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Autumn Term news

Tuesday 20th December

We've made it to the Christmas holidays. What a super term Year 1. Well done for all your hard work. You should feel very proud of all your achievements. A big thank you for all the cards and presents, I have been thoroughly spoilt. Have a great time over Christmas, I'll update at the end of the holidays to tell you what's coming up at the start of 2017

Lots of  love Mrs B xx


Monday 19th December


What a lovely time we've has today...Pass The Parcel, Musical Statues, a visiting magician, some Christmas films, ice creams and pop corn. The children have been lovely . We're all very tired so tomorrow we have our Christmas assembly first so don't forget to put your Christmas jumper on. Then we have lots of little Christmas activities to keep us busy and will end the day with some christmas stories and singing. 


What a super week, we really enjoyed the christmas play and hope you enjoyed watching us. If you go into the Events section and look in the gallery there are lots of pictures that were taken on the day.

We ended the week with an RE day when we thought about why we give gifts and what sort of gifts we could give that are not necessarily bought. We also talked about why Jesus was such an important baby to be born.

Thank you to those mums and dads we saw at the Carol service and to everyone who bought a present for Santa, they will be much appreciated.

No Challenge this weekend as I know you will all be busy with the run up to Christmas.

Don't forget that Monday is our party day so come in your party clothes and Tuesday is Christmas Jumper Day , we will be having a special last assembly of 2016 to see what we're all wearing!

Have a lovely weekend, I've got to do a bit of shopping......

See you bright and breezy on Monday morning.

Lots of love Mrs B





Week ending  9th December






We've had a lovely outdoor play this morning...plenty of mail deliveries from the post office...well it is Christmas time!

We've also had our last rehearsal before showing it to school on Monday in our elf costumes and then to all of you on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Even some of the teachers were getting into the swing of things!

As well as our Nativity next week we are having an RE day when we will be looking at the Christmas story and the meaning of the gifts that the Wise Men bought to Jesus, we will be thinking about the gifts that we can give and they don't all have to be bought!

In Numeracy we are practicing our times tables, 2x, 5x, and 10x. By the end of the week we should be able to count on and answer random questions. We will be using our arrays to help us and our Numicon to understand what we mean when we say them

Literacy covers simple sentences and writing using Christmas as our theme.

We completed our last spellings of the year today but there will be no more coming home until January. In January the children will receive a list of ten tricky words that they have to learn during kS1. We are going to ask them to learn as many as they are able as they will vary and not necessarily follow a pattern. These are words that crop up regularly in their language and they need to learn almost off by heart! 


As we are elves in the Christmas play could you make me a list of the jobs that an elf might have to do in Sant's workshop in the days running up to Christmas. You could draw some pictures to show what they are doing. Think of the actions we use in our elf dance.

Have a lovely weekend . I know a lot of you will be putting up your am I!

I've also got to do a little bit of present shopping and decorate my Christmas cake.

We've had a great week this week and you did some super science writing this afternoon so well done Class 12

See you either at the fair tonight or on Moday

Love from Mrs B


I just wanted to say a big thank you to Miss Kenny who completed her teaching practice today. She returns to university tomorrow but we will see her over the rest of the year as she pops in for some days to complete some research. It has been lovely to have her in the classroom and the children have all benfitted from having an extra adult supporting them.

Hope you've all had time to catch up this weekend.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow

Mrs B



Hello to ....all you Year 1's

Mr Hassall and I are missing you all. We hope you've kept yourselves busy and been out for some long walks in the crisp Wintery air, some of you may have helped mummy and daddy or granny and grandad with some Christmas cooking........or even had a lie in and watched a film!

Here are some tasks which you could have a go at if you have the time, if you're busy please don't worrry but be prepared to come back and tell us what you've been up to.

  • ADVENT: Today is December 1st and we bet that a lot of you have woken up and  opened your Advent calenders. BUT do you know why we have them. Can you find three facts to tell us why we celebrate.
  • In our Christmas play Year 1 are all being elves. Can you draw a Christmas scene of the elves in their workshop
  • Keeping with the Christmas theme can you remember how we drew our our arrays for our maths. Why don't you have a go at drawing christmas arrays for the two times table but instead of rabbits and dogs use christmas pictures. You could have two christmas angels, and four christmas trees and six christmas presents.
  • For your PE how about finding a christmas song and making up an elf dance for us.
  • Explore Literacy and Numeracy on BBC Bitesize KS1. There are plenty of activities for you to use on your computer.

We're getting in the Christmas spirit with our classroom elf so looking forward to seeing you as soon as possible.

