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Class 4K

Miss Kirk :)

Hathersage photos are now available to look at in our 'Photo Albums' folder, on the right hand side of this page! :)

7th June

What a busy first week back! You have all been fab, and have worked so hard (even though we were slightly chatty on our first day back!) We have moved on to look at biographies in English now. So far, you have been looking at examples of biographies and the features they include. You have also created your own Roman character to write your biography on. We had lots of fun making our characters out of fimo, which have now been baked and are ready to use! 

In Maths, we have been recapping on a few things. We started the week with statistics, and solving problems with data. We then moved on to symmetry and completing symmetrical patterns using a mirror line, and finally ended the week on answering word problems which had fractions in them. 

In Science, we have started our final topic of the year - Living things. We thought about what an organism was, and categorised lots of objects under living or non-living headings. We had lots of great discussions about what makes a living thing, and learned about the 7 life processes (MRS NERG). I wonder if you can remember them all?

Have a super weekend.

Miss Kirk


11th May

After reading up to chapter 9 of Across the Roman Wall, we have written our own endings to the story. We brainstormed our ideas together as a class and then decided individually what the ending of our stories would be. I've got to say, I am so impressed with your creativity and imagination! You have all really embraced the story, and are very enthusiatic! We can't wait to see what happens to Marinetta and Lucius in the book!

We have moved on to look at coordinates and translating shapes in maths this week. You have proved that you can plot coordinates on a grid to create polygons and also that you can use a set of instructions to successfully translate your shape to new coordinates on the grid. Next week, we are moving on to look at data and the presentation of data in graphs. 

In Science, we studied the difference between volume and pitch. We found this a little tricky at first because there is a lot to remember! We tried to come up with different methods to help us remember the difference between the two. Remember, volume is how big or small the vibrations/soundwaves are, and pitch is how many vibrations/soundwaves there are!

See you on Monday!

Miss Kirk


4th May

This week, we have read the next two chapters in our historical fiction story, 'Across the Roman Wall'. Will Lucius be free of the pirates who bought him? Will Marrinetta get to Rome, and be saved by Lucius and Salmanes? I can't wait to find out the ending!

In Maths, we started the week with a refresher on perimeter and have now moved on to look at area! You have all worked really hard with this as it is sometimes hard to remember the difference between area and perimeter. Next week, we are moving on to look at co-ordinates, plotting shapes on grids in the first quadrant and translating shapes using given instructions. 

We have been investigating how sound changes when heard at a distance this week in Science. We got into groups and measured the sound produced in dB, using a data logger, at different intervals each time. We found out that sound gets fainter the further away from where the noise is produced. Can you remember what happens to the vibrations made by the sound?

Have a fab bank holiday weekend! 

Miss Kirk


29th April

We are thoroughly enjoying our historical fiction story, 'Across the Roman Wall' in our Literacy lessons. It's amazing how much we can learn about that time from a fiction novel. The protagonists from the story have been betrayed and are now on their way to be sold as slaves! Will they be able to escape? Will Lucius learn to be less arrogant? Will a romance blossom? We'll have to read on this week to find out. 

Last week in Maths, we recapped how to find perimeter and even began using some simple algebraic expressions. This week we'll continue to reason with perimeter before moving on to area which is a new concept for year 4!

Image result for area clipart

In History, we have learnt the myth of how Rome began by reading the story of Romulus and Remus and placing the Romen era on a timeline. Following on from our Celt vs Roman battle, we compared the lives of people living in Britain at the time and the way of life of the Romans. This week we'll focus on exploring how the Roman Empire grew and became so powerful!

In science, we have investigated how sound is made with vibrations and how volume can be altered depending on the strength of those vibrations. This week, we'll explore how sound is affected at different distances. 

Have a great weekend!

Miss Kirk


19th April

What a busy first week back! It's great to see you have all had a fabulous Easter break and are all back and ready to learn all about our new topic for the Summer term...


We started off our new topic with a bang, and went into battle! The Romans vs The Celts! You all fought valiantly to protect what you were fighting for. A fabulous day and afternoon! 

In Literacy, we have started to read a new book called 'Across the Roman Wall', which is going to be the focus of our lessons for the next few weeks. We have read 4 chapters so far, and have had a go at retelling the story so far and writing our own setting descriptions from the story. Since the weather was so lovely on Wednesday, we spent some of our time working outside! :)

In Maths, we have been estimating, measuring and converting units of measure. Here, we have looked at the similarites and differences between mm, cm, M, and km, and have investigated ml and L, g and kg. A huge well done from me, it has been a lot for you to remember!

We have also started another new topic in Science - Sound. In this week's lesson we thought about how sounds are made. I'm sure you will all be confident in telling your grown ups what we found out! Here are some photos of you making lots of noise, investigating vibrations and the sound produced. 

Have a fabulous weekend! Enjoy the sunshine :)

Miss Kirk