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Class 3TH

Welcome to Class 3TH.


What a lovely end to the first week. The sun was out so we took adavantage of it and had some of our Treat Afternoon having a play on the field. This was after we had built our dens in class. It was funny watching you crawl around under the tables!

The beginning of the week was fun too with you looking incredible wearing your Celt or Roman costume. Thank you parents for helping with these. Lots of fun was had again on the field chasing the other 'tribe' and trying to catch them.

Next week;

Maths- Lots of reasoning activities to do with measures. An example is below.

Winston is measuring a bus. He can measure it in millimetres, centimetres or metres.He says he will measure it in centimetres. Is that the best choice?  Explain your answer.

Literacy- writing your own story based on Escape to Pompeii. Can you create a character, describe a seeting build up to a problem and then write the ending?

Topic- Who were the Romans?

Art- Find out what a mosaic is.

Science- use scientific vocabulary to describe  observations about shadows.

Enjoy the sunshine everyone! 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need to pass on information.