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Class 1B



  Welcome back to a new year at JG.  Class information will appear here shortly.

For contact please use the school e mail address:


I think we're all ready for a break and hopefully it will turn a little warmer over half term for everyone to be out and about

We managed in the morning sunshine to have our capcity investigations on the patio meanwhile in the classroom we were weighing ourselves , using non standard weights to balance the scales and doing some designing

For our maths after the holidays we revise our addition and subtraction skills

For English we will be using adjectives to make our sentences more interesting and using the book The High Street to help us. This also runs alongside our topic work when we take a closer look at the immediate area in which we live


Can you make a list of all the places you visit in West Bridgford, it can be shops, Sports Grounds, restaurants and draw a picture of them. I bet we have a lot of places when we put them together

For Science we will be taking a walk around the school grounds to see if we can see any signs of Spring as we continue to look at seasonal changes

On the Wednesday we have Paul Cookson coming to visit and he will be working with the Year 1's helping them to write some poetry.

Remember to think about your costume for World Book Day and don't forget to bring a blanket so in the afternoon you can build a den and read for enjoyment with a friend

If you have some spare time you could carry on finding out about rainforests and rainforest could make an animal, draw a scene, make yourself a mini rainforest diorama in a shoe box....see what you can surprise me with.

Have a lovely holiday and remember you don't come back to school until the Tuesday as the teachers have an INSET day on the Monday

Lots of love Mrs Bettle 







What a fantastic week we've had...busy, busy, busy.....

Our rainforest boxes came to life this week full of vegetation, animals and flowers...pop in and see them as the children have loved hiding their creatures in the undergrowth for you to find 

This week we are going to look at the layers in the rainforest and how they are named

In English we have a visit from the fireman and they are going to be talking to us about fire safety...we are hoping to be able to climb into the fire engine as well. We continue to be accurate in writing our sentences so will be checking for capital letters and full stops


See if you can draw and label  a picture of a fire engine and a fire person. Make sure you include all the tools you think they carry on the engine and tell me why they use them....then we can check if you're right when we see the real thing!

What a lovely evening we had for our lantern walk. We had all made our dragons and learnt about the traditions of Chinese New Year and also learnt our ribbon dance to show everyone who came.

In maths we were really successful in telling the time to 0 clock times and answering ome very tricky questions about the passing of time over hours and days and months and years. This week we investigate capacity and look at filling containers with water, sand and pasta. We might have to do a little more estimation like we did this week 

So nearly at our last week this half term so don't use up too much energy over the weekend as five days to go.....

Wednesday is TREAT DAY for marbles in the jar this half term...please wear own clothes but there is no need to bring anything as we are goin to have some games in the afternoon with 1WV





We had a super afternoon for our walk to Sharphill Woods on Wednesday. It was a little muddy but I think we all enjoyed tramping through it. The children have written some super recounts of their visit using time adverbials at the beginning of the sentences and adjectives. Well done Class 1B you have all worked hard on your english this week

Our hard work was rewarded with a lovely afternoon of choosing this Friday. There are some great constructors, great jigsawers and some super brains making up stories with their imaginative play...what a great way to end the week

For our topic next week we have a go at some mapping skills using the walk to Sharphill to help us. We will have photos to add as well as making some symbols to represent the features

Maths has been busy with division this week and next week sees us starting TIME We will learn different words that tell us about the passing of time and test ourselves with actions ina a minute...I hope we don't get too worn out.

In English we are going to be reading and learning some animal poems


Can you find your favourite poem about an can be serious or funny...have a practice of reading it so you can share it with the class...if it's short  you could write it out and draw a picture if not bring your poetry book into school 

Have a lovely weekend Lots of Love Mrs B XXX

Week Beginning 29th January

Although there has been lots of rain this week it hasn't dampened our effortsin the classroom and the rainforest is taking shape. We seem to have a lot of creatures living with us now!!

