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Class 2W

Wednesday 25th July - Happy summer holidays!

Well 2W, what a year we've had together! You've all grown up so much and I'm so proud of you all for everything that you've learnt and the people that you're becoming. It's been such a fun year, thank you to all the children for being their wonderful selves and to the lovely, supportive parents. Thank you for the kind words of thanks, cards and gifts. They really do mean such a lot and make the hard work all worth it! Have a fantastic summer break and I'll see you in September!

Mrs Winfield XXX



Hello and welcome to class 2W!

Please come and talk to me at the beginning/end of the school day if there's anything that you'd like to discuss.

If you'd like to contact me my email address is:

Aliens have landed - check out come of our videos here!

Week ending 8th June

What a busy first week back we've had in 2W! I hope that everyone has fun at the school disco tonight. Enjoy House Team took part in their treat afternoon today for being the house team winners, they took part in lots of sporting activities organised by the Sports Leaders.

In our maths this week, we've been trying to solve addition and subtraction puzzles. We've tried hard to be systematic and change one number at a time. In English, we've read and enjoyed the story Traction Man by Mini Grey. Today we've finished our very own Traction Man adventure story. "Never fear, Traction Man is here!"

We've begun practising our art work ready for our final pieces for the art exhibition. We're taking care with our sketching skills to ensure that we can gradually add detail and build up the different media.

Week ending 11th May

We had an amazing day yesterday create space art. We went to each of the Year 1/2 classes and created a different planet / star with each teacher and the finished piece looks absolutely amazing! Look in our photo gallery to see them!

We've been looking at telling the time this week in maths, remember that the short hand is the hour hand, and that the minute hand counts in fives as it goes around the clock.

In our writing, we've been looking at grammar this week, learning what nouns are and trying to spot them in sentences. We've also created descriptions of settings and tried hard to use interesting verbs, adverbs and suffixes. 

Happy weekend!

Week ending 4th May

Thank you to all parents whoe came to our Curriculum Evening last night. We hope that you found it useful to know how and why we teach phonics and spelling in Year 2. The powerpoint used is in the Year 1/2 Resources if you'd like to take a look at it. 

This week we've been looking at Bob, from the Man in the Moon. We've written character descriptions of him and have published it too as a final written piece. I'm so proud of them!

In our maths we've been looking at word problems and talking about the different words used to help us unpick what's needed to be done, eg more, total and altogether mean add, while less, change and left mean takeaway.

We've continued to learn about important figures from the past in our history, learning about Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake and their great explorations.

Week ending 27th April

What a busy week! We've been working on the wonderful story Beedu by Alexis Deacon, about a lost, lonely alien who is trying to fit in on Earth. We've described our planet and written postcards, trying hard to include adjectives, conjunctions and contractions.

In our maths, we've been look at multiplication and division and the inverse relationships between them. We've worked at using our times tables knowledge to help us solve dividing questions. We've also looked at how to solve word problems in maths, looking for the clues in the question and underlining it to help us.

In our topic, we're learning all about Space and learning when important things have happened. We've learnt where things go on a timeline to order the events of the space race! We've continued to work  on our alien hand puppets and will be proudly bringing them home to play with soon!



We are looking forward to our new story this week Bob the man in the moon. We shall write about who Bob, who he is , what he does as a job and what he likes to do.

We are practising some maths questions and reminding ourselves how to solve word problems. If you can think of any to make up at home and decide if you add, subtract, divide or multiply to solve it , this would be fantastic.

Spellings : You can find a copy of our spellings in Pupil Zone under Yr1/2 summer resources.