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Class 6S

If you have any queries or need to give me a message, I am always on the playground at the beginning and end of the day. Alternatively, please email me at: 

The SATS information evening Powerpoint is now at the bottom of this page.


On Tuesday we made the national dish of Brazil: Fejoida! It was delicious! Here are some photos from our DT afternoon. If you fancy giving the recipe a go at home I have copied the one we used on to the page. There a plenty of variations online and in Brazilian cookery books too...we chose to leave the pig trotters out on this occasion!

Fejoida Recipe


4 tbsp of olive oil

2 onions 

4 garlic cloves

Part of chorizo sausages

1 tin of black beans

1 tin of kidney beans

6 toms

1 red peppers

3 bay leaf

3 rashers of bacon

Teaspoon paprika

Sprinkle of parslay



  1. Chop onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, chorizo and bacon.
  2. Heat a large heavy-based saucepan with a fitted lid, add the bacon and fry until crisp. Remove and keep the oil in the pan. Sear the chorizo. Season each batch with salt and pepper.
  3. Remove the meat and set aside. Add the onion, garlic, peppers and paprika to the pan. Pour in a little olive oil if it needs more. Season with salt and pepper and fry for 8 mins or until soft.
  4. Chop tomatoes and add to pan, soften so they form a sauce.
  5. Add the meat, bay leaves, and drained beans. Cover with just enough water to cover. Bring to a boil and reduce the heat to a low simmer. Cover and cook for up to 1hr, or until the beans are soft. If there is too much liquid in the pot take the lid off.
  6. Serve with rice, a sprinkle of parsley or coriander.

I look forward to hearing about your creations!

Lots of Love,

Mrs Soulsby




Dear Class 6S,

Review of the week

By Jamie and Oscar

Last week in 6S, we had a fun filled week. In literacy we started to write our balanced arguments about deforestation; they were awesome . In maths we did measurements until Friday where we did angles. We reviewed our salsa and made additions to it in D.T. During I.C.T we learned about social media and watched a video that helped us understand the dangers. In P.E we played benchball: this was so fun. Last week in 6S was great.

(Nice use of colon and semi colon boys!)

This week we will be looking at narrative in English and how to use dialogue to drive action forward. In maths we will be looking at shape and angles. Tomorrow, in DT we will be making the national dish of Brazil: Fejoida! Please come to school with a tupperware if you want to take any home!

We Are Readers

I am loving the selction of books in the classroom at the moment. We seem to have a bit of a Wonder based book club going on! I have also loved seeing so many of you sharing books and recommending them to each other. I am currently reading a book that was recommended to me by Izzy and Abby and I love it! If you love historical fiction, Jake and Mahi have loved Once and both read it ridiculously quickly (the rest of the series will be in the classroom soon..I have just ordered lots of new classroom books! Wahoo!) Remember to let me know what books you want to see in our library, I am in the process of restocking it as we speak!

Well done on another FAB week, you are all SHINING this year and I could not be prouder of you all!

Lots of Love,

Mrs Soulsby



Dear Class 6S,

What a BRILLIANT day! You were awesome Salsa makers, I hope you all enjoyed it with your families when you got home!

Review of the week

Abby and Haleema

Last week we had lots of fun making Brazilian salsa. 90% of the class enjoyed it and 10% though that their salsa had room for improvement! In maths we learnt all about algebra- we found it easier than we thought we would. In English we wrote balanced arguments about cyber schools in preparation for our independent write and found out some shocking fact about deforestation. In ICT we learnt about how to keep safe on the internet.


Lots of Love,

Mrs Soulsby



Dear Class 6S,

Welcome back and Happy New Year! May I also take this opportunity to thank you for the kind christmas gifts I recieved...I have devoured all of the chocolate and read all the books!! 

I can't quite believe that the first week is finished, it feels like we have been back for a lot longer with the amount we have packed in! 

This week we have been focussed on arithmetic in Maths and I can now say we have conquered long division and percentages of amounts! Wahoo!

In English we have really focussed on grammar, with a particular emphasis on tenses. We have learned so much! (I wonder who can spot what tense that sentence is in?!)

Your homework this week is focussed on tenses so remember all those little tricks we discussed to help us to remember! 

We finally introduced our amazing topic: Brazil!

Image result for viva brazil

This is one of my absolute favourites (you will be getting a curriculum map on Monday). We kickstarted our topic with a drumming workshop which was absolutely amazing...I definitely learnt so much about the drums but also about how Brazil was colonised!

See you on Monday, I hope you all have a great weekend,

Lots of Love,

Mrs Soulsby

Note to parents: Next Thursday we will be holding our annual SATs meeting. If you are want to know more about the end of KS2 SATs please do come along. 

Useful info:


6S PE days are Tuesday and Thursday (subject to change). Please ensure you have an indoor and outdoor PE kit (including a plastic bag for muddy shoes) in school, hair is tied up on PE days and jewellery is easily removable. 


Big Spell: Please learn your Big Spellings at home ready for the weekly Friday test. To move onto the next list you must achieve 14 or 15 out of 15!

Mathletics: Set on a Friday, due in the following Thursday. REMEMBER; Use good old fashioned pen and paper to do your workings out. Just because the homework is screen based doesn’t mean all the activities are mental maths. Optional Maths homework: Don't forget to log onto your times table rock-stars page to practice your fluency with multiplication too...I want 6S to be top of that leader board every week!!

Literacy: Set on a Friday, due in the following Thursday.

Reading: Please read a minimum of 3 times a week. This year instead of recording your individual reads in your planner, we'd like you to record when you have completed a whole book. Under the correct date write the author, book title and give it a rating out of 5. When you're back in the classroom, please transfer this info onto your individual reading journey page (I will be checking this.) I want to see that you are reading a wide range of books that are stimulating your mind and filling you full of wonderful ideas for your own writing too! If you absolutely LOVED the book, complete a book spine for 1 Super Star Point or a detailed book review for 2!

Image result for the more you read the more you know

Stuck for what to read next? Take a look at . You can search by author, genre, age or recommendations, but that's not it! You can also read the first chapter of a book to see if it's your cup of tea. Brilliant!

Lots of Love,

Mrs Soulsby x