Mrs Bettle and Mr Hassall



We had a super assembly on Monday and I was very proud of Class 10. They spoke clearly, sang some songs and let the school know about some of their learning this term. We told everyone about the super questionaires from our grandparents and acted out scenes from the lives of Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell. Well done Class 12. I was very proud of you.


Week Beginning 28th November

Time flies when you're having fun!!

We've been so busy this week that here we are at Friday and you've broken up for the weekend. Have a lovely lie in tormorrow!


Treat Day today was filled with lots of tasks...we got the spelling done first thing and what an improvement I'm seeing over the weeks from all of the children. Well done Class 12 in your sounding out and in the writing of the words.

We made clay medals and got dirty hands ...had a good wash down and iced our cakes and covered them with lots of sprinkles! We had lots of indoor games to share and it was lovely to see the children roving through activities at their own choice and speed. Keep collecting the marbles ready for the next one.

In Literacy we continue with our writing on Jack and The Beanstalk and this week are going to imagine how the characters  felt in different situations. We are also going to check that we can use our CAPITAL LETTERS correctly

In Numeracy we are having a go at sharing and grouping so we will be using lots of resources to make sure we split and divide amounts up equally

For Science we are looking at those animals that hibernate and as you all did some super challenge work I think we will have a good start.


Now we're getting into the really cold and dark weather could you draw or paint me a really lovely winter scene. You could add animals and weather and people wearing winter clothes. Good Luck.

Christmas rehearsals for the play begin at the end of this week.

Would it be possible for you to send in kitchen or toilet roll cardboard tubes as we are going to use them to make some props over the week.

Thank you  

I can't believe we're nearly into December, another week flown by, having a super time.Have a lovely long weekend.

Lots of love

Mrs Bettle and Midss Kenny



THANK YOU  for your donations for Children in Need

We raised nearly £600

The Spotties went out on their bikes after dinner today, it was a little bit chilly , I'm glad I had my Pudsey outfit on!

In Literacy this week we are going to look at another traditional story, see if you can guess what it is? Over the next few weeks we are going to look at the characters and see whether they were happy or sad about the events that took place. We had some super writing last Thursday on The story of the Billy Goats Gruff and I can already see a huge improvement in the sentences you are all writing, well done Class 12

Next Thursday ....24th November, Class 12 have made it to a Treat Day.

Please wear your own choice of clothes / dressing up clothes and Miss Kenny and I have a few fun activities for us to complete during the day.

Don't forget that FRIDAY 25th November is INSET DAY, so you can all have a lie in!

Numeracy this week is recognising coins and values of money, so you will need to use your addition skills for adding together amounts

For our History we are going to be making clay medals like the ones that Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell had for being brave and looking after the soldiers.


Can you make a design for a medal? It has to be on a circle , you could draw round a saucer.  Remember  to use only a few words or just one and a picture that shows their courage and bravery. We can share our designs to give us some ideas.


To all our mums and dads the children have bought home some words for 2 poems that we are learning in the classroom as part of our choral speaking. They also have some lines to look at that they are going to say. Could you please practice speaking clearly. I don't want them to worry about learning off by heart just becoming confident. They can repeat after you or read from the paper. When we do it to the school they can read and I will prompt them all the way so we don't want anyone worrying just having a good go! We will be practicing in the classroom and in the school hall to see how loud and clear we have to make our voices.

Thank you so much for the questionaires they have been really interesting to read and we had some giggles as we found out about scrumping apples! being pecked by the hens and not liking PE in VEST AND UNDERPANTS! It has been a super learning opportunity for the children to see the changes that have taken place in a short amount of time and it has made it relevant to them. 

Thank you to everyone who has donated towards the 


It is looking really good with a range of items.

Next week you will recieve letters on Monday and Tuesday regarding the school Christmas performance of 


They will let you know about costumes and tickets, please pop in and ask if you have any questions. The children have begun to learn the songs but we do not start practicing with them until the beginning of December, so at the moment they do not know the full story line and exactly what they are doing.

WOW! Lots of info as usual. Have a lovely weekend although I think it's going to get a bit windy this evening!

Lots of love from Mrs Bettle and Miss Kenny


Week Beginning 14th November

We've definitely noticed the cold this week so this morning we wrapped up warm for our outdoor activities!

We sat quietly during our 2 minute silence this morning and thought about the brave soldiers and how we should appreciate the lovely lives and families that we have. 

Indoors we completed a science investigation about a snowman to see if the coat kept him cold or made him warm through and thaw.

Next week in Literacy we continue learning about the Billy Goats Gruff and see if we can understand where to use 


Exclamations Marks !

