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Class 1B

Wednesday 25th July we are at the end of Year 1 and the children all ready for the challenges of Year 2 in September with Mrs Winfield. They have been an absolute delight to teach and have been full of enthusiasm and eager to learn.

On a personal note many thanks for the presents and good wishes as I set off into my next adventure of travelling and having time with my wonderful family

Take care, have a lovely rest over the summer and you never know I might bump into you around West Bridgford!

Over and Out....lots of love  Mrs Bettle xx

  Welcome back to a new year at JG.  Class information will appear here shortly.

For contact please use the school e mail address:

Week Beginning 23rd July

Here we are into the last week....3 days until the summer holidays and you come back as Year 2 with Mrs Winfield. It's been lovely for you to have a couple of sessions with her for story in your new room across the corridor and we begin Monday morning with a "Meet The Teacher" session when you will be going to spend some time with Mrs Winfield learning about all the exciting activities that await you in September 

On Monday the children will bring home PE Kit and water bottles so please check everything in their bags...thank you. Cups for drinking will be available for the children throughout the last few days. Reading books and planners will be collected in ready for handover to Mrs Winfield


on Friday was a lovely day, tents were assembled and the children spent the day playing, watching  and providing the acts on the big stage, working with the Year 5 on crafts and dancing in the afternoon. After a successful tidying ! of the site we completed the day with ice lollies in the shade of the KS 1 playground.  

Books and reports should have arrived home successfully on Friday evening. If you have not sent consent via e mail please pop into school.

So.....the last few days still have activities to complete and tidying to do...the children are coping very well with the long half term, hot weather and the tired nights from the football! Hope you've all got lots of exciting plans for the summer

See you at the gate on Monday...the last one!

Mrs Bettle


Week Beginning 16th July

Busy, Busy, Busy! That's what we' ve been this week. 

We had a lovely session with our Year 5 buddies painting in the school garden and in the Wild Area. We used water colours so that we could merge colours together.

Our visit to Ruddington Frame Breaker Museum and to the Country Park was fantastic.

We learnt lots about children in the past and how they worked,played and lived.

We also had a great ladybird  and leaf hunt and finished off with a super games session with our mums and dads.

Thank you for all your support

The children should have all bought home information regarding 


The children will be using time on Wednesday and Thursday of next week to prepare. It should be a lovely day to spend with Class 1WV to celebrate Year 1 

We will be thinking about all the activities we have completed this year for our final piece of work in our Learning Journeys


See of you can think of ten activities or events that are you favourite moments from Year 1 List them on a count down sheet and add some pictures to illustrate

In science we named body parts, we remembered lots of technical terms

The art exhibition is FANTASTIC, we visited in the morning to spot our art work before open afternoon. I hope you are impressed!

See you on Monday...not the last one yet

Lots of Love Mrs B XXX

Week Beginning 9th July

What a Scorcher!

Thank you for joining us on Sports was sooooo hot! but the children did you proud....we had great fun both in the morning and the afternoon

We have completed lots of writing tasks this week...a comment for our reports, a review of our assembly and a recount of the Sports.

If you haven't yet brought your PE Kit back to school can we bring it on Tuesday as we will be having games with Mr Smith

Next week our writing will be based on our Wednesday visit to Rushcliffe Country Park.


Can you design a poster ready for our visit out of could include safty tips as to "do's and don't could also draw a picture of what we might see and also some of the games activities we might do when your mums and dads arrive. Make it big and bold...remember the date and venue

In maths we look at little more in detail at far we have talked about longer and shorter but we will be using units of measurement both small and large inside and outside the classroom.

We will be having a shared painting session with the Year 5's this week and going outside to explore the wild life in the school garden and wild area....making sure you've got your eyes wide open as we will be looking for details in your paintings

Don't forget that Monday 9th July is INSET DAY so we don't expect to see you until Tuesday morning...I think you'll have a lovely long weekend as the weather is supposed to be warm until the end of the week.

It was lovely to choose activities and enjoy the afternoon...well done Class 1B for sharing and inventing some great games to play

Don't forget that Friday afternoon is OPEN AFTERNOON...a chance for you to come and see the classroom and have a look through your child's work...we're looking forward to seeing you from 2.30pm until 4.00pm. It will also give you an opportunity to wander across the corridor and introduce yourselves to Mrs Winfield.

