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Summer Holidays!

What a fantastic year we have had together in F2B and I am going to miss you all, children and grown ups. Please can I say a huge thank you for the gift cards, gifts, emails, messages and cards that have filled my home. I am so thankful and filled with such gratitude to everyone for making my first year at JG so special and having the most wonderful class of children.

I hope you all have a lovely sunny summer and I will see you all again in September. Love Miss B x x 



The last week of term! Wow, where did the time go?

We all enjoyed performing our Special Assembly to parents and the rest of school on Friday morning even though we were all sooooooo tired and hot! Thank you to everyone for watching and we hope you all enjoyed it.

The children went to spend some time as a class with Mr Hassall last week ready for their move into Year 1 in September. In the morning they will spend more time with him too.

The outdoor patio area has been cleared (thank you to everyone who helped me with this) ready for a huge sweep and clean before Grandparents Day tomorrow afternoon starting at 1.30pm. I do apologise that it looked rather bare when you came to pick the children up from school on Friday afternoon but that they all enjoyed bikes, scooters and PE equipment on the big garden instead.

We are also going to be busy painting the fence in the first week of the holidays so if anyone would like to help myself and Mrs Warren just let us know. I am afraid this would only be for adults as much as I am sure the children would love to help! 

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend in the sunshine and I will see you all in the morning.

Love Miss B xx


Week beginning 9th July 2018

This week we have been busy with our maths, counting in 2's, 5's and 10's, doing addition and remembering  our number bonds. We have been practising lots of key words and doing our Phase 2 and 3 phonics. Everyone has been busy reading and Mr Threadgold (from Y6) came into class to read with us and was amazed how good we all were!

We have been writing sentences to put onto our school reports, thinking hard about what we have enjoyed this many different things to choose from!

We have been practising lines and singing for our FS2 Assembly on Friday. 9.15am for grown ups and 11am for school.  Thank you for helping your child with the lines if we have sent some home! 

 Everyone loved seeing their beautiful art work in our school exhibition on Friday....simply fabulous and a huge thank you to Mrs Taylor who spent many a busy afternoon with all your children making them so wonderful by reminding them to take care...they really are all of the children's own work!

Have a great weekend everyone, we are off out now on a bike trail with Adam as it is still too hot to walk the woofs....such lovely weather and lets hope it continues into the school holidays for you all too.

Love Miss B xx

Ps Pics to follow - I can't get them to upload as it is really slow here at home at the mo!

Week beginning 2nd July 2018

Wow! What a truly magnificent week. Sports Day was simply amazing thanks to all the Sports Leaders at JG and Mr H! I can honestly say that after being a teacher for too many years that I care to remember this was the most organised, structured and exciting event I have ever had the privilege of being a part of. The teamwork and sportsmanship matched that of our England football squad this weekend! What a year to remember everyone.... yay...lets hope we go on to win!

 It is an INSET day on Monday and then we begin rehearsing for our FS2 Assembly! We will endeavour to keep up with reading but this time of year does see routine go out the window! We changed reading books and value your continued support reading and writing with your child...even if they are exhausted by the heat, the football and the excitement of moving into Year 1. Apologies if we didn't hear your child read this week.

I have had a wonderful day meeting our new children who will be JG stars too. It really made me realise how far we have come this year and what your children have achieved. They seem so grown up now and Year 1 ready.

I will now upload pics if I can... I will add more over the week!

See you all on Tuesday

Miss B xxx


Week beginning 2nd July

This week we have Sports Day on Wednesday so we will send PE kits home on Tuesday. Children can come in their PE kit on Wednesday morning with their house team colours too. Please ensure they have suncream already applied too if this hot weather continues. Additional cream can be placed in their bags and we will remind them to put some on at lunchtime.

On Thursday we have a transition day for the new children coming to Jesse Gray so the lovely Mrs Wenborn will be looking after doesn't seem two minutes since all our lovely children were having their transition day last year and now they are all so grown up and Year 1 ready! I will pop photographs on this week as my Ipad is at school.


Have a lovely sunny, Sunday and see you all in the morning!

Miss B xx


Week beginning 25th June 2018

We have really enjoyed our time in the Wild Life Area this week looking at the new Toad Hall Year 1 have created and looking at our own Bug Hotel which we are going to make even more luxurious for the bugs and beasties this week. Miss Crawford ventured into the fenced off pond area to collect some tadpoles and we have enjoyed seeing them grow over the last few days along with our caterpillars! We had a busy time in the vegetable and fruit garden too on a mini beast hunt....we saw lots of different creatures. 

We have also been busy drawing and painting our bright and colourful bugs ready for the Art Exhibition...the children have worked so hard on these and Mrs Taylor has been ensuring they remember to add all the details carefully...and the right number of legs!

As well as all our creative and science work this week we have been doing lots of maths. We have learnt how to count in pennies and two pence pieces as well as to recognise all the coins. We have all mastered time to the hour and half hour now and have done more work on addition to get us Year 1 ready! Our focus has also been on writing as we are working on securing or exceeding those final Early Learning Goals and on Phonics, Key Word and other assessments. Everyone wrote super facts about mini beasts as well as their Monday newswriting and we even had time to find out and write about how The Beeman looks after his bees and collects their honey!

This week is creative week across the school and we will be Beano themed! We will have dance, drama, art and some writing..F2B's focus character will be Danny.

I cannot quite believe we are coming to the end of the first year in F2B and that our children will be moving into Year 1 in September. We had our Parent Evening for new children starting with us at Jesse Gray and a huge, warm welcome to you all if you are reading these pages to get a flavour of what school days will be like for your children! The year flies by so fast. We have an end of year F2 Assembly to prepare for (20th July about this will come out this week) as well as Grandparent Day, Sports Day and lots more to fit in though before the holidays. Lets hope this glorious weather continues so we can enjoy lots more time outside planting, growing and observing the mini beasts!



Have a lovely weekend everyone! I am going to enjoying writing reports about your fabulous children and taking the woofers for a walk when it has cooled down later...enjoy the football again to those of you who will be watching ...hope we win! See you Tuesday as myself and Mr Hassall are out of class on Monday. The wonderful Mrs Wenborn will be in for me for the day and I have left lots of butterfly themed work for them all to do as well as having Beano creative fun...oh and singing practise for their special Assembly!

Love Miss B xx


Week beginning 18th June 2018

Another glorious sunny week and we have been spending lots of time on our patio as well as inside. It is a busy time with lots of reading and writing as well as number work and everyone through school is celebrating our achievements and how hard we have been working but it doesn't stop yet so please continue supporting your child at home too. We have all enjoyed sketching and painting minibeasts and next week we will be going on a minibeast hunt in our vegetable and fruit garden. We are beginning to tell the time with a little help from Peter Rabbit and lots of us know how to tell time to the hour and half hour. We will continue this next week as well as learning how to recognise and count with different coins.

On Thursday we had a celebration assembly for Eid and we all learnt a new song called Ramadan Moon as well as finding out all about Ramadan. Thank you to the children in my class and their families for their pictures and dressing up your child in their special clothes.

The week finished with a visit to the fabulous Year 6 Fair where lots of sugary sweets made a treat for the end of the day!  I am popping on pictures including one from the school disco...unfortunately the others are too dark to see anyone! 

Have a lovely weekend and see you all Monday morning bright and breezy!

Love Miss B xx





Week beginning 11th June 2018

We have had a great first week back after the holiday and are already learning lots of facts about fabulous creepy crawly creatures! We started by finding out all about bees and have written some amazing sentences thinking carefully about what we are going to write and using lots of description too. We have been busy helping Mrs Taylor to collage a giant spider to go with the big butterfly and worms which are on display in the shared area where we have our minibeast exploration trail. In Maths we have been busy doing more addition practically and recording it too. We have revised sharing and counting in groups of 2, 5 and 10 and so any chance you get to practise this at home would be great...remember we have to try and share fairly! Maths next week will be about time and money and in literacy we will continue our learning about butterflies, spiders, ants, ladybirds, snails and more as well as going on a minibeast hunt. We will be reading 'The Beeman' book and making some muffins which we are going to smother in honey (if we like it) yummy, yummy, yummy! I will add some more information and pictures to the page next week as I am now going to the school disco!


Happy Half Term Holidays everyone!