In Numeracy we are continuing to learn our number bonds and use them to help with subtracting. We are also going to have an introduction to arrays.

For Science we are looking at Seasonal Changes and the differences that occur in the WINTER. I think we are starting to notice some of them already


We read a story today about the Pig who tried to Hibernate. 

Now we know what hibernate means, can you find and draw some other amimals that like to store their food, find a comfy hole and curl up until the warmer weather comes.

Thank you for all the Grandparent questionaires that have been returned. They look really interesting and our job on Monday is to look through them and find out some facts that might be similar then we can compare them to how we live.

Next week in History we are also looking at the life of Edith Cavell and how she was very brave. We are going to act out some scenes from history.



Don't forget to dress up in your spotty clothes and bring your donation. We've got lots of Pudsey activities planned for the day. 

Hope I've not worn you all out as there's so much going on. Have a lovely weekend

Lots of love from

Mrs Bettle and Miss Kenny

Week Beginning Monday 7th November

We 've had a busy week getting back into the swing of things...Halloween on Monday evening and the excitement of Rhyme Rockets on Thursday. We had a lovely afternoon in which we spotted lots of rhyming words and had lots of giggles as Professor Ditty and First Officer Rhyme were a bit silly!

I'm looking for forward to seeing all your mums and dads on Monday and Tuesday and letting them know how well you've settled into Year 1

This week in Literacy we are continuing to look at the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff and find some really great describing words for the characters.

In Numeracy we will be trying to remember the names of 2D shapes and haing a go at sorting and then spotting them around school. We will be using the i pads to record our findings. We are also going to learn how to use another programme on the i pads so we will have to use our eyes and ears well to follow some new instructions!

We looked at some really interesting artefacts and worked out that the connection between them all was Florence Nightingale...see if you can tell your mums and dads why there was a saucepan and a bar of soap!


I think something exciting is happening tomorrow night

November 5th

See if you can write me a sentence about why we celebrate Guy Fawkes night

You could even bring me a picture of you doing your celebrating or a picture that you've drawn

Even though we've only just come back we have to start thinking about Christmas and details of Class 12's HAMPER for the Christmas Fair will be coming home on Monday, klet's see if we can fill it up. Perhaps you could try and guess the the,me for this year?

Wow! Lots completed and still lots to do next week. Have a lovely weekend

See you on Monday

Love from Mrs Bettle and Miss Kenny



Week Beginning 31st October

The children should have bought home a questionaire to complete with their grandparents this week. We would appreciate your help in supporting the children and helping to fill in the answers. The copy is on the attachments if they have gone astray.

Thank you

How is the holiday going?

I can't believe that we've already reached Friday.

Just to update you for next week.

In Numeracy we are going to be looking at addition using one and two digit numbers. We are also going to be checking if we can work out the missing number from number sentences.

In Literacy we are starting a new unit looking at some classic stories, we are starting with The Three Billy Goat's Gruff. We will be looking at the storyline and the characters and using our skills with sentence structure to write descriptive sentences of our own.

Don't forget to bring back PE Kits and water bottles as PE begins again on Tuesday.

For our Science work this half term we will be using our knowledge of materials to carry a series of investigations so we will have to get our thinking caps on to solve problems.

Our topic work changes to a History focus and we will be looking at significant people in history whose lives have had an impact on how we live now...Florence Nightingal and Edith Cavell. We will also be comparing our lives to those of our grandparents to see if we can spor anmy significant changes. Mums and dads, gradmas and grandads we need your help for this one. A questionaire will be coming home at the beginning of the week that we would appreciate you helping us to fill in. Thank you in advance especially if grandparents live away from Nottingham and contact might be needed on the phone or through the computer.

If you're celebrating Halloween make sure your mum and dad are with you and don't be too scary!

Miss Kenny will be joing us again so theres lots to look forward to and as I said at the end of last half term I'm looking forward to seeing you at the gate on Monday with a smile!


Can you tell me what is happening on Saturday night after you have gone to bed? See if you know what it is called and why we might notice a difference in the mornings and when we go home home from school in the next few weeks.

Lots of love Mrs B



We are all up to date with our work and have had a lovely week.

We had our visit from the Dirty Bertie author Alan McDonald and hope you all enjoyed seeing the pictures we had drawn.

Today we have had the bikes out and some of the outdoor play boxes in the Autumn sunshine , it has been lovely.

Have a super break and recharge your batteries. Check the website at the end of the week for the "Coming back to school" CHALLENGE and update for the first week.

Lots of love Mrs B



Week Beginning Monday 17th October

Nottingham Forest are offering Kids For A Quid

Please see attachemt below for details.

One week to go until the Half term holidays and I think we'e all settled into Year 1 and are working really well.

This week Class 12 and 13 are having a RE Workshop to celebrate the Christian Celebration for Harvest in Autumn. We are going to find out about the old traditions and why it was important to recognise this special time in the year.


See if you can find out why we celebrate Harvest Festival in either September or October, and write your fact out for me on a picture of a combine harvester. If you're really clever you could find out about the biggest combine harvester in the world! 

In Numeracy we are going to focus on subtraction and writing number sentences and using the correct symbols.

In Literacy we are going to complete our Turtle booklets by researching APPEARANCE and BEHAVIOUR, We are still concentrating on using capital letters and full stops but are starting to extend our senences using "and". 

Our forest  animal pictures are now all up on the wall and they look super, well done for your great collaging and colouring skills.

On Thursday we are having  a special visitor in school. The author  who writes the Dirty Bertie series of books. We start the day with an assembly when he is going to tell us all about himself. Later in the day we have a workshop session to have a go at some of our own writing with him.

So much to do and then a weeks holiday 

Have a lovely weekend

Love from Mrs B




We have just completed a huge wordsearch!

Week Beginning 10th October

We're all dried out and back into our classroom!

No more wellies required.

Hope you have enjoyed the turtles swimming home to be with you as much as we are enjoying our turtle literacy work. This week we are going to research and find new facts to put into a turtle booklet. 

In numeracy we continue to look for patterns in our number bonds and we will be using this knowledge to solve a problem with skittles (the bowling sort!)

For our science this week we are going to investigate the school environment and use iPads to evidence our findings. Hopefully we will place our materials in their right groupings. 

Please don't forget Harvest Festival on Monday afternoon with Rev Hodder and Suzanne. If you have any donations please send them into school and we will pass them on to the Friary drop-in centre.

Please make sure hair is brushed and teeth are shiny clean ready for individual and family photos on Monday morning... we'll try not to do anything too messy until after we have been infront of the camera.

Miss Kenny has had a lovely week and would like to set you a little challenge. Although she has met you, she doesn't know who is in your family.


Can you draw and label a picture of your family...mums and dads, grannies and grandads, brothers and sisters and even your pets.

Have a lovely weekend. See you at the football if your daddy is playing. We'll give them a big cheer!

Lots of love

Mrs Bettle and Miss Kenny


Week Beginning 3rd October

Oh Dear ! We 've had a burst water pipe in the cupboard at the back of the classroom this week and had to decamp into the DT room

The children have been really good as our routines have changed and we're a little bit squashed. The room is drying out and the new carpet has been ordered and we're hoping for it to arrive early next week.

In Literacy we are going to continue our sentence writing skills but are going to find out some facts about TURTLES


Can you find or draw a picture of a turtle and label the different parts of its' body. That would be really useful as we start to gather our information. You will need good listening and observational skills as you have to remember some of the facts

In Numeracy we continue to learn aout how our number bonds to 10 and 20 help with addition sums and are stating to count in multiples of ten. 

We have painted some lovely pictures of a tree in Autumn just using our fingertips and in Science next week we are going to find out about the season of Autumn. If you're lucky you might be able to find some conkers.

For our topic work this week we are continuing to use sketching pencils and draw detailed pictures, hopefully we will beable to add some animals to our tin forest.

Don't forget the Football Tournament at the end of next week on Saturday 8th October, you'll have to let me know if your daddy is palying so we can cheeer him on.

We also have a visitor in our room next week called Miss Kenny, she is coming to work with us for a few weeks so I hope you'll be polite and work hard for her.

See you on Monday

Have a lovely weekend

Love from Mrs B


Week Beginning 26th September

What a week with the arrival of Ofsted on Tuesday I think we're all ready for the weekend

The children certainly showed how brilliant they are with their behaviour and their attitude towards their learning. Well done Class 12

In Numeracy this week we will use our Numicon resource to look for number bonds and that will help us with our addition number sentences

In Science we will be finding lots of adjectives to describe the materials we have grouped and we will be using the scientific word PROPERTIES

We will also be thinking about SEASONAL CHANGES and what happens around us in Autumn time


Can you draw or paint me a lovely Autumn scene using the colours that we see on the leaves at this time of the year?

In Literacy we continue to think and write short sentences looking for lovely letter formation and capital letters and full stops. Alongside our phonics where this week we start with looking at the words that use "old" in them and "aw" we will be clapping out and rcognising syllables in words.

We have completed our Christmas cards so once they are packaged up I'll send them home. This year is slightly different as you make the order on line BUT you do need to send the card back for us to send off to the company. They are looking lovely....but there's still a long count down to Christmas!

I'm looking forward to seeing some of you running at the mini marathon on Sunday....I'll see you by the Suspension Bridge and give you a cheer.

Don't forget the


Friday  30th September

8.45 - 10.00 in the dining room

Please bring a cake to donate or pop up and buy a slice

Have a lovely weekend

Love from Mrs B


Week Beginning Monday 19th September

Class 12 have settled into Year 1 really well and already we have lots of fantastic work in our books.

We have counted forwards and backwards and made sure that when counting objects we are really careful. Next week we are going to check that when we write our numbers they are accurate and we get no backwards ones! We are also going to start adding numbers together and recognising symbols that are used in our Numeracy.

In Literacy we have read our story of The Tin Forest and made up some actions to help us remember the words. We will start to look at how we write a sentence using capital letters and full stopsnthis week. Don't forget to practice your spellings. The yellow list is in the planner. If you forget your planner on Friday the list is on the bright pink paper in your reading folder. 

We made some super tin trees...a bit tricky as there was some twisting to do and this week we make the flowers for the Tin Forest.


Mr Smith was really impressed during PE so I'm looking forward to Tuesday and finding out what skills you have beeen practicing.

Oh's CHRISTMAS already...not really but big secret we are going to make our Christmas cards this week...the ones that can be made into proper cards for you to send out. They will be coming home in a couple of weeks for you to look at.

In Science we were able to name differing materials that objects are made from.


See if you can bring into school four items (that mummy and daddy don't want back!.......rubbish/recycling) that are made from 4 different materials. Remember as you show us you will have to tell us what they are made from....see if you can find one that will make us think! 

Don't forget to wear your JEANS on Friday as we are supporting Jeans for Genes Day at school. Please bring your donations so we can help this charity

I shall be looking forward to Monday, seeing what's in the post box and doing lots more brilliant work

Well done Class 12

Have a lovely weekend

Love from Mrs B



Week Beginning 12th September

We've done lots of exciting things this week, we've got our reading books,we've practised writing our names, we've made some fish to swim on our window together, and lots of drawing and HAVING FUN!

Our cutting skills are very good and Mrs Bettle is really impressed with how tidy we are.


Mrs Bettle has a special POST BOX in class 12.

If you would like you could write me a letter (get mummy and daddy to help you, they could write for you if you like) and tell me something about yourself that I don't know or tell me something you've really enjoyed about Yr1. Post it in the box on Monday and we'll open the letters and see what's been sent!

To mums and dads this is part of our Class 12 SMSC and the post box will be in Year 1 all year, so the children can drop me a note about anything whenever they want, paper and envelopes will be available for them. They may even find that over the year there are letters addressed to them as well in the box

Thank you for your support.

Each week there will be a small challenge for the children, this is for them to choose to do if they want, it is not a homework task and they can ask you for help.

This week we begin our full curriculum and on the website each week I will let you know some of the things we have been doing and also what's to come.....

In Numeracy we will be checking our recognition of numbers and counting forward and backwards, one more and one less.

We will be learning to log on to the computers independently using our password and stretching our fingers to reach all the keys with typing skills.

In Literacy we have lots of practising to do with our letters and presentation. Spellings will be sent home on a FRIDAY and the children will have a little test on THE NEXT  Friday. Please spend five minutes each day (over tea) lookng at them. The blends in the words reflect the work we are doing in the classroom during phonics each week. We will be reading our class topic book called The Tin Forest, our writng and topic work will be connected to this story throughout this half term. The theme of trees will be used in our art work as we are going to make some 3D silver trees.

We had a lovely end to the week as we went on the field with the Year 2's and split into our House Teams and played lots of games in an activity challenge.

Don't forget PE bags in school for next week as PE starts on Tuesday

MEET AND GREET for parents is on Monday at 2.45pm, please enter through the front door and make your way to the classroom.

Many thanks

To all Class12, looking forward to seeing you on Monday by the patio gate with your smiles!

Lots of Love 

Mrs Bettle


Week Beginning Monday 5th September


I hope you've all had a lovely Summer Holiday and are all sorted for school. Still got the weekend to go.....

I've been really busy but have managed to pop into school so we're all ready to start on Tuesday. Lots of activities to help us get settled and to find out where everything is around the classroom.

Make sure you've got something to tell me about your holiday and what you're looking forward to doing now you're in YEAR 1

Remember BIG SMILES at the patio, we're going to have lots of fun!

Love from Mrs Bettle