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Class 4K

Miss Kirk :)

Hathersage Information is in Y4 Autumn 2017 Resources folder on the right hand side of this page.

1st February

Wow! What a busy past couple of weeks! We have continued our learning this week about the UK, looking at the differences between the UK, the British Isles and Great Britain. We looked at topological, and OS maps to identify where in the UK the steeper and higher land is. We then used symbols to create a map of the journey between Nottingham and Skegness. 

In English, we have thought long and hard about our own personal stories for us to write about, just like Christophe's. We talked lots about how stories are much easier to write if you have experienced it yourself, so we have all based our stories around a time in our lives which has been either a scary, or exciting time. We have written the first two paragraphs, and so far they are FAB! A big well done! :). 

In Maths, we have been muddling on through word problems involving multiplication and division. At the start of last week, these seemed a little tricky for us but with a little bit of patience and a lot of resilience, we are improving rapidly! 

In Science, we have continued with our new topic of Electricity. This week, we investigated why some circuits worked and why others didn't. We expolored buzzers and motors and tried to construct lots of circuits in different ways to see which worked and which didn't. 

Have a great weekend!

Miss Kirk


Assembly - Friday 19th January - 9:15am

The children are very excited about our year group assembly next week and I'm sure you've listened to them practising their lines. As it is so soon after the holidays, and the children have already dressed up as Victorians, then it will be perfectly fine for them to wear the same outfits for the assembly. If they have a specific role and they have something more appropriate, then that would be great but there is no expectation for anything to be specially purchased or made. Also, if children have said they have any specific props, then they can bring them in, but we can also make any we need in school. 

If you have any further questions about your child, please get in touch.

Thank you!

15th January


Last week we read Christophe's Story. The young Rwandan refugee is having trouble getting used to his new school, new language, and new life. Worst of all, he misses his grandfather who had to be left behind. His teacher persuades Christophe to share his story with his classmates — so he tells them of the terrifying day the soldiers came to his house and killed his baby brother. The spoken story fills the air and his classmates are spellbound. But when his teacher asks him to write it down and read it out at an assembly, Christophe is horrified. In his culture, it is believed that once a story is written down, it loses its potency. Will Christophe find a way to break through the barriers and share his story?

This week we'll be focussing on language and how to use key words and phrases to capture the readers' interest. 


This week we'll be moving on to multiplication. First we'll loook at the patterns when numbers are multiplied by 10 and 100, then how to use partitioning to multiply a one digit number by a single digit number, and finally finishing with how to muliply three numbers together. 

Don't forget to keep up with mathletics homework and practise getting speedier with those times tables!


We began our new unit...electricity!

Children answered questions and developed their thinking by exploring different electrical appliances. I was amazed by the insighful questions they were asking. I think this is going to be an excellent unit! This week we'll look at the dangers of electricity and how to keep safe.

Don't forget to come to our year group assembly on Friday... It starts at 9:15am :)

Miss Kirk


I hope you’ve had a great Christmas Break, 4K. I hope you’re refreshed and ready for a spectacular Spring Term. It’s going to be GREAT!

Miss Kirk