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Class 6E

Welcome back to the Summer Term!


What a day on Friday! The fair was a huge success. Well done to all of you on devising, preparing and running your stalls (and thanks to the parents for financing the stalls!). We have surely raised a significant sum of money and all the teachers described it as the best fair ever - variety of ideas and behaviour were all commented on. You have set a very high bar for the coming years. 

I have also been blown away by your attitude to learning this week, as has Mr Threadgold. You have got on with your work with conscientious concentration and produced some more great writing. 

We have a great week next week: DT morning on Monday, when we will be sewing; lots of practise for the performance; an interesting science investigation, including some captured creatures and an art day on Friday. All this as well as robots, PE and, of course, some brilliant maths. 

Have a great weekend. 

Mr. Ellis


I hope you all had a great week off. You really deserved the rest after really brilliant work all year and a fantastic couple of weeks of SATS and after. 

You have come back today with a great attitude and I am looking forward to a final half term with you all. 

We still have lots to do and I am looking forward to concentrating on writing and seeing you putting the final polish on each piece. The mini-biographies we are doing are your first chance to shine. 

Maths will be a little more creative now and though we will revisit all our arithmetic and new learning you will also get to show off your creativity just like in our calculation of blades of grass on the school field. 

We have a great living things topic in science, robots in science and a continuation of all our historical Vikings learning.

And as well as all that learning, we have the Year 6 fair, the performance, bikeability, school trips and more. 

It is going to be a great final term. 

Mr. Ellis



Well done on a brilliant week filled with revision and hard work-you are more than ready for next week!

It is SATs week next week and just as a reminder, this is the order of the papers:

Monday: Grammar Paper and Spelling Paper

Tuesday: Reading Paper

Wednesday: Arithmetic Paper and Reasoning One Paper

Thursday: Reasoning Two Paper

Friday:....Wait and see!! (No surprise tests...we promise!)

SATs sweets reminder (the important bit!):

  • Sucking sweets only- not chewing or crunching as these make noise.
  • All wrappers taken off and sweets put into a little tub/ container- no plastic bags please as these make noise.
  • Sweets only to be eaten during the test- no other time.
  • You can refill and bring in a fresh pot the next day :)

Mr Ellis


What a great first week back. The sun made such a difference and you came back with a great attitude and also showed how kind you were greeting our new friend.

The revision of Year 6 work has shown how hard you have worked this year and your Primary School knowledge is well embedded and ready for use through the rest of your life.

We had our Topic launch which is going to be another great one with some amazing learning.

Next week in English we are going to think about some creative writing again and look at an excellent short story as our model. We will be thinking about how we can change the tone of our writing through vocabulary and sentence choices.

In maths our revision continues and we will be looking over topics including algebra.

The first history lesson will give us some background knowledge on the Vikings that we will then use as a chance to write - remember all your Year 6 writing targets!

Have a lovely Sunday and see you tomorrow,

Mr. Ellis


If you have any queries or questions about homework, please just grab me in the playground or drop me an email: