...these are 'follow up' activities we do in school as well as practising our key words.

We are looking forward to poet Paul Cookson coming into school and working with us on Wednesday 28th February as well as dressing up for World Book Day on Thursday 1st March..don't forget your blanket or a pillow to make a cosy den to read in with friends. A very busy first week back to look forward to but don't forget school is closed on Monday for INSET.  

See you all on Tuesday.

Love Miss B xx


Week beginning 12th February 2018

We have been very busy this week estimating and counting as well as continuing some of our sequencing and number ordering using Top Marks on the interactive whiteboard. This week we will be visiting our Wildlife Area with different containers to estimate and then count how many natural objects will fit in them so keep sending in the hats and gloves to keep us all warm when we are outdoor learning! We will also be making pancakes so we will be doing some more weighing and measuring too. We have learnt so much this half term and worked so hard. Myself and Mr Hassall are thrilled with how much progress everyone is making in F2 and having such a fun time learning new things.

 In Literacy we all enjoyed sharing our news and writing about it in our books and drawing pictures. We are learning how to leave finger spaces between our words and how we need to use a capital letter and a full stop. Everyone is getting more and more confident at 'having a go' at writing without worrying if we get it wrong.

This week and after the holidays we will be learning more sounds in phonics (we have popped a sheet into book bags just for your information) and playing lots of phonic games and sounding out to spell simple CVC words. We are thrilled with how well everyone is doing learning their key words and after half term we will be sending out further word lists too if you wish to continue home learning with your child as well as  sharing their reading books with them. Thank you!

We had a wonderful Chinese themed week, learning how to dance with our fans and sing a song accompanied by instruments we played. Georgia gave everyone a '10' after her visit to Strictly Come Dancing on Wednesday evening! We painted Chinese writing and shared lots of photographs and stories. Thank you so much to Rebecca for coming in to teach us our dance, Henry's Mummy for sharing her stories about Chinese celebrations and Kaiwen's family for the red envelopes and chocolate coins. Please can I also thank you ALL for attending our Chinese Lantern was a magical evening and so wonderful to see all the children enjoying themselves making lanterns with you and performing. 

Happy weekend everyone and see you all on Monday.

Love Miss B xx


Week beginning 5th February 2018

We had a very busy week counting accurately and finding out 'one more' and combining groups of objects to calculate simple additions. We will be carrying on this learning all week as well as estimating and comparing.

In literacy we have been practising writing our full names and we will be sending these home again so your child can practise this. Well done to all the boys and girls who can now write their full name independently.

Our story this week is called 'The Hundred Decker Bus' about a bus who goes on an adventure taking all his passengers with him. I am sure all the children will enjoy the story and we will be busy painting more buses and box modelling vehicles of our own designs too.

We are really enjoying Dough Disco before our handriting and Mrs Wenburn had a fabulous time with everyone in F2B whilst I was on a course on Friday afternoon. I will pop some photographs on next weekend as we will also be having our Chinese Lantern Walk this week. We need to know by Monday 5th at the latest for hall numbers and how many little lights to buy. I am sure we will all have a great time making the lanterns with our grownups and we are all very excited about the Chinese dancing we are going to be learning on Thursday morning.

 I hope you have all had a lovely weekend!

Love Miss B xx






Week beginning 29th January 2018

Another week enjoying our story The Naughty Bus and non fiction texts finding out about transport and how buses, planes and trains have changed over time. We all practised our cutting skills sorting pictures into old and new and talking about the differences we could see. 

We have taken turns speaking, listening and asking or answering questions in show and tell time.

We have been busy learning how to form our numbers correctly this week and ordering them using number cards up to 10 or 20. Some of us have even ordered them to 40 and beyond on the carpet with our number tiles. Our Early Learning Goal on ordering numbers is within 20 securely so I was very impressed! We continue to do lots of practical mathematical activities but being able to write our numbers correctly and the right way round really helps us when we want to write the numbers in our Maths books. Here is a picture of just some of the children who loved this activity and chose to do it even after our group work had finished all by themselves.

This week we will continue to hear readers and assess if your child is able to blend or sight read some simple words whilst reading their reading books and in phonic and writing sessions. The children love our daily phonics and this week we are focussing on ch, sh and th. We are encouraging children to write by writing the letter sounds they can hear in words and not worry if they get it wrong at this emergent writing stage. Supporting your child with their reading really supports them learning to blend to read and then segment words to spell so please could we ask that you initial, sign or comment if you have heard your child read so we know whether they should be able to read some/all of the book and tell us about the story. If you would like to access the Jolly Phonics songs we sing they are on You Tube 'Jolly Phonics' Phase 2 and 3 and also a clip called 'Tricky Words' which they love to sing at the top of their voices! We read with every child individually and have a weekly read in groups but support at home gives your child even more time to enjoy reading and builds their confidence.

This week we will continue painting our buses or trains and we will be doing some more counting and simple subtraction practically. We will be drawing a picture and talking and writing about our weekend news on Monday and listening to some more fun stories. We will be spending time outdoors with our new water stands and guttering to play and explore and will be visiting our Wildlife Area again too.

Finally a big thank you to Mrs Wenborn who taught at Jesse Gray for 29 years and returned to teach F2B on Friday whilst I was at an Early Years Conference. I am sure the children had a wonderful day and I can't wait to hear all about it.

