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Class 1B


  Welcome back to a new year at JG.  Class information will appear here shortly.

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Week Beginning 23rd April

The better weather has returned and we've all been smiling today, red hat have been worn and we've all had plenty to drink. A lovely first week back with the children getting straight back into the swing of work. Well done Class 1B

We started the week with our new book Bob: The Man on the Moon and have only so far read the first three pages but we had great fun putting actions to it and reading aloud. We also decribed space suits for astronauts to wear and found some command words to get Bob to dress and to do his jobs

We also checked that we could spot capital letters and group them

On our back wall a lot of astronauts ...some rather familiar have been launched into space

We have also had the arrival of our first alien made from the gloves and socks we asked you to bring in. I'm sure over the next few weeks we shall see a lot more arriving!

Next week in English we continue reading our story and start to look at the beginning , the middle and the end of the story in readiness for writing our own

In Maths we are going to be using the facts we practised this week to help with addition and subtractions skills


See if you can find out the names of the rockets that have been to the moon and draw and label it. We'll see if we can add it to our space timeline next week

Have a lovely weekend

Enjoy the sun

Lots of love 

Mrs B


Look Out.....

Week Beginning 16th April

So...the summer begins....and although it has been rather rainy and grey over the Easter holidays I think the sun should come out for us as we return to school!

Next week we begin our new topic on Space, a newsletter will be coming home over the first couple of days to update you with new topics and dates for the summer term. We will be finding out about Space travel and important people who have explored space.

I hope you have saved an old pair of socks or gloves to bring into school as we begin next week with creating some space creatures


See if you can spot Pootle our class friend from outer space when you arrive on Monday. He's rather shy so might take some finding! He'll also have to come home with you in the evenings as I don't think he'll want to stop in the classroom on his own.


See if you can write me down 3 facts that you know about SPACE but also 3 questions that you would like to find the answers can start our discussions off when we have our first topic session in the week

Our english work will be based on the book

"Bob, Man on the Moon"

We will be using adjectives in our sentences and over the next couple of weeks looking at the format of the story ready for writing Bobs next adventure

For number we will be looking at place value and reviewing our calculations. We will also be seeing if we can use our mathematical knowledge to reason and explain our answers

Over the next few weeks we will be reading lots of books on Spring and Summer, some will be factual and some will be stories. We will gather lots of information ready for our Science work on seasonal changes

Have a lovely last weekend, I'm looking forward to hearing all your news

See you on Monday 

Lots of Love

Mrs B