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Class 6E


Sincere apologies for my lack of updates. It is amazing what a snow day can do to your normal schedule!

6E have been working really hard and showing off their Year 6 credentials since half-term.

They have been really focused on all their learning and have achieved some fantastic formal, scientific writing and have shown great understanding of the mean in data, applying it to problems. We also now have an idea of the scale of the Amazon river.

Next week we are focusing on more data in maths looking at interpreting pie charts and line graphs. You will need to bring into play all your scale knowledge as well as knowledge of fractions, percentages, angles and properties of circles!

In English we are going to be thinking about a particularly useful form of writing to do with letters. Once again you are going to have to think about your levels of formality.

In geography we are looking at indigenous tribes of the Amazon which will have strong PSHE links and we will continue our electricity in science and Hopscotch programming.

Another busy week ahead so enjoy Sunday,

Mr. Ellis


Tiredness levels were starting to show-up at the end of the week so I hope you have all had a really good rest this weekend.

I have really enjoyed reading your balanced arguments and am impressed with the maturity you are showing in your writing. We are moving on to a more narrative driven focus now; perfect speech punctuation will be required.

In maths we are going to continue investigating angles and we are going to focus on applying our understanding to a variety of situations.

Geography this week we are looking at urbanisation and the move away from the countryside and in computing you are going to work on putting together your presentation.

On Friday we are cooking and so once again you will need to bring in containers if you want to take some of our Brazilian speciality home with you.

See you tomorrow,




Another great week. I hope you all enjoyed your salsa. I was really impressed with the way you approached the food prep. Maybe you could be doing more cooking at home......

This week we will be writing our balanced arguments. You will need to bring together all the great research you have done and then apply that to an argument using all the features we have studied. I am confident that you will be able to really shine and show off your control of your writing.

In maths we are looking at a traditionally weak area: measure. We will be looking at measure from a variety of angles, including angles, and thinking about metric and imperial measures.

We will be evaluating our salsa, continuing to deepen our understanding of the geography of Brazil, helping others to stay safe online and looking through some prisms.

Have a great Sunday; it looks like a nice day.



Arithmetic Practise Questions

These are a really nice, quick, practise for arithmetic questions. Speed and accuracy are what we are after so daily practise will help!


Another great week in class 6E. I loved the geography lesson at the end of the week. The way you threw yourselves into the challenges was amazing and I think you all now have a much better understanding of the geography of Brazil.

This week we are continuing with algebra and applying it to number sequences. If you can apply this to problem solving situations you will find your mathematical life becoming much simpler.

In English we will continue looking at the structure of a balanced argument before you go on to write your own.

Science we will look at refraction, we are going to really get into the geography of Brazil, we will be making salsa (bring a small container to take a sample home with you), and we will be continuing thinking about staying safe online.

Have a great weekend all,

Mr. Ellis


The SATS information evening Powerpoint is now at the bottom of this page.


A great first week back. We were a bit slow getting going on Monday but then once we got into the swing of things we were straight back on it.

We managed to fit so much into one week. Progressive tense, perfect tense, nouns, orders of numbers, long division and BIDMAS/BODMAS not to mention the fantastic launch of our new topic; Brazil.

Next week we are looking at algebra in maths; you have been doing algebra since KS1 and just not realised it. In English we are looking at balanced arguments - a tricky skill to look at something from two different perspectives. In science we continue with light and looking at reflection we have out first topic lesson properly looking at the geography of Brazil and we will continue looking at social media and using it safely in computing.

Don't forget your homeworks!

Shout out to you all for yesterday's grammar paper - all of you have made such fantastic progress. It is going to be such a great 2018!

See you Monday,

Mr. Ellis


Happy New Year! I hope you have all enjoyed the best Christmas ever.

2018 is going to be a great year and we are starting as we mean to go on; having fun while learning.

Next week in maths and English we are looking at consolidating some of last year's work. We are going to have a grammar focus in English and fluency in maths.

We will introduce our new Topic with a bang on Friday and I know it is going to be a great one. We will shed some light on light in science and look at e-safety in ICT.

Have a great Sunday and see you tomorrow. Let's hope we are not all feeling too dazed and confused!

Mr, Ellis


Useful info:


6E PE days are Thursday and Friday(subject to change). Please ensure you have an indoor and outdoor PE kit (including a plastic bag for muddy shoes) in school, hair is tied up on PE days and jewellery is easily removable. 


Big Spell: Please learn your Big Spellings at home ready for the weekly Friday test. To move onto the next list you must achieve full marks or just 1 wrong.

Mathletics: Set on a Friday, due in the following Thursday. REMEMBER; Use good old fashioned pen and paper to do your workings out. Just because the homework is screen based doesn’t mean all the activities are mental maths.

Literacy: Set on a Friday, due in the following Thursday.

Reading: Please read a minimum of 3 times a week. This year instead of recording your individual reads in your planner, we'd like you to record when you have completed a whole book. Under the correct date write the author, book title and give it a rating out of 5. When you're back in the classroom, please transfer this info onto your individual reading journey page (I will be checking this.) If you absolutely LOVED the book, complete a book spine for 1 Super Star Point or a detailed book review for 2!

Stuck for what to read next? Take a look at . You can search by author, genre, age or recommendations, but that's not it! You can also read the first chapter of a book to see if it's your cup of tea. Brilliant!


If you have any queries or questions about homework, please just grab me in the playground or drop me an email: