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Autumn Term news


WOW! What brilliant reindeers and Santa you all are. Keeping 'Rocking all over the world' at Christmas! 



We have had great fun this week practicing our Reindeer dance! We can't wait to show you it next week. We have done lots of rehearsing. I was very impressed with all the stories the class wrote about Buster the dog. It was lovely to have all the toy animals in this week to help and we even had Buster to visit! 


In Maths we did some general maths practice to see what we have remembered so far and again I have been impressed.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at the Christmas Fayre tonight.

SPELLINGS : We haven't given spellings out this week as we have been busy with the  Christmas play. We will return to sending them home in the New Year.



What a different week this is! We are missing you all! Fingers crossed we will see you soon! Here are a few things that we hope you will enjoy doing at home:

Maths: This week we are trying to tell the time. In class we recapped making O'clock and half past times. Have a go at making quarter past and quarter to times. If you can do quarters, move on to using 5 past and to the hour. We have put on a powerpoint in the attachments at the end of the page, and there's games for you to play on the link below.

English: We watched the John Lewis 'Buster the Boxer' advert and planned a story based on what the characters are feeling. Can you retell the story verbally, to an adult, using suffix words?  Remember, you are Buster the dog! E.g. 'I sat calmly beside the bed and watched Sarah jumping excitedly! It was nearly Christmas day! When she fell asleep, I quietly stared out the window and saw a fox sneakily climbing up Sarah's present!

We have attached our story board to help you retell each key part. 

Have a go at drawing Buster! 

Buster sees lots of nocturnal animals. What does nocturnal mean? Can you research it and find out facts about one of the animals from the advert?

Keep practising your lines for Ralph the Reindeer, and singing the songs. If you can, make up a dance that reindeer might do. Have a go at keeping your balance, like we do in P.E.


Please help!

Would any parents/carers be available and interested in coming into school for half an hour a week (or so) to help hear children read? You would need to be DBS checked (safe to work with children) and we can help you do this. We would be very grateful if we could generate a rota to hear the children read regularly. If you are free and interested, please pop in to see me at the end of the day and we will go from there.

Thank you!


This week we have been doing some drama on Edith Cavell and used the ipads to write about Florence Nightingale. We made our own books on Book Creator. We did some finding the difference in Numeracy. We will move onto telling the time next week. Please see if you can tell the time at home over the long weekend.

Thank you for the hamper goodies - it is looking great, we have a fantastic variety of food, drink, smellies, household goods and clothing. I would love to win it!


Thank you to all the children who dressed up in their spotacular clothes to support children in need. We had fun writing a Pudsey comic strip as Pudsey had lost his bandana - we had some fantastic ideas , he looked everywhere! We counted Pudsey's on a pictogram and in the afternoon enjoyed decorating a Pudsey cake with spots. 

Green hamper:

We have had a few donations, please keep them coming this week.


We have enjoyed dressing up as soldiers from the Crimean war or Florence Nightingale this week. We have written letters from Florence and drawn her pet owl Athena. Next week we will be reading all the replies about life in your Grandparent times - thank you for helping the children with this.

In Numeracy we have been starting to use column addition and subtraction. Next week we will use money - can we count any money you have!!


WOW what a week we've had! We are learning about Florence Nightingale and have a collection of artefacts to look at connected to her life- medals, clothes, glass medicine bottles and even a pet owl! The children used these to guess who they were going to be learning about and have sketched them too. 

We also had a visit from the RHYME ROCKETS who were great fun, the children loved laughing and shouting out rhymes, 


Happy half term everyone. Enjoy the autumn days. If you make any autumn soup let me know! If you want to write me a Dirty Bertie story I would love to read it.

We really enjoyed meeting Alan McDonald who wrote the Dirty Bertie stories this week.




This week we are going Dirty Bertie mad. We have the author of these books coming in on Wednesday so we are getting to know the characters and some of Bertie's stories. In Numeracy we are understanding place value and what numbers mean e.g 27 is 2 tens and 7 ones. 


We had fun making autumn vegetable soup this week as we have been learning about instructions. We also enjoyed making flapjacks too on our treat day. Over half term try and make some more!



Year 2  spelling lists are at the back of the children's reading records. These words are linked to our class phonics lessons. The highlighted words are the ones that must be learnt. If there are none highlighted, then we would like those children to try to learn the whole list.Spellings will be tested every Friday and new lists given out.


We had a class assembly this week that went really well, all the children spoke clearly and told the rest of the school about the Tin Forest. We also did a science experiment to test materials to see if they were waterproof. In Numeracy we have been trying our own repeating patterns. 


I hope everyone has enjoyed the stories we have sent home based on The Tin Forest . Please can you send them back to school so we can display them in our room.

This week we are writing as if we were the toucan in the story. We have a toucan song and poem to learn too. On Thursday it is National poetry day. 

Numeracy : We are going to learn about the calendar months and days of the week.

Well done Class 10 Mini Marathon Runners - you were brilliant! 


Literacy : We have made a start on our new book The Tin Forest by Helen Ward. We have been brilliant at retelling the story using actions and writing story maps. In art we made flowers out of tin foil too.

Numeracy :We we able to show the value of numbers this week using our tens and ones. We have been practicing our number bonds too.

First week back!

I really loved meeting all your children last week. They are a super class. We have been busy getting to know each other and creating some art work in the style of Patrick Caulfield to go in the entrance . We have read a story called If I were a parrot and done lots of parrot themed tasks- drawing and painting parrots, writing our new targets on parrot wings, playing pass the parrot! We even have a class toy parrot. 

This week we get into our normal timetable and will start our new story called The Tin Forest, we will base our literacy and topic work around this.In Numeracy we will look at estimating and counting in 2,3, and 5s.

Below are the 2 letters I will send home for the meet and greet afternoon if you were unable to attend.