The class will be staying together in Year 2 and have a lovely time with lots of exciting activities being planned on Monday during our INSET Day

Have a lovely sunny weekend

Lots of Love Mrs B XX

Week Beginning 2nd July

What a busy week we have's been Dennis the Menace up to his tricks all week

We had a lovely dance session with Oxsana where we used our bodies to become the different characters and walk and move showing how they felt

We have completed lots of maths...Dennis's clothes got all mixed up in the washing machine and we had to sort them out...Gnasher went on walks down lots of different streets....

and we had a number hunt around the yard to find which Beano character had most of the tags...all very busy

We had a lovely session of maths through a dance company, a super way to start the week finding out how much we knew about numbers and symbols

This week we have a lot of writing to complete...some recount for our we will have to think about everything we have completed in Year 1.

Also some reviewing of our Sports Day.Please remember that Sports Day is on Wednesday and if you can make your way onto the field through the Haileybury Road gate. We will also ask you to sign if you wish to take photos before making your way onto the field. We will have specific areas for you to view all of the sports and to follow round the groups. We aim to start at 1.15pm.  Please could you ensure if the weather is warm that the children have come to school with their sun tan lotion as they will be given opportunity to reapply before the afternoon session 


Can you find a different sport for every letter of the alphabet...that'll be 26 that you have to find!!!

Have a lovely weekend

Over and out from the Beano Gang


Week Beginning 25th June 

 What a great end to the week! I think we all enjoyed the rehearsals for the assembly and also the performances on Friday to parents and to the school. We hope with left you with a "feel good factor" to enjoy your weekend knowing that we have some super aspirations

We have been really busy and sent our Wildlife team to install the bug hotel. What a great crew they were.Mrs Taylor said they were a pleasure to work with and gave her lots of factual information about the bugs that were up there in the undergrowth

Don't forget that next week is BEANO CREATIVE WEEK. We are going to be drawing characters, writing cartoons and solving some puzzles for Dennis the Menace and Gnasher.  I hope you've got your outfir sorted for Friday when we're all getting together.


Can you think of a really naughty activity that Dennis the Menace could be involve in and draw a picture to show what he's doing?

Don't get up to too much mischief this weekend

See you on Monday Love from Mrs B  XXXX

Week Beginning 18th June

Hello...if you're reading this before the end of the week I'm putting some information on a little bit earlier then usual as I'm shooting off after school to spend the evening with the Year 2's at Wollaton Park as they have their exciting sleepover.

The week has flown by. During our English lessons we have continued our planning for the assembly next week, we're looking forward to speaking clearly and singing to you. Don't forget 9.10am on Friday 22nd. This week we start our rehearsals with Class 1WV

We have continued to look more closely at flowers and have learnt to name and understand the functions of some unusual parts. We will be revisiting the garden to sketch the flower heads more closely

Our art for the Art Exhibition at the end of term is nearly complete, we have worked really carefully to produce a backing and some little creatures that you will recognise as the theme for the exhibition is "A  Country Garden" See if you can guess which creature we have been looking at?

During maths we looked at number values and made ourselves into a great big number line, we had to decide in which position we had to be...were we bigger or smaller than the people around us?


In English this week we are going to start looking at the story line and the characters from Alice In Wonderland so if you have a copy of the book at home please bring it in for us to share. 

Thank you for your prompt returns over the visit to Rushcliffe Country Park in July. We will get back to you as soon as possible but at the moment it seems that a lot of you will be joining us to share some games and then take your children straight home. Please do not worry if your child attends After School Club or has a child minder who will be picking up from school as arrangements will be made for your child to be back at school for 3.15pm as normal. 

We had a brilliant time at the year 6 fair today...there was so much to choose from!!

Have a lovely's hoping it doesn't rain on the Year 2's under canvas on Friday night...just think this time next could be you!!

Lots of Love Mrs B XXX


Week Beginning 11th June

This last week has absolutely flown by...we shared our holiday news on Monday and then suddenly we were all getting excited by the disco on Friday after school

We got straight into being busy and have had a lovely week making use of the outdoors. We had a shared science lesson with our Year 5 buddies from Mr Price's class and sketched leaves from the school garden. We were amazed by how many shapes, sizes and colours we could find

This week we will be naming parts of a plant and looking at their functions, so we need some good drawing skills and we need to read some tricky words


We found one or two bugs in the school garden whilst we were sketching. See if you can find and draw and NAME five insects,bugs or beetles that are in YOUR garden

We have spent lots of time sharing our books and reading information to each other,we have realised that we need to speak slowly and check that we have read the words correctly, we also have to be good listeners and not interrupt!

We have completed English work based on our aspirations and what we would like to be when we grow up...we have had some interesting thoughts that we're going to share with you in the Year 1 Assembly. Don't forget that it is on Friday 22nd June at 9.10am

Don't forget that it is also the Year 6 Fair next week so bring  a little bit of money to spend on the games and treats...please bring it in a purse or wallet because we  may have to keep our money safe until our session

Have a lovely weekend 

Love from Mrs B XXX


This week has just disappeared in a rush...the children have been writing some special stories about a desert island and I am really pleased with all the hard work and effort they have put in. The results are super and I'm sure they will enjoy sharing them with you.

The children also shared some tricky problem solving where they had to find lots of possible answers and check they hadn't repeated themselves.

The rain has appeared today as I arrive in school but I'm sure it'll clear for you to get out and about at he start of your holiday so have a brilliant time and keep an eye on the website at the end of the week for your challenge. Have a lovely time and Ill see you back for the last half term...nearly Year 2's..

Lots of love Mrs BXX


What a lovely session we had with the Year 5's ....we read some books with our buddy and then completed an evaluation of the book to see if we would recommend it to our friends

Please look on the website under Events and Gallery as there are some lovely close up photos of the children

We have also created some pictures on space using the computers they look rather dramatic!

I hope all the beans returned home successfully for looking after...I've challenged the children to take care and when they are sturdy enough to plant them in the garden and to bring me a photo of the finished runner of the beans we planted was called "Achievement" so I'm hoping that's what we'll do


See if you can find out how many different types of bean there are and how they are different in colour and in size. Have a go at drawing some of them and find out in what types of meal we eat them....maybe you'll find a new one that you haven't tried yet!

This week in English we are going to write a story about a deserted island and hopefully use some super adjectives to describe and also to explain how we might feel in that situation

In Maths we are going to be problem solving and using our reasoning skills.  Hopefully we will be able to draw some pictures to help us find the answers and check that we have all the possibilities

Have a lovely Royal weekend

Lots of love Mrs B xx


Well done Bethany for completing the challenge and testing us with your riddles! Here they are....

What Am I?

I swim in the sea

I wiggle my tail

I jump in the air

I like swimming with people

I can balance a ball on my nose       I am a dolphin


I swim in the sea

I like swimming to the shore

I have lovely long hair and a beautiful tail        I am a mermaid


I flutter in the air

I like licking flowers

I have bright colours

I used to be a caterpillar       I am a butterfly




Week Beginning 14th May

We 've had a super time in maths this week looking at the clock face and learning where our hour and minute hands should go fror "o" clock times and half past times

This week we are looking at measures and comparing lengths and weights

In English we have read and written space poems about aliens. We practised ours and then shared with class 1WV. This week we are going to be finding out how to write instructions and use imperative verbs


For one of our next steps this week we had a riddle...What Am I? When we had read all the clues we had to decide what the answer was and those of you who said the earth were right...

See if you can find a What Am I? riddle in a book or on the internet and write it out to test us at school. if not try to write one of your own

As part of our science which begins after the half term holiday we are going to follow some instructionsand plant some beans...but we are going to send them home to be cared for...make sure you follow the care instructions.

For our topic work this week we wil be finding how an astronaut has to protect him self whilst in space and the special equipment he has to carry with him to survive

Have a lovely weekend

The week has flashed by..see you on Monday

Mrs Bettle xx

Week Beginning 7th May

Have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend and enjoy the sunshine as I think there's going to be a little bit coming our way

We have had a wonderful week writing our new advetures for Bob The Man in the Moon. I was really impressed with how much you wrote and all your amazing ideas from Bob buying popcorn and travelling on a scooter to the launch pad....and checking the craters...playing Twister and doing moon jigsaws to returning home and finding an alien in his bed! A big well done to everyone...your writing skills are definitely improving We have also produced some lovely collaged pictures of rockets launching into space

For our art work next week we are going to join with the Year 2's to have a workshop and produce planets and stars using different skills....marbelling, printing, and pastelling


Can you find out the order of the planets in the Solar System and draw them out showing their sizes and colours. If you name them we can see if we can produce our own solar systems

We had a visit from the NSPCC this week and they talked to us all about keeping safe. We thought about how to care for each other and help each other. Next week for our PHSE we are going to become film producers as we are going to plan a class film to show how we accept each other for who we are and celebrate being up!!!

For our maths we are revisiting time and checking that we have remembered how to show accurate hour times on a clock face . Then we will introduce half hours and check that we can show the two hands of the clock in the right places

For our English we are going to be learning to read some poems about space verbally and then writing some alien poems of our own. We are also going to check that we can write accurate questions and use the question mark symbol at the end of the question

Thank you to all the parents who joined us for the Year 1 Phonics meeting and then the Enjoyment for Reading talk from Mrs Soulsby in the hall.

We hope you found it informative and aren't mixing up your trigraphs, digraphs and graphemes...agh!!!

See you on TUESDAY

Lots of Love Mrs B XXXX


Week Beginning 30th April

The Aliens Have Landed!

This week we have used our painting skills to paint somealiens forthe back wall. We have also found lotsof adjectives to describe how they look, move and talk

We came up with some very strange names for them!

We had a lovely reading session with the Year 5's from Mr Price's class when they heard us read and talked about the characters and action in our stories

This week in English we are going to write our own version of an adventure for Bob The Man in the Moon, we'll let you know how we get on. Monday is planning and Thursday is our big writing day

In Maths we have been working using a number line to subtract and I have been really impressed with our accuracy. This week we will be returning to looking at arrays to help us with multiplication and division problems.

For our topic work next week we are going to find out aboutthe important spacemen who have travelled to the moon.


See how many facts you can find out about Tim Peake and what he did, draw apicture and label the facts around him

Please don't forget our Phonics Curriculum Evening on Thursday 3rd May, where you can find out about what we do in school to help our reading

Have a lovely weekend, although I think it might keep raining. Don't forget to bring a coat as we do still go out for break if it is a little drizzly.

Lots of Love

Mrs B xxxx

Week Beginning 23rd April

The better weather has returned and we've all been smiling today, red hat have been worn and we've all had plenty to drink. A lovely first week back with the children getting straight back into the swing of work. Well done Class 1B

We started the week with our new book Bob: The Man on the Moon and have only so far read the first three pages but we had great fun putting actions to it and reading aloud. We also decribed space suits for astronauts to wear and found some command words to get Bob to dress and to do his jobs

We also checked that we could spot capital letters and group them

On our back wall a lot of astronauts ...some rather familiar have been launched into space

We have also had the arrival of our first alien made from the gloves and socks we asked you to bring in. I'm sure over the next few weeks we shall see a lot more arriving!

Next week in English we continue reading our story and start to look at the beginning , the middle and the end of the story in readiness for writing our own

In Maths we are going to be using the facts we practised this week to help with addition and subtractions skills


See if you can find out the names of the rockets that have been to the moon and draw and label it. We'll see if we can add it to our space timeline next week

Have a lovely weekend

Enjoy the sun

Lots of love 

Mrs B


Look Out.....

Week Beginning 16th April

So...the summer begins....and although it has been rather rainy and grey over the Easter holidays I think the sun should come out for us as we return to school!

Next week we begin our new topic on Space, a newsletter will be coming home over the first couple of days to update you with new topics and dates for the summer term. We will be finding out about Space travel and important people who have explored space.

I hope you have saved an old pair of socks or gloves to bring into school as we begin next week with creating some space creatures


See if you can spot Pootle our class friend from outer space when you arrive on Monday. He's rather shy so might take some finding! He'll also have to come home with you in the evenings as I don't think he'll want to stop in the classroom on his own.


See if you can write me down 3 facts that you know about SPACE but also 3 questions that you would like to find the answers can start our discussions off when we have our first topic session in the week

Our english work will be based on the book

"Bob, Man on the Moon"

We will be using adjectives in our sentences and over the next couple of weeks looking at the format of the story ready for writing Bobs next adventure

For number we will be looking at place value and reviewing our calculations. We will also be seeing if we can use our mathematical knowledge to reason and explain our answers

Over the next few weeks we will be reading lots of books on Spring and Summer, some will be factual and some will be stories. We will gather lots of information ready for our Science work on seasonal changes

Have a lovely last weekend, I'm looking forward to hearing all your news

See you on Monday 

Lots of Love

Mrs B