See you all on Monday morning! Love Miss B xx



Week beginning 22nd January 2018

Another busy week and I simply cannot believe how much we have achieved. Everyone has been practising writing their first or full names and forming their letters correctly and we are writing them into our Literacy books. We have all made so much progress since we started at JG so well done! We have sent home learning this week on the letter 'b' formation and number formation. Although learning at home isn't compulsory it really does help support your child and they love to tell us if they have been reading with you or learning their key words. Thank you again for your support in this and lots of us are now flying through the word lists.

We have carried on our learning about London and the key landmarks writing these up and drawing pictures in our little London Bus booklets. We looked at lots of pictures of London and Nottingham and played a quiz to see if we could spot what was where! We found London and Nottingham on a big map and have been looking through our Atlas to find other places around the world too. Next week we will be looking again at travel and transport and finding out about what vehicles looked like in the past and sorting them. We will continue labelling the pictures and writing simple sentences with help. Miss Law loves our new Paddington display in our classroom and agreed our large Paddington bear paintings were fabulous. This week we will be painting Naughty Buses and doing some passenger addition and subtraction! We have enjoyed going to the IT Suite in small groups and are getting confident using a mouse.

We enjoyed a 'Dough Disco' on Friday afternoon aimed at developing our fine motor skills and followed this with our first whole class handwriting session....didn't you all do well! 

Almost everyone has had their turn to share their travel or transport 'show and tell' and they all enjoyed sharing their stories. If your child hasn't sent anything into school yet we will be continuing this until Tuesday.

We have had a delivery of more water resources, stands and child friendly guttering and we have all worked hard this week exploring capacity. We were all excellent at knowing more and most and now we all know about least and less too. We will continue our capacity work in the outdoor water tray this week but will also be learning how to form our numbers correctly and order them to 10, 20 or beyond both forwards and backwards.

A lovely week again and we have all earned a treat this week by getting 25 marbles in our jar. We will be having a wear your own clothes day and bring a toy on Thursday this week (a note will go home too) as I am on a course on Friday.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and I hope you have fun in the snow... our woofers love it. Hopefully it will have disappeared for school in the morning though!

Love Miss B xx




Week beginning 15th January 2018

We have had a very busy first week back in F2B and I think the children (and teachers) were ready for our marmalade sandwich and Paddington movie treat on Friday afternoon as we settled back into school after the holidays! We began our new topic, 'Near and Far' thinking about different ways we can travel and we thought of eighteen different ways including a hot air balloon and a combine harvester..very impressive! We have been reading Paddington this week and have already started some fabulous Paddington paintings and transport collage pictures.

We have started our Guided Group Reading sessions this week and everyone enjoyed sharing the same book and listening to each other reading or learning how to read. The teachers will all hear your child read individually every week too and practise key words. All your continued support at home with this really does make a difference as we head into the last two terms of their Foundation Stage of Learning. We have been labelling Paddington and some of us have been writing simple sentences spelling words by writing down the sounds we can hear. We are getting really good at having a go at this with confidence and not worrying if we miss letters out! We have been practising writing our full names and forming our letters correctly this week. Well done F2B for super writing this week...keep up your hard work!

In Maths we looked at 2D and 3D shapes and we could remember the names and some of the properties of the 3D shapes we learnt before Christmas. We had fun weighing the contents of my shopping bag and finding out which items were the lightest and heaviest using different types of scales. We also used weights to weigh things around the classroom and worked well as a team finding out and exploring.  This week we will be learning about capacity having fun learning in our new water tray...we have waterproofs!

In Understanding the World learning we looked at London and key landmarks some of us knew already or had visited. We saw the statue of Paddington in Paddington Station too! This week we will be finding out more about London as well as different modes of transport around the capital and country. We are setting up a train station and car service station in our garden and our story for next week is The Naughty Bus although we will keep reading Paddington stories as we all enjoy them.

Can I also thank everyone for using our Foundation Stage picket gate entrance rather than the Year 1 gate and letting your child go into class by themselves...(I do appreciate after two weeks at home it is a little unsettling for our children having to get back into school routines) but it means I can greet your child as they come in and I know they have arrived safely. Please do not worry thinking you are late...Eddie keeps us all to time with his gate locking!

Thank you again for this wonderful support. Have a lovely weekend everyone and I will see you all on Monday.

Love Miss B xx



Welcome back everyone to 2018 at Jesse Gray

Happy New Year to you all!

I wanted to thank you all once again for the presents, gift cards and cards you so kindly sent for myself, Miss Crawford and Mrs Taylor. We are very lucky and want to wish you all a happy and healthy 2018. We hope you have all had a wonderful Christmastime with your nearest and dearest.

As promised I am adding some photographs from the last week which involved our Party Day, hat parade, our special last Assembly of 2017 with the orchestra, science experiments with the Snow Queen's ice hand, more antics of the Naughty Elf, sewing stockings (A HUGE THANK YOU to all our grown up and Prefect helpers as we simply couldn't have done this without you and included the 'Super Nannies' of Theo, Tate and Georgia and also to 'Super Mummys' of Beth and Annabel) and our Hamper Draw. Well done to Shriyan, Prisha and Isabella who were all winners and took one of our super Jesse Gray Hampers home!





As you can see a fun week was had by all! Enjoy the holiday week if you are catching up on the site now and we will see you all again happy and smiley on Monday 8th January.

Love and Happy New Year Wishes

Miss B x x

Ps It will be our celebrations soon for the Chinese New Year.. more details to follow but it will involve a lantern walk and will be an after school event for grown ups to come too!