We had a really busy last week and managed to fit so much in even with INSET and my being out at an Early Years Meeting all day Thursday too. After our fabulous time acting out and creating our version of a 'Helicopter' seaside story in the sunshine on Tuesday we sat down to writing about landing on a desert island as part of a whole school moderation on writing with every child in FS2 to Year 6 all writing on the same theme. It was a wonderful opportunity for everyone at JG to see how our children start with us in FS2 often not knowing many letters or being able to recognise our names to writing in sentences...more about this later...and then how we progress through the year groups until almost at the end of Year wonderful writers we have in school.



We had stories about seals and sharks, mountains, wild animals and treasure and we all enjoyed reading them. We are continuing to work hard on our writing and if you attended our Phonics evening we discussed the importance of phonics (great examples in the writing here and it shows how tricky it is when you are four or five to use ee or ea, i or igh) the importance of regular reading and how these have an impact on writing. We are currently assessing all the children in their Early Learning Goals and the expectation in writing is that your child will...

Use their phonic knowledge to write words in ways which match their spoken sounds. They also write some irregular common words (the, said, was, you, what for example) and write sentences which can be read by themselves and others. Some words are spelt correctly and others are phonetically plausible. 

We have been encouraging the children to write independently ( a huge thank you for all their writing you keep sending in from home..please continue this) as well as modelling writing with them using capital letters, finger spaces, full stops or exclamation marks as well as using 'and' to extend sentences and adjectives to describe things!!! If you wish to continue supporting your child then let them write about anything of interest to them to keep their enjoyment going and offer them reminders about what they need to remember in their sentences. I am sure you will agree that all the children have made amazing progress since September and we want them all to go up to Year 1 flying too but writing is so tricky when we have lots of things to remember like finger spaces, sounding out to spell, which way our letters go and what is the right capital!!! If you need any further information about the Early Learning Goals (ELG) or the exceeding ELG descriptors we have sent out or any other questions please email or chat with me. 

Next term we begin a new topic about minibeasts and will be hatching our own butterflies. We will also be busy planting and growing beans and visiting our Nature Garden as well as doing fabulous nature art for our whole school ART PROJECT....we will be starting with Bumble Bear and learning facts about bees so if you want to research and write up some information with your child about this or indeed about any story or facts they enjoy then that would be wonderful...other stories will be The Beeman, I Love Bugs, The Bad Tempered Ladybird, The Very Lazy Ladybird, The Tiny Seed, The Very Hungry Caterpillar as well as lots of non fiction texts and poetry.

In Maths we will continue lots of learning in addition and subtraction as well as continuing our learning on time and money as well as shape, space and measure. All the children did so well in their end of term assessments even though they thought we were playing games and we were setting them challenges they were actually showing us just how much they know!!! 

Reading and phonics will continue individually, in whole class and/or in small groups and our focus will continue to be on children being able to tell us what they have read so your continued support hearing your child read and discussing the books with them is valued and appreciated. 

Finally, on the subject of minibeasts we had quite a few little minibeast 'nits' appearing in hair last half term so thank you to all the parents who shared this with me and asked if we can please check and treat over the holiday if we find any!!!

I hope the sunshine returns for everyone and I will see you all on Monday 4th June

Love Miss B xx


Week beginning 21st May 2018

This week we have been busy learning about halving and sharing between 2,5 and 10  in Maths as well as continuing to practise our number order to 20. We have been continuing our assessments in Phonics and practising our reading skills and retelling what we have read. Our literacy has focussed on different versions of the fairy story of the Princess and the Frog and independent writing next week will be retelling the story using the language of when, where, who, what and why....all the children have become more confident in writing with greater independence which is part of our writing assessment towards the Early Learning Goals (ELG). All the FS team are continuously observing and assessing children towards achieving their goals and we have shared these with you (the colour sheet sent out two weeks ago and shared at Parent Evenings) as well as exceeding descriptors for children going beyond expectations in their learning (at Parent Evenings)

We were thrilled when Mrs Johnson came into class to take some fantastic photographs for the website and we hope you enjoy viewing these. I have put pictures of our SPROUTS drama on too. Lots more are in the children's Learning Journeys in school. We had lots of discussion about princesses and castles over the week and of course about the Royal Wedding. As we have our own lovely Megan and Henry we decided to have our own last minute celebration and iced fairy cakes in red, white and blue. Enjoy the pictures, much fun and laughter was had by all and it was wonderful to see Mr Hassell's class hosting their own FA Cup Final as we had our wedding procession.



