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Class 3TH

Welcome to Class 3TH.

16.7.18 is nearly the end of term! We had a great afternoon seeing some parents on Friday. The Art exhibition was amazing! Your 'Murmuration' pictures looked brilliant. I hope you were proud of them.

This week is different

Monday and Tuesday - RE days. 

Wednesday morning will be a DT morning where we will make Roman models using levers.

Thursday morning we will complete our Learning Journeys as well as finish mosaics and have our last music session.with Mrs Walton. In the afternoon, we will watch the year 6 production. I know lots of you have older brothers and sisters in it.

Friday is our trip to Lunt Fort. You will get a final email confirming all details.

Don't forget, if your parents want YOU to collect your report and your books on Monday, they MUST send me an email giving you permission, otherwise we have to wait for your parent to collect. 

Have a great last week!

Mrs T



Hope you are enjoying the gorgeous weekend! Just a couple of weeks to go in Year 3!

And now you know who your Year 4 teacher will be too! We did discuss that being 'mixed-up' is about the opportunity to make new friends and get to know different people- especially when you have been with the same group for 3 years! Learning is the most important thing and that best friends still remain out on the playground. It is ok to feel a bit nervous, but a great adventure awaits you next year with a new teacher and new friends!

Literacy- continuing with the Journey story- looking at different pages and writing the story.

Maths- Revision of fractions

DT- Planning our own lever model based on Romans

Have a great long weekend! Mrs Soulsby and Miss Barratt are spending Monday designing your first topic in Year 4- exciting!!  

Mrs T x



What a brilliant week we had last week. Lots of comic capers. Did your prank sandwich fool anyone? :))

Next week;

Literacy- up-leveling work to show how far we have come in our writing. We will SHOW OFF all the skills we have acquired as fantastic writers.

Maths- Division revision. We will be using our knowledge of times tables!!

DT- Levers.



A fabulous Beano week to look forward to

Don't forget DRESS UP Day on Friday- be a BASH STREET KID

Well done on working through the Mathletics homework- it is good for you! :)

Have  great week!

PLEA- Lots of children have reached the maximum amount of Mathletics homework activities of 10. This means I can not set anymore! The homework supports what we have been covering in class and therefore reinforces learning. If you are having issues with Mathletics please do let me know. 


Literacy- Writing our biography of our own Roman Emperor. We will learn the structure and type of language needed and then write our own.

Maths- Revising time! Some of us were a little confused by minutes To and Past...we are having another go!

Art- Murmuration Art. Are we ready to do our final copies?

You will have Mrs Hazelden Monday- Wednesday. I will be in class Thursday and Friday.

Have a great week.

Mrs T x


I hope you have had a good break and enjoyed the sunshine! This last half term is one of the busiest but the best!

This week- 

Literacy- Biography writing. We will create a Roman Emperor whose life story we will write about.

Maths- Data. Reading information from charts and tables and being able to ask questions.

Art- A special project called 'Murmuration  Art'. It will be different and fun!

Science- Green Plants.

You will have Mrs Hazelden on Thursday morning- I am in Edwinstowe on a course!

See you Wednesday morning!

Mrs T


What fantastic writers you have become 3TH. I read your stories on Friday and I thought they were brilliant! You are really thinking about what you are writing and using editing very effectively! Money in maths was great too. Just be careful with working out difference in money such as £5-£3.70. Lots of you thought the answer was £2.30. Count up rather than subtracting. Adding 30p takes you to £4 and £1 more takes you up to £5.We are carrying on with money and change next week.

Maths- Working out change and reasoning problems.

Literacy Writing a shape poem- NOT  a poem about shapes!

History- Were the Roman Friends or Foe?

Art- Making a mosaic

Thank you for all your homework. I love the clocks! You are also proving to be great at power points too!

Have a great Sunday.

Mrs T x




That was a strange week for me! I only saw you for 3 small periods of time! I was very impressed with how you coped with assembly this week. I was very proud too of how you had learnt the poem off by heart since Monday's rehearsal. 

Next week is a 'normal' week...I think! :)

Literacy- Writing build up, problem and endings of our own narratives before editing.

Numeracy- Revising equivalent fractions and comparing fractions before going onto adding and subtracting fractions.

History- Why were the Romans so powerful?

Art- making small tessare for mosiacs

Homework has been of good quality- neatly presented with focus on presentation and handwriting. Thank you!

Have a good weekend. Mrs T



What a lovely end to the first week. The sun was out so we took adavantage of it and had some of our Treat Afternoon having a play on the field. This was after we had built our dens in class. It was funny watching you crawl around under the tables!

The beginning of the week was fun too with you looking incredible wearing your Celt or Roman costume. Thank you parents for helping with these. Lots of fun was had again on the field chasing the other 'tribe' and trying to catch them.

Next week;

Maths- Lots of reasoning activities to do with measures. An example is below.

Winston is measuring a bus. He can measure it in millimetres, centimetres or metres.He says he will measure it in centimetres. Is that the best choice?  Explain your answer.

Literacy- writing your own story based on Escape to Pompeii. Can you create a character, describe a seeting build up to a problem and then write the ending?

Topic- Who were the Romans?

Art- Find out what a mosaic is.

Science- use scientific vocabulary to describe  observations about shadows.

Enjoy the sunshine everyone! 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need to pass on information.