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Class 1WV

wc 12th February, 2018

Have a wonderful half term break!

We have set a piece of homework - to keep the momentum of the wonderful project 'Rumble in the Jungle'.  We look forward to seeing your creative homework the first week back.

Remember it is an INSET day 26th Feb - we will be back in school Tuesday 27th Feb.

1st March is World Book day - remember to bring in blankets pillow and your favourite book for our reading for pleasure afternoon.  Also you are welcome to dress up as your favourite story character.

Have a wonderful break.

Love Mrs Wood and Mrs Viggars.

wc 5th February, 2018


We have had a fantastic week celebrating Chinese New Year.  We enjoyed assemblies from Miss Law and Miss Booth - where we learnt all about the traditions and the story associated with the festival.  We enjoyed learning a ribbon dance to traditional Chinese music, then made our very own dancing dragons.  Thank you also to all parents who came to support our Chinese New Year Lantern walk - we all so enjoyed seeing so many families enjoyng the celebrations!

A HUGE well done to all of Class 1WV who did some amazing singing, dancing and talking in front of the whole school for our Class Assembly.  We were so proud to see how confident and mature the children were...everyone made a great input and really impressed everyone with their knowledge and work so far for our topic 'Rumble in the Jungle'.

You will all recieve a letter explaining that the children have reached 25 marbles and we will be having a marble treat day this coming Wednesday.  The children will just come into school in their own choice of clothes, and we plan to play party games int he afternoon.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Best wishes Mrs Wood & Mrs Viggars


wc 29th January, 2018


What an amazing adventure today when we walked up to the Wood's.  We enjoyed thinking about adjectives to describe each part of the walk, also spotting physical and natural features at the top was really interesting.  We had such a clear day we could see for miles!



Maths - we will be learning about passages of time ie. days of the week, months of the year along with minutes hours and seconds.

Literacy - We are reading poetry, also writing interesting and descriptive spentences about animals.

Science/Geography - We are learning about different layers of the Rainforest, also plotting natural and physical aspects on our own map.

Mrs Wood & Mrs Viggars

wc 22nd January, 2018

What a wonderful week of more rainforest exploring!  this week we started by looking at how the Amazon River and our very own River Trent compared.

We had our second reading book show and tell!  Thank you for the wonderful suggestions for reading this week.  Really lovely to see what you are reading - so many great titles recommeded already.

We have created our own Rainforest animals - we chose the different characteristics based on wha they would need to survive in the jungle.  Lots of great ideas!  We managed to do some painting too - we all loved getting creative!!

We are looking forward to our walk to Sharp Hill next week. please if you havent already send your consent for the trip.  Without it your child won't be able to go.

We will be writing a recount and thinking about interesting ordered sentence starts.  In maths we will be looking at division - after our first look at multiplication this week.

Well done everyone - another super week in class 1WV!

Best wishes Mrs Wood and Mrs Viggars xxx

PS You will have all recieved homework this weekend - please return on Monday we look forward to seein ghow you get on!


wc  15th January, 2018.

The children (and Teachers) are really enjoying learning all about the Rainforest.   We have seen so much progress in the children's attitudes and wonderful work they are producing already!  

This week was the start of our reading 'show and tell', this will continue each Thursday afternoon.  Thank you to the children who brought in a story today - so lovely to see you share them with others- we cannot wait to see which books you recommend!  

Thank you to all parents who have offered to help on the walk up to Sharp Hill Wood's on Wednesday 31st Jan - it is set to be a wonderful afternoon looking at our local environment and then comparing it to the Rainforest.

Next week:

Maths - Simple multiplication

Literacy - Conjunctives and simple sentences.

Our topic work is really inspiring the children thank you somuch if you have brought something in for our Rainforest display (jungle or rainforest animals).  Also thank you for bringing any stories linked to the Rainforest we have discovered some lovely titles and shared them as a class.

Many thanks to you all for your support!

Mrs Wood & Mrs Viggars x

Welcome back to a new term!  

We are so excited to be back to start another fantastic term.  Today we launched our new topic which is .....


We had such a fun morning of dance, drama and movement pretending to be in a real Rainforest.  we are so looking forward to the exciting activites we have planned over the coming weeks.


Thursday 14th December 2017

Wow - what a week. Class 1WV you were amazing in our Nativity! You wowed the teachers, the other children and especially the parents. We are so proud of you. Thank you to all of the parents for your support too.

We are looking forward to seeing lots of you at St Pauls Church on Thursday at 615 for the Jesse Gray Church Service. It is a great event where we come together to celebrate Christmas and also support the local children's hospice 'Rainbows'. I wonder what their Christmas cuddly will be this year?

Throughout the rest of the week we have an exciting RE day for you to enjoy plus our Christmas activities begin! We are still looking for some parents/grandparents to come and support us with our sewing next week. If you think you could do this, please email us and we would love your support.

Finally, thank you for all of the wonderful donations to our class hamper. It looks amazing already! I hope whoever wins it enjoys all of the sparkle!

Mrs Wood and Mrs Viggars

Tuesday 28th November 2017

The weather has certainly now changed and we are all feeling very ‘wintery’! Thank you so much for making sure the children are all fully equipped with coats, hats and gloves. Please help us in returning your child’s lost belongings, by ensuring that all items are fully labelled. 

Thank you for all your help with costumes for our Nativity. Please allow your child to put these (in a bag) in their cubby hole so they know where it is. We will make sure that all belongings are returned as soon as the play is over! 

In English this week we have begun our work on the story of ‘The Nut Cracker’. The holders have worked really hard to be able to retell the story with increasing accuracy and detail. I’m sure they can share this at home too. In Maths we have been learning about subtraction. We have so far been using objects to help us but will be moving onto a number line later in the week. 

Mrs Wood and Mrs Viggars

Tuesday 21st November 2017

Another fun filled week in Class 1WV this week. We are absolutely delighted with everyone’s hard work on their books all about ‘The Great Fire of London’. They are amazing. We hope that you enjoy sharing them with your parents at the weekend. Please fill in the form and return it on Monday.

In maths this week we will be looking at addition and subtraction. You are doing really well using a number line to do this. Keep practising at home if you can!

Next week the rehearsals for our Nativity really start. We will be doing lots of singing and dancing throughout the whole play!

Thank you for all of the ‘Sparkly’ things you have been sending to us. Our hamper is going to be fabulous….I think we will be buying lots of tickets!

Tuesday 14th November 2017

What a busy week we have had! This week we have started rehearsing our nativity. It is called Prickly Hay. More information about ticket and costumes will be coming out in December. This week we are thinking about place value will be thinking about 10s and ones. We will be using resources to represent these. In English we will be making our own books about the great fire of London. They will have content pages glossary and lots of information.

This week we sent a letter out explaining that our hamper has the theme SPARKLE Please begin collecting anything sparkly that you could add to ours to make it the most amazing hamper possible!

This week is national anti-bullying week. Mrs Moore sent an email with some useful information to help you and your child identify bullying and know how to deal with it.

Did you know that Jesse Gray has a Twitter account? Search for Jesse Gray School today and find out more about amazing activities in school.

Soon you will find a game in your child’s book-bag. It is all about capital letters. Please practice capital letters and lowercase letters to help your child use them correctly in their writing.

Thank you for your ongoing support with everything we do in class 1WV. Remember you can contact Mrs Wood or Mrs Viggars by email any time or please pop in to see us.

Tuesday 7th November 2017

What an amazing week we had last week, all ending in a fabulous firework display. It was so lovely to see so many of you there.

In English, we began our work on ‘non-fiction’ texts. We enjoyed visiting the library and looking through all of the book. WE will continue to look at nob-fiction books this week too.

In Maths we will continue looking at number. We will focus on looking for patterns within a 100square and how to find one more/one less.

But the biggest news…..

What an amazing day we had yesterday. Making our own London city and then burning it, just like in the Great Fire of London was amazing. You did some fabulous writing afterwards and had some great ideas about how to create a picture. Below is a video o the fire. It is quite long but it shows that all of the houses burnt down and how easily the fire spread. Enjoy sharing it with your parents.



We are looking forward to seeing all of the mums and dads at parents evening this week. We are very busy on Tuesday so will need to stick strictly to timings. Thank you for your help with this.

Tuesday 31st October 2017

Happy Halloween everyone. You have all been very excited about your trick or treating visits tonight. I hope you all have a wonderful time and follow the rules that we discussed.

This week we are beginning to look at non-fiction writing and non-fiction books. You will be enjoying a trip to the library to start this topic tomorrow.

In maths we will be thinking a little bit more about numbers, especially focusing on number bonds and accurate counting. These are so important and something that you could all practise at home too. Find 20 'things' (pieces of pasta works well) and see how many differnet ways you can arrange them e.g. 10+10, 19+1 etc. It is a fun game to play with your mums and dads too!

Our topic has now changed to 'The Great FIre of London'. If you have any informtion about it, then please bring it is so we can all share it. We have already enjoyed finding out lots of facts. Can you remember where the fire started?

Image result for the great fire of london cartoon

Next week I would like us all to make a tudor street so we can see how the fire spread so easily. PLease can you all bring in a cardboard box (no bigger than a cereal box) to do this. If possible, please can you also turn it inside out. It will make it easier for us to decorate it at school. I'm excited about our lesson!

Finally, a copy of the words that you need to be able to spell by the end of the year is attached to the bottom of the webpage. It might be useful to practise readign them with your parents.

As always, keep working hard. We are excited to be seeing all of the mums and dads ext week to share what great work you have already done this year.

Mrs Wood and Mrs VIggars



We want to say a big THANK YOU to all children for settling in so well this half term, also to all parents and carers for supporting your children so well!

Just a reminder, parents evening bookings are now live - the dates are Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th.

Have a wondrful break. Relax and enjoy wheatever you have planned - you all deserve it as you've worked so hard.

Mrs Wood & Mrs Viggars x

We look forward to seeing you wc 30th October.

Wc 9th October, 2017

Wow what a super week!  We are continuing to develop our addition skills, using numicon and cubes to find totals of 10 and within 10 (eg numbers that total 8 for example).  The children are really enjoying the practical sessions - also recording their work too.  See if you can challenge your children at home by finding opportunities for 'real life' addition word problems!  We have also sent home - due to popular demand the addition colouring in task  this is purely optional.

The children wrote wonderful versions of the 'Enormous Turnip' this week and we will be continuing to focus on contructing simple sentences next week.


As part of our topic work this week we have made delicious ginger biscuits - we got together with Class 1B and talked about the sort of food and drinks pirates used to have - some of the things we were surprised at...particularly that Turtles were kept on board to be eaten for a treat!! We hope you enjoyed the biscuits at home too.

Next thursday we will be holding a day long RE Harvest celebration day - we have ots of exciting plans for the children...even we are excited too!!  Also in science we will be making a waterproof hat and coat for Teddy- when we will be continuing our investigation of materials.

Please keep the bottles coming in - we will be making something next week with them!  Busy and fun week ahead before we break up for half term.

Have a lovely wekend! Mrs Wood & Mrs Viggars xxx

wc 2nd October, 2017

What an amzazing week rounded off beautifully with a lovely Harvest Festival assembly this morning - thank you for the wonderful donations!

The children really enjoyed the Partake theatre company on Tuesday.  We enjoyed lots of drama, singing, music and movement.  

We have enjoyed making boats today, we were learning about floating and sinking materials.  The children were really creative choosing from a selection of objects to make their boats. We enjoyed going outside and testing our boats with Class 1B.  Most of them floated which was incredible!!

We have been thinking lots about Autumn.  We decorated leaves and designed finger painted trees using the beautiful autumnal colours.

wc 25th September, 2017

Pirate Fun!

This week we have been continuing our pirate adventures back in the classroom.  We have loved making porthold collages and our very own treasure maps stained with tea to give them a really old look - we are very proud of our hard work!

This is Scary Island!!

This is Villan Island!

This is Banana Island!

This is Albratross Island!

This is Dragon Island - William Sammy and Betty made this too!

The children loved working in their groups to name and design their islands - well done!!

Thank you to everyone who supported our Macmillan coffee morning today - lots of wonderful cakes, bakes, donations and friendly faces to support a wonderful cause!

Next week:

In maths we will be learning about number bonds to 10.  We will spend the week finding lots of visual and prractical ways to remember the pairs of numbers that total 10, a crucial part of early maths.  In English we will continue our work on Traditional Tales.  We will be looking at the story the Enormous Turnip.  The children have written some amazing sentences this week, and we pla to build upon these further.


Watch out for signs of Autumn, we will be looking at autumn colours in Science.  Also, please bring a bottle (small plastic) for a small mini-project to do over the next couple of weeks.  

Have a wonderful weekend!!

From Mrs Wood & Mrs Viggars


wc 18th September, 2017

Beaumanor Hall  Visit

We all had a super day taking part in many pirate challenges including a treasure hunt, an assault course and we even went to a pirate cave and spoke to a real pirate where we found out lots about how pirates used to live.  It was so lovely to see the children's imagination come to life, each and every child had a wonderful day!


wc 11th September

Ooh ar me hearties!!

The children have had a wonderful as we launch our new topic 'Pirate Adventure!'.  All week we have been taking part in pirate themed activities.  In maths we have been learning about directions, navigating using a compass.  In English we have been enjoying lots of pirate stories, thank you if you sent one in.  Also we have written our own pirate poem and started to write simple sentences.

Thank you if you were able to join our Pirate recital, also for the wonderful dressing up the children wore on Friday.   We had a really super day!


Next week:

Remember we will be visiting Beaumanor Hall on Wednesday.  Children are to come into school at the normal time, and will be back by 3pm.  Pleae see the letter for details. Thank you to all parent helpers - we couldn't do it without you!  

wc 6th September 2017 

Welcome back after what souds like a fantastic summer for you all!  We have been making our way through the wonderful postcards you have kindly sent into school - it has been a lovely way for the children to share their experiences and get to know each other better!  We are making sure everyone gets enough time to share these properly so we still have lots to look at over the coming week.

This last few days has been based on making new friends and getting to knnow the classroom and the Year 1 'golden rules' and routines.  We would love to take this opporunity to say how well each and every child has embraced the new class activites and tried their absolute best.  They may be very tired by the end of the week as they have all been busy showing us their amazing behaviour, effort and kindess.

Amongst other things we have really enjoyed drawing and collaging self portraits which we have displayed in the classroom for everyone to see!

Our welcome back mini-topic has been aroud hats.  So we look forward to seeing everyone wearing their hats tomorrow!

We have been looking at a series of 'Hat' related books by an author called Jon Klassen.  The children have loved enjoying these books through making their own hats, role playing the story and making up their own endings.  


Just as a quick reminder, if all PE kits could be in school asap, as our full timetable will be in action next week.  We look forward to enjoying our new topic with the children of 1WV!

Mrs Viggars will be teaching Monday and Tuesday, Mrs Wood; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  If you need to contact us for any reason we are more than happy for you to email us if you are unable to see us in person and