This week we will continue assessments and learning. I will be on a course this week as well as having time within school working beyond our classroom. The fabulous Mrs Wenborn will be teaching for me Wednesday morning and all day Thursday. I will be out before the whistle each morning Monday and Tuesday and after school on these days if you need to speak to me or you can of course email. INSET day is Friday.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and see you tomorrow.

Miss B xx


Week beginning 14th May 2018

Well what another fabulous week with even more castles brought in from home. Thank you again to you all. We have had lots of castle photographs emailed in too which I have shared with the children and we are going to put them into a book so we can keep looking at them. In Maths this week we have worked hard at doubling and lots of us can now recall our double number facts instantly. We have been practising our teen numbers and in particular making sure our numbers are facing the right way and not trying to 'trick us' turning around while we write them. We have learnt about more and less this week as well as longest and shortest. Next week we will be learning how to share between 2, 5 and 10 (this may involve cake, sweets or fruit...yummy) and we will start recording this ourselves as well. We will also be looking at shapes again and measuring. 

In literacy we have been learning more about knights and had great fun in the garden being knights, using our lances to hit targets....we did some super writing about this afterwards and used the conjunction 'and' to make our sentences longer and more exciting and began adding in some adjectives too. Keep encouraging your child to 'have a go' at writing their sentences sounding out the words they can hear. Any writing they do at home we would love to see and pop in their books with the other home learning they bring back into us. This is a very important stage in their FS term for writing independently and all the children have come so far from when they first began in September!!!!

Well done to all F2B!!!!


We have been reading this week with all the children, however next week we will be focussing first on their phonic knowledge and completing our assessments so reading will take place in the second half of the week. Please ensure you find just a few minutes each day to read with your child as they should be able to read their book with a level of fluency and be able to tell us what it is about when we next read with them. If you attended the Curriculum Meeting we talked about reading and how vital it is to work together with us on this. To hear and teach reading strategies to just four children takes a minimum of one hour and home support really does make a difference to your child's phonic and writing development. Thank you to all our parents and families who support us, it really is appreciated.

Finally please could we ask that your child has an outdoor PE kit in school for our PE lesson with Mr Smith on Tuesday.

Have a lovely and hopefully sunny weekend everyone...oh and I have just remembered we may be having a theatre company in school next week as part of our Castles, Crowns and Dragon topic...I will let you know as soon as this is confirmed!

It should again be another fun and fabulous week!

Miss B xx


Week beginning 8th May

What a wonderful sunny week we have had in FS Jesse Gray full of learning and laughter. 

A huge thank you to Tom and his Dad for bringing in their castle complete with a working drawbridge! The children had so much fun pretending to be kings and queens, knights and dragons. I have to say some of the Home Learning has been amazing as we have had castles of all shapes and sizes, fabulous drawings and I know there are still more to come in. 

The children have had lots of fun playing Castle themed 'Snap' and it was lovely to hear them sharing the rules of how to play it and taking turns carefully. We have enjoyed the construction area being outside now the warmer weather is here and have been busy constructing battlements and playing in the new outdoor Castle complete with fancy dress, swords and shields.


This week we will be continuing our maths work on addition as well as assessing all the children's understanding of the maths we have been teaching so far. We will all continue to read to a grown up individually and in a group this week too. Everyone is doing well writing their sentences and using their phonics to help. Thank you to everyone who came to the Curriculum Evening and we hope this was really informative and enjoyable. ( I will add a link to the Power Point presentation when I am back in school on Tuesday) We will also be assessing that children can confidently write their own name this week remembering to use a capital letter at the start. Some children are writing their middle names too which is fabulous but we just need them to be able to write their first name and surname securely at this stage.

Our theme this week is all about knights and we know lots of facts already. I hope everyone is enjoying the sunny Bank Holiday weekend and I will see you all on Tuesday. Just a reminder for everyone to pack outdoor PE kit too...although if the weather continues like this we will be warm enough in an indoor kit...lets hope so!

Love Miss B xx




Week beginning 30th April 2018

We have had a busy week continuing our maths learning in addition and we are continuing to practise this practically and using a number line. Some of the children have been given a number line to practise at home too if they wish and we have been writing number sentences and learning how to check our answers carefully. This week we will be continuing our learning across lots of different areas of maths to ensure all the boys and girls are working well towards achieving or exceeding their Early Learning Goal in this subject area.

Everyone has been busy reading this week and our group guided reads are enjoyed by all the children as we share books together. We are learning how to really understand what we have read and how we should be able to describe the book and answer simple questions about it. Lots of children have brought in books from home on our castle, crown and dragon theme and we have enjoyed sharing these. Thank you for continuing to read with your child at home and support them reading and writing their key words. It is the expectation that children should be able to tell us about the book(s) they have taken home and be able to read the text back to us with some fluency. Please remember to sign or write a note in your child's Reading Record Book. 

We had lots of writing opportunities this week and we had a 'super boy' table and a 'super girl' table writing completely was wonderful to see the confidence in their abilities to write without an adult to help. Please share any writing your child does at home so we can celebrate this too. Well done to Luke for getting the Certificate on Friday, more to give out tomorrow and well done to Beth too for getting the Star of the Week award for fantastic progress in her reading and writing. 

Art has again been a popular choice this week with lots of chance to paint large castles and pastel herbs...almost everyone has completed these now and so we have new art activities ready for this week! Well done to Mateo who sat to the painting table and painted the most amazing castle all by himself. We are really impressed how independently the children can complete their paintings and tidy up more paint spills everywhere... they really are growing up and getting Year 1 ready!

We are all enjoying lots of large and small role play dressing up and acting out being knights, princesses and princes. We have learnt even more facts about castles and we will be writing these facts in literacy this week. Our tapestry work is coming along superbly and should be ready for display this week too.

We look forward to seeing you all for our Curriculum Evening on Thursday when you can come into the classroom and see some of their amazing work too.

Happy weekend everyone and see you on Monday morning!

Miss B xx




Welcome back to everyone for the start of our Summer Term!

We have had a wonderful first week back as the sun came out to shine for us. We found our red hats (we think the Naughty Elf hid them at Christmas) drank lots of water and stayed in the shade if we felt we were getting too hot and bothered outside. It has been wonderful to see lots of children wanting to play and learn outdoors rather than wanting to stay in and the water area, sand pit and construction site have been very busy. We have a huge gazebo Castle set up in the shared area complete with a banquet table, throne and lots of other resources for our new topic, Castles, Crowns and Dragons! Thank you so much to everyone who has brought in books to share.. the children know such an amazing number of facts already! 

This week in maths we have been busy adding.. we have used cubes and our fingers to work out the sums and some of us are also starting to use number lines as well. Homework (optional) this week is linked to the maths learning and if your child has a number line sheet please also encourage them to do lots of adding with real life objects too as we want to keep it as practical as we can and fun too! We will be continuing addition next week with the children learning how to write their own number sentences as well.


Literacy has been fun reading lots of stories about dragons and we shared a lovely book Amelia brought in which reminded us all about how we are all different and special. Zog the dragon was busy helping too and thank you to Joshua for sharing this book too. We will be using Zog for some of our phonics learning next week has it has lots of digraphs we have been learning over the last half term. We have been learning about the past and as well as writing our own mindmap words and drawing pictures of castle facts and have been thinking about how we have changed since we were babies and how much more we can do now... our own past and present. 

I have heard all the children read this week and seeing how well we are doing with our key words whilst Miss Crawford has been busy doing guided reading groups. Mrs Taylor has again been working her magic doing extra group work in the afternoon. We really appreciate your continued support with home reading and key word really does make such a difference even just a few minutes each day and the children love it when they can tell us about their book and read it back to us.

Our art table has been very busy this week as we have been painting castles and we have been drawing herbs using pastels. We have some very talented artists in F2B and we have enjoyed getting messy not only with paint but with shaving foam...building our own castles with this pretend mortar! We enjoyed creating pictures using the mouse and a paint programme in ICT. After Mr Price's class Assembly on Brazil we enjoyed Dough Disco to salsa music and finished with handwriting...we linked this into our RE story this week which was about The Farmer and the Lost Sheep. We finished with another chapter of our book about Lupo who is investigating the mystery of George and the Dragon in Windsor Castle (based on the real life Lupo who belongs to William and Kate) Effie created a lovely picture of him on the computer too.


Wow, what a busy time we have had and lots of fun. Have a lovely, relaxing weekend and enjoy the sunshine everyone. 

Miss B xx