Don't forget our geography topic continues with the visit to Sharphill Woods on Wednesday afternoon. Please could you remember to reply to the office via Agora to give permission for your child to be out of school for the afternoon as otherwise we are unable to take them...Thank you

In Literacy this week we invented some strange animals and thought about how we could describe them...this week for Science we are going to begin to look at animals in our world and how we classify them . We will look at the features that mean they can only live in certain conditions


I'm thinking of a creature that has a fish like body, but is able to fly. It has long legs so it is able to run fast but can eat the leaves off the tops of trees like a giraffe. It is covered in spots has large fangs and a horn sticking out it's head. It has three eyes and a tail that is bobbly and hairy. Ugh!! What a creature...could you draw it for me and give a name to it.........

In maths we will be looking at how to share or divide equally. We have used arrays for multiplication and will be seeing how we can group objects and show this pictorially

Our writing sees us looking at recounts and we will be using our visit to the woods to help us. We will be using time adverbials to begin our sentences to order what we did

Wow! What a lot to do, have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday

Lots of love Mrs B



Week Beginning 22nd January

What a week! It's been rather grey and dismal outside but we 've been busy in the classroom learning about the rainforest. We've made some leaves and coloured some superb parrots who are going to roost in the topmost branches. Pop in during the middle of the week and we should have started to put our forest together.

We start to contrast the Daintree rainforest to the River Trent and the buildings we find along its banks next week. This then leads into our walk to Sharphill Woods on the 31st January. Thank you for your offers of help ,if anyone else would like to join us then just let me know. 

We continue to look at adjectives within our writing and are going to make word mats to help us as well as continuing with rainforest descriptions

For our Science we will be starting our unit of work on Animal Classification. We will find out about animal habitats and also look at characteristics of different groups of animals


Can you find an animal name beginning with every letter of the alphabet. That means you should find 26, I wonder if there will be some animals that we don't know that start with the tricky letters? See if you can surprise me with some unusual animals.

In Numeracy we look at multiplying numbers. We are going to use arrays to help us and  find ways of making our answers using objects

Lots to do, don't forget to wrap up warm over the weekend.

See you on Monday

Lots of Love

Mrs Bettle


Week Beginning 15th January

What a fantastic week we 've had lots of excitement about holiday activities but straight into lots of hard work and concentration

We've completed some super work on 2D shapes and I have been very impressed with the children's knowledge of edges and vertices. We also had a go at creating and naming some new shapes. This week we see how much we've remembered of our adding techniques and use of a number line to help us

The children were introduced to their new topic "Rumble In The Jungle" on Thursday with a little bit of animal role play by the teachers! The children created a rainforest orchestra and joined in the Animal Boogie, so now we're all set to go next week in finding out about animals and the types of trees and plants found


Can you find out about three animals that live in the Jungle. Remember what we talked about on Thursday and draw a picture of them, remember where they might live, on the floor of the jungle, in the bottom layer of trees or right at the top. See if you can find two facts to tell us about each one.

Literacy next week sees us finding adjectives that can descibe the jungle and some animals that live there, we are going to use these in our sentences to make them more interesting

We ended the week with a play session on the bikes with Class 1WV, everyone was ready to have a bit of imaginative play.

Have a lovely weekend and see you bright and early onMonday morning

Lots of Love

Mrs Bettle




I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and are relaxed and ready for the challenges of 2018

We start on Monday with lots of writing tasks and end the day with Ms Law in full school assembly

Tuesday is a day of Numeracy and we are going to investigate 2D shapes

Don't forget PE Kit and bottles back into school please ready for PE with Mr Smith on Tuesday morning


January is a special month for many different things are being celebrated. Can you find out why January 18th is special and who we will be thinking about. Maybe you could draw a picture of this may even have a book at home and could bring it in to share.

Enjoy your last few days, see you on Monday by the patio gate, I'm sure you'll have lots to tell me..big smiles to welcome Martha who is joining us as we want to make her feel welcome.

Lots of